So as you continue with awareness & knowledge you come to see that many a SIGN & SYMBOL is potentially correct within the realms of ASSESSMENT. However few folks have high enough THRESHOLD to not get sucked in to the NEGATIVES associated with many such a detail.

So for instance everyone is potentially assessing everyone else as to BODY LANGUAGE and SPOKEN IN JEST nonsense become a SECRET or SUBTLE truth in the minds of those without AWARENESS.

So someone has a mannerism that does not FIT or someone uses gestures and so on associated with minority groups-I spoke on the Jews Hand Gesturing and whilst we all can get sucked into many an IMPERSONATION very often such detail can become PART of someone’s regular NON-VERBAL-COMMUNICATION.

Yes we see books saying if a person is doing this that or the other with EYES that it means such and such though I can as I have suggested previously DISECT every INTERPRETATION into a FALSEHOOD or indeed TRUTH.

So we are always our own best ANALYST in the sense that if you do not want to appear in this fashion or that fashion you have the option to CHANGE. Likewise when such things are highlighted or POINTED OUT by groups as a FLAW of some description it is all too easy to COMPLY instead of dismissing such things as NONSENSE.

I as I have progressed have generally dismissed huge quantities of STEREOTYPE meanings that are given to many a body language and so on-when you get sucked into the EGO-BODY debates you generally get a good and proper shafting from all about yourself-by which I mean you can do not right-hence being comfortable within your own mind and body should be more important to any individual of any stripe than otherwise.

In the news grabbing my attention is that Libyan troops are returning to Libya having been allegedly committing sexual assaults within the CAMBRIDGE AREA. Likewise further consultancy type posts are being given to British troops returning to Iraq.

FURY is apparently NO.1 at the BOX OFFICE and I mentioned the appeal of the film and it also coincides well with other things that are presently within the UK mind-set as a herd.

So IDEAS of your own can be simply reworking what you know and think about the associations being given to the World about yourself-the other noticeable within the news are the TRADITIONAL switching or SWINGING of US ELECTORATE in the so-called Senate Mid-Terms these are similar to the HISTORY of US Politics and suggests that the Presidency is about to also SWING. Having said that from a UK perspective-our election being earlier it is often interesting that INTERNATIONAL PATTERNS can also be seen to have a knock-on effect elsewhere.

Identifying any given ROOT or source for a THEORY often helps hence my earlier suggestion that you seek to give yourself some kind of a baseline Theory for any given topic or area of life. That is often mocked by many a person because I recommend some child-like teachings-though they are often the best and quickest way to clear out clutter.

It has been demonstrated to myself time and time again that I can be made to think and behave within certain ways and actions and likewise I always have choice though often ploughing through some scenario in blissful ignorance can be WRONG in some situations.

The BREAKING THROUGH mental boundaries does in some ways require non-compliance to expectation-so I suggested a major attack possible and we suddenly find ourselves in a LULL situation that merely for many INCREASES PARANOIA and also suggests that I could well be correct.

Identifying when and where is like searching for a needle in a haystack and often you require LUCK and the STUPID ERROR of a NOVICE would-be attacker or KAMIKAZE or however one wishes to describe such folks.

I am presently surprised at the light coverage of firework issues most NEWS reporting on GUY FAWKES as a BETRAYED ANTI-HERO type figure. Can such things be reduced to simply being HISTORY WRITTEN BY THE VICTOR.

Various statistics are being shown at present to show Migrants are contributing to the Economy and likewise more Criminals can be found among the ranks of UKIP than among the ranks of immigrants. So we are APPARENTLY having battles of statistics and as is a popular realisation for many people.


Returning to yesterday’s MODELLING issue-it can be demonstrated that many an ENVIRONMENT does not fit the computer model-that might be akin to my COMPLAINT of TOY STORY 3 being TOO PERFECT and likewise WEATHER MODELLING is seeking increased REAL-TIME MODELLING. For us as humans most people in most jobs like to get to a place of AUTO-PILOT and whilst that can be good in one area of life it usually comes with a cost elsewhere-as I suggested recently we have to self-diagnose and seek to IMPROVE upon our own ACKNOWLEDGED WEAKNESSES far too many people regarding EXTERNAL INFORMATION as CONFIRMATION of WEAKNESS when in personal terms such detail could be regarded as CONFIRMATION OF STRENGTH.

So I also spoke on the topic of GOING FORWARD and that is because since I set up the Velocity website and interacted with Bill Harris and so on-I very much came to be at the forefront of every possible hostility that could occur from all factions and quarters and it has only been since others within each group has PROGRESSED that they have ENCOURAGED WISDOM among others within respective COMMUNITIES.

So I am quite sure some are far more advanced than myself wuite simply because they have not had to adopt a SEIGE MENTALITY. Likewise all people can feel under DURESS & SEIGE though you have to be able to TRUST your own thoughts and feelings in the face of all CONFLICT and also EXAMINE facts as you presently know them at any given LEVEL of AWARENESS.

So I still continue in self-examination and whilst I said and spoke on going forward that is not attacking any given group-merely outlining my own position on some matters. Identifying THREATS and Identifying TROUBLE makers is a full-time occupation-everyone already often has a cross to bear of some description in the sense of prejudice whether it is race colour creed or however. I also see Cyprus in the new and that does FIT well with the CYBERMEN presently in DR WHO and I also have a work boss who owns property in Cyprus. Hereford also known for having CIDER PRESS’ of varying types having an historical association.

So we gain impressions and carry out expressions and we are always looking for the next best thing-I suggested liking my top-down and bottom-up approach to TECHCNOLOGY though likewise given the way in which such things have become CONFUSED within the NATIONAL MINDSET ignorance really can be Babylon.

We all seemingly build our own TOWER of Babel until something occurs to cause a SHIFT or CHANGE. So YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY YOU and the best option for everyone is to have realizations beyond EGO-BODY consciousness-a place most of us have existed in DETRIMENTAL FASHIONS of one description or another.

INFAMY INFAMY THEY ALL GOT IT INFAMY cried Kenneth Williams as CEASAR in Carry on Cleo (I think) though given the passing down of model from generation to generation-far better to become your own best option as a MODEL irrespective of the bored intention of folks who lacking any real purpose in life choose to cause issues and hassle for others-I seek to bring folks together under a banner of HARMONY though that often requires a certain amount of LATTITUDE as to what can and cannot be acceptable.

Yes governments govern and companies seek to comply with many a governance and indeed internal change though likewise when all that happens is a rotation of personnel on the decks we do have to WONDER as to what has to OCCUR in order for some GENUINE COMMITMENT to operating from a PLACE of INTEGRITY.

Yes failure to identify a target is not something one likes to admit to though we are still within a lull of some description at least here in the UK and I have yet to HEAR OR READ of any TESTING of our LASER CATAPULT. How hard can that be to manufacture? Probably the EASIEST WEAPON IN THE WORLD, though obviously CLUSTER LASERS are akin to the Fireworks we will be seeing in the coming days.

My guess is a FREQUENCY MODULATION is required to safeguard against BLUE on BLUE episodes of disaster. We fire our CATAPULTED PROJECTILE into a ZONE and THEN SUB-CLUSTER LASERS fire out in all directions targeting all NON-FREQUENCY ALIGNED weapons. Yes I can manke it up as I go-just as everyone else does-though it can in many respects serve you to think within the realms of how can I overcome this OBSTACLE-HOW CAN I DISSECT this ISSUE and come up with a WORKING PROTOTYPE that still fulfils the SPECIFICATION as outlined in the realms of FANTASY.

I should of course mention that I spoke on FANTASIA because were you to hold such wording on an old-style OVERHEAD projector sheet you might get the impression or thought of SATELLITE NAVIGATION you can of course spell such things out backwards though again I like the FAST FINISH type sessions simply because they allow for GREATER CLARITY of differing INTERPRETATIONS of CLUSTERS OF SYMBOLS. Fantasia or A I SAT NAF.

Yes you perhaps have to soften or harden differing words and so on though given our OLD AGE and YOUNG AGE without TEETH and so on I am seeking to demonstrate that


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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