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Yes I did actually reference my silvertoevelocity at one point on the HOLOSYNC-BLOG with a differing verse and interpretation of the sounding out and so on. I was at that point commenting on differing blog posts and only those who were checking multiple posts would have noticed the MIX-so whilst some perhaps were only following one line of posting-I was monitoring multiple and giving feedback on feedback at differing locations-you might say that combined with the tapping and so on greatly accelerated my own progress and perhaps help develop the IDEA of the FLOG-A-BLOG. Mr Harris of course releasing various sub-modules for Holosync as well as eventually coming up with the Holosync 2. Something which he himself felt was unnecessary though he was perhaps acknowledging the huge amount of feedback and so on off New Users of the Technology myself included.

So whilst we generally regard ourselves as having this belief or that belief as to whether we believe in god or evolution-it might be suggested that LANGUAGE & SYMBOLS and so on have DEVELOPED to a POINT whereby PEOPLE are able to clear flotsam & jetsam and REPROGRAMME themselves with WINNING WAYS and so on-irrespective of previous belief SYSTEM.

So I mention the title of course because we are seeing talk of the US NAVY SEALS in some headlines and again they are perhaps of an EQUIVALENCE to our own SPECIAL FORCES though as I progressed I came to see that seeking to remedy or INTEGRATE from the so-called best of the best IDEAS is often better than getting all wrapped up in one-kind-of dimensional strategy. So I am quite sure that a competitive nature exists between such forces though assume that many have to WORK TOGETHER in JOINT OPERATIONS and COORDINATED ACTIONS at various points and times. Likewise no matter how high you think you have progressed there is always seemingly someone else demonstrating HIGHER capabilities and so on. So often better to APPRECIATE at distance than to necessarily get caught up in some activities.

Many a story is well known in the fictional realms as particular participants only KNOWING or responding to a particular LINE MANAGER such as James Bond to M. These are often used a PLOT TRIGGERS for INTERNAL DEBATE as to manoeuvring and POLITICS.

I think such DEVICES have been used in many a TV & FILM and we do of course LAP THEM UP. The CORRIDORS OF POWER are often given MANDARIN WAR type plots and greater good theories and later we often see ALTERNATE angles being given when a new generation covers story lines.

So evil and twisted villains are given NEW sympathetic angles. We perhaps saw this in a film I saw with the daughter recently. An ANGELINA JOLIE movie entitled MALEFICENT where she was giving a sympathetic portrayal of the DISNEY WICKED WITCH type characters and the story did actually WORK, although of course NO-ONE LIKES THE APPEAL OF GREY. Hence the UKIP Fascist Movement gaining PACE.

I do of course recall HALE & PACE classic school teachers turned comedians and there Night Club Bouncers type villains RON & RON. I mention them because I recently saw an article related to a rabbit and it reminded myself of the very funny and EXTREMELY SICK-CAT-IN-A-MICROWAVE ROUTINE that they did.

The real life animal cruelty perhaps DEMONSTRATING that you cannot make many a thing up and for ever comedy routine-someone somewhere is likely actually carrying out or testing such things for themselves-like the little child wondering what worms taste like and pulling the legs of spiders and so on.

What else-well we are seeing a lot of TALK ON OIL and POPEYE & OLIVE OIL not POPPY & OIL are better references. Yes the ANCIENT debate on the COST OF FUEL and passing on SAVINGS to the CONSUMER.

Strange though true I am unsure as to ACTUAL MEANING. Yes we can say well this is symbolic of this and that is symbolic of that though very often differing realms have differing requirement. So a sex starved teen other either sex is likely making one kind of mental shift whilst another person is perhaps thinking of wider ranging areas of oil usage.

Do we have subsidised OIL prices already and what will happen to oil supplying Countries if Technological Developments Create Better Alternates. We have seen many a CLAIM over the years that many a technology has existed and been patented only to then be quickly purchased and DISAPPEAR at the hands of some CULPRIT OIL INDUSTRY BARON.

Are such claims real-well we are perhaps more accepting of alternate technologies though one does have to WONDER as to how quickly FOSSIL FULS will disappear. Whilst many a nation claims progress it is often within the realms of the INSULAR activities. So China is again being HIGHLIGHTED as to POLLUTION though one does wonder as to the SIZE of any GIVEN STEW.

Each NATION a Hot-Pot perhaps of diehard progressives and stick-in-the-muds and ZERO place for the GREY-I of course perhaps representing that DISTINCT and UNTOUCHED REALM for many of my years of existing.

Can GREY Ever become over-populated-well in real life terms of course given the aging Nation and the lack of breeding of younger generations-fewer young people are paying for more and more OLD people. They as I suggested previously POTENTIALLY sold out future generations in favour of themselves and instead of taking responsibility constantly POINT FINGERS at the EXTERNAL.

The EXTERNAL can be FOERIGNERS, EUROPE, TORIES and so on-though in all honesty whilst in TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION COACHING-there is an emphasis on replacing the grey cells within the hemispheres between ones ears with larger capacity WHITE matter-we do have to wonder at WHO CREATED the definitions in the first place.

If white matter is HALO and red matter HORN, then is one not SYMBIOTICALLY necessary for the others EXISTENCE. We of course have red blood and GREY CELLS (WHEN DRAINED). (Those of us that are Caucasian).

So everyone is generally seeking to LEVERAGE everyone else and whilst us blokes are generally FREE to roam and so on-given the long period of childhood in humans-women only USED TO WANT blokes who would stick around-these days of course just as many WOMEN don’t want blokes to stick around-favouring the CSA money and income and little in the way of WORK.

Yes we would all perhaps like a SUBSIDIZED life though some are seemingly more capable of creating such existence for themselves than others-and likewise some folks take ADVANTAGE of other peoples presumed NAIVETY. I know myself that some folks think I am OVER-NAÏVE though in fact I simply prefer to generally stay HONEST rather than getting constantly drawn into INTERNAL ESPIONAGE that goes on within many people’s heads.

So yes the game of black & white exists and yes you can raise threshold though generally the CONFUSION & CONFLICT that many people think they are going to have in premeditated prediction terms does not have to occur. When you stop LYING to yourself you are better able to EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATE with others-and indeed see the PATTERNS.

One of the reasons I keep the blog simple perhaps is that I go straight to the HEART OF MANY A MATTER and why strip back all the layers of nonsense to once again get pulled into backfootings.

I refer to Minority Report because it fits well with LIFE AS A PREVIEW and we all can CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO PREVIEW A BETTER MORE WHOLESOME WORLD irrespective of previous experience and so on and likewise the idea of being a PRECOG and PRECRIME watcher is SURREAL in the sense that you do not require being some FISH IN A TANK type creature.

Strange how such characters are PORTRAYED I think-everyone wanting to DIFFERENTIATE with PLAUSIBLE DENIABILTY that they are not one of this that or the other.

Well enough to be getting on with for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 😉

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