So today is the birthday of myself and keeping in with the spirit of good humour as you grow older can of course be done in many ways-I myself deciding that in keeping with the idea of teaching and coaching that I would translate my so-called birthday into ROMAN NUMERALS.

This is of course not to be done without guidance and it can also be noted that modern Roman Numerals are represented a little differently to how they were perhaps given originally. It can also be noted that in this representation SYSTEM we have once again no representation for ZERO they apparently usually appending some more formal word such as none and null and so on.

As to the importance-well again it can help improve TRANSLATION across multiple Theories & IDEAS. So most of us today think in terms of DIRECT TRANSLATION whereby we seek to create a “BEST FIT” to our “INFORMATION” and that very often involves using a SYSTEM developed elsewhere that we personally do not necessarily have “FULL” knowledge of-and once again we do not necessarily require full knowledge of-we simply testing our own theories as to how can a put this trigger or that annoyance in such a way as to NEUTRALISE what may or may not have been previously acceptable or indeed understandable.

I did during my blog posts elsewhere mention that I studied some LATIN at one time and that perhaps fits well with some of the Roman Numeral theory as well of course acting as a BASIS or THREAD for many a European Language.

So many a course that I have taken has SYSTEMATICALLY broken down specific areas through REPETITION of knowledge and alternate angles and far too often because we seek to COMPARTMENTALISE this part of our life from that area of our life we end up in huge muddles as to given meanings and so on.

So SCIENCE preaches numbers and this transformation demonstrates that even within the realms of numbers that alternates exist-which is best-well we do of course have to decide for ourselves though it must be said that REVERTING or RETURNING to BEGINNERS MIND can very much be the best option-that is of course something preached around MEDITATION and NOW that I have slowed in my usage and so on of the meditation and given myself breathing space and so on-I can see that irrespective of my rushing through early Holosync Levels that in many ways I am still a NOVICE when it comes to interpretation.

When you GENUINELY follow many a line or THREAD of thought you often come to TRUTHS that most people refuse to accept-I have done this in many ways and can demonstrate that I was saying these things when I was recommending Hypnosis and continue in the same fashion now.

This perhaps comes down to the most basic of FUNCTIONS carrying out a mental REFRAME-I have demonstrated time and time again areas where people FAIL to carry out mental reframes and then wonder as to why the bread landed butter side up-when FOLKLORE demands that it land butter side down.

If you are unwilling to follow a THREAD whether RATIONAL or IRRATIONAL then you cannot expect to get the REFRAME-many of us perhaps failing to PUSH THROUGH THE WALL-so to speak when we come up against repetitions of Chicken & Egg Scenes & Scenario’s.

I see that The Labour Party is presently grabbing the headlines within the area of Politics and of course I having been born on this day and having been gestated and symbiotically linked to mother via umbilical cord also went through Labour; granted the debate on who was having the worst of the experience is not something anyone ever tells-we always HEAR on POOR ME PUSHING THE CANNON BALL-though never POOR ME-DOES MY BUM LOOK BIG IN THIS. That perhaps gives us another headline in the sense that we can SPECULATE on whether a baby in the WOMB considers themselves to be WEARING A MOTHER OR PARENT. Likewise external sounds and sensory information and so on of course are going to also be differing-you perhaps experiencing the NOISE within the Mothers Body and External NOISE.

So even when you are having a light-hearted think about BIRTH and so-on you can do REFRAME & FLIP. Until something is physically in front of doting parents-many a person perhaps considers the IX months as “IT”. The idea that even in EVOLUTIONARY terms some level of GUIDANCE or PLANNING or whatever has occurred is simply beyond many a person’s day-to-day experience though when you RAISE THRESHOLD and do meditation and so on you come to see that more & more you cannot escape your own IMPERMANENCE.

What else-well I spoke previously on my Hereford grandfather having a birthday on the 5th “Guy Fawkes” and my birthday “Dave S Perkins Variations” being 3 days later and likewise my own birthday is followed 3 days later by REMEMBERANCE DAY we of course used to writing in numbers though rarely numerology so I though AH-HA (I should also mention at this time that my is up for RENEWAL on 11/11-not consciously intentional on my part through somehow the AUTOMATED SYSTEM began choosing that DAY).

So we talk of the 11th minute on the 11th hour on the 11th day on the 11th month and of course that gives us in ROMAN NUMERALS an interpretation of on the XI on the XI on the XI on the XI.

These are of course INTERESTING SNIPPETS so to speak rather than absolute CONFIRMATIONS OF BELIEF.

I spoke previously on X being used as a generic type replacement for various SOUNDS. Obviously people and persons within Government and of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE & AWARENESS have better understanding as to CREATION of these formats than I myself do-though they can perhaps from a personal point of view give myself greater understanding as to how and why my life has been as it has been in many ways.

Of course in STRIPPING away many layers of STORY we are able to perhaps STABILISE ourselves and come back to that place of beginners mind type innocence and so on. On the same ISSUE I spoke above of the Hypnosis issue and my studies within that realm originally suggested that most of those operating within that modality were doing so from a THETA level and as anyone who has purchased The Original Holosync or Holosync 2 knows you can with meditation achieve DELTA Levels and the differing MIX between ORIGINAL & 2 & STIMULUS again perhaps offers new angles and perspectives and so on and so forth.

So many such modalities clearly demonstrate means and ways to reinterpret and so on and all we have to do with any given choice is do a compare and keep on doing a compare until you have an AH-HA that you feel you can live & survive with and so on and so forth.

Roman numerals perhaps also go well with the idea of changing COORDINATES & changing FREQUENCIES and well really anything that you can apply a number to you can apply a NUMERAL to.

Happy birthday to one, happy birthday to one, happy birthday to one, happy birthday to one.

I still have another project in the pipeline though have been stuttering and have now been thinking I require a FLAG DESIGN THAT I CAN HOIST-HMMMMN what will the flag look like and what impression will the flag give to viewers of the FLAG-ALL meaning of course within the IMPERIALISTIC MIND OF THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER-within and without, above and below, who arrived in this time period via a SEALVOTINGOH

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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