The Leaning Tower Of Piza

Yes so there I was looking for clues and linkages to events and so on and so forth and it did seem somewhat quiet on the Western Front-then I see a pallet full of boxes being wheeled through and they looked very much like our famous Italian Landmark.

We have all perhaps built up one of those brick towers or card towers and so on when younger and as is often the case the higher you go the more you seem to find yourself getting into the realms of balance issues and wobble.

Modern construction of Skyscrapers and so on, takes things such-as Wind and other meteorological issues into consideration and very often these building have sunken bases much like a tree has deep roots.

So in my own life of course that might be regarded as akin to Learning to walk as a toddler and then later starting all over again following injury and as has been suggested previously the WORLD was a very differing place following accident and Learning to walk in the sense that whilst many a person has a quite helpful and uplifting attitude towards disabilities and ailments-I did become SHOCKED (if I was not carrying enough shock already) at just how much I was targeted for abuse from that point on.

So as we get older in the STAGES OF MAN Sphynx Riddle the answer is given as the walking stick-though one does have to ask “IS IT TRUE?” most population surveys and figures suggest that few generations of people anywhere at any time have lived as long as the present generation. So only those with battlefield Injury or WORK RELATED PROPS perhaps having requirement of Shepherd Hooks and so on-that of course sometimes referred to as a STAFF.

In Parliamentary Terms we also see such Staff’s given “SPECIAL NAMES” and associations such as BLACK ROD. So everywhere we look we can seek to REDUCE the knowledge so to speak into a more basic or baseline series of TERMINLOGIES-I think getting the relationships CLEAR is where many of us have potentially struggled-again one or two LS courses to provide techniques and strategies that we often were given in School though potentially to confused to fully UTILISE. Some work environments often seemingly seek to rapidly DRUM all and any learning out of employees-such STRATEGIES are of course debatable-does someone who carries out this ROLE REQUIRE THIS INTELLIGENCE.

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY DISAGREE with these techniques and strategies of course because most CIVILIAN job roles are within DESIGNATED HOURS. STRANGE THOUGH TRUE-I am only paid by employer for ONE-THIRD of the day-or 8 hours in 24 and given that STATISTIC is it any wonder that I DISAPROVE of some Management Techniques when they deliberately set out to OWN people.

Even worse of course can be that even when such SYSTEMS have changed or adapted and become more LEVEL in DESIGN that some AREAS are able to IGNORE the training and courses because FEEDBACK from some areas is dismissed in the manner that we saw within the Minority Report Story.

So I am now going out for a little walk and to see what I can see and may write further a little later. IDEAS as spinning and wondering how best to explain some things-remember I speak in patterns and so on rather than otherwise.

Ciao for Now 😉

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