Dear Dave Do You Not Want To See

Dear Dave,

Do you not want to see what happens next in the Dr Who finale?


Hi Mona,

to be completely honest I actually only watched the first 3 or 4 episodes of the series and only saw the last 2 episodes because of my daughters visit-I was quite surprised at the reappearance of The Master as the series has perhaps been quite ESOTERIC in many respects.  I did think the Missy character akin to SALVATION ARMY ERA type people and persons though one cannot DISCOUNT the influence of MARY POPPINS.

It also perhaps goes well with the THOUGHT IN A BODY TEACHING-I as suggested previously like the IDEA that anyone can become TRULY CONGRUENT within a body and some claims as to otherwise are clearly TRAPS-GAY being the BIG ONE in trap terms.  when you carry on releasing and so on-you come to see that-so whilst some heterophobic campaigns against myself have continued-I generally turn the other cheek because I am personally focussed on continuing with what I have always been Hetero.  yes these things can be questioned for all-comers though in alphabet terms we return to people thinking that they have ESCAPED when clearly putting yourself into INCONGRUENCE is an even WORSE place to exist (IMO).  So my silvertoevelocity website was an invitation to all-comers from across the SOCIETAL SPECTRUM though any future investments and so on are likely to be geared towards those willing and able to put differences aside-many have-though some strangely think that they can attack myself with impunity and not realise CONSEQUENCE, the World has 7 Billion people and constantly targeting Dave is Ludicrous in the EXTREME.

Likewise we are now gearing towards REMEMBERANCE SUNDAY (9th November) and REMEMBERANCE DAY (11th November) the disparity will no doubt cause further ISSUES to occur for some folks-I suspect that A MAJOR ATTACK IS PLANNED by JIHADISTS-and in order to circumnavigate or minimize such circumstance-ISIS Members require IDENTIFYING.  Any attackers of myself (IN METAPHORICAL ALLEGORICAL TERMS) will be giving themselves up as KNOWN TERRORISTS.

In MAPPING terms we need to IDENTIFY Location-some are obvious though distraction and diversion does not get into the mind of your typical PLANNED attacker.  Many a claimed JOKE GOES WILD as a FALSE FLAG TRUTH.

Who will suffer the consequence-BE VIGILANT NOT VIGILANTE-Whether you believe in Angelic Powers or do not believe in Angelic POWERS-you will have realization upon realization that whether you consider yourself as suffering or do not consider yourself as suffering that a greater TRUTH will go BOOM BANG-A-LANG within the deepest parts of the HEMISPHERES between your ears each and every time you promote a HATE BAIT RATE towards people and persons who are within the protection of the UMBRELLA’D INNER CIRCLE you become a SUFFER ER of your own cause & effect.

Do not know why I write such strangeness though regulars are quite used to such things by NOW in the name of my NEUTRAL UNIVERSAL COMPASIONATE LOVE.

Spellings changed to protect the innocent upon this WORLD 😉

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