Ah-ha THE PHANTOM Limb Pain

Not to be confused with that TISWAS CHARACTER-THE PHANTOM FLAN FLINGER or something along those lines.

So speaking on what was going on 25 years ago within my own life I have perhaps looked at one or two headlines and noticed an article on so-called phantom limb pain. The condition is of course one suffered by AMPUTEES whereby the still feel that they can feel the missing limb and so on-my ISSUE was one of having had my lower left leg bones smashed & sheared off between knee & ankle. So in humour terms I was “NEARLY LIMBLESS” akin to the Nearly Headless Nick ghost of Harry Potter stories.

So The MEDICS had to make a decision as to what could be done-and they decided to BRIDGE-THE-GAP drilling pins just below the knee and just above the ankle as a kind of SCAFFOLD-The remainder of bones were aligned and the IDEA was that the bones would regrow from both ends until reconnecting and obviously things such-as blood vessels and nerves and so on were also affected. I think when looked at in X-RAY terms you might say that the connection point is better on one bone than the other-whilst the Consultants & Medical Staff were glowing with PRIDE over there work & constantly demanding sets of X-RAYS for their own personal collections (Lecture Circuit ETC.) I was perhaps not feeling in the same SPIRIT although as I have written previously I was potentially acting as a sullen teenager might have been expected to behave-likewise WALKING THE LINE between deciding what advice to follow or not follow was TROUBLESOME.

I as has previously been written had to wait multiples of months simply for the bones to REGROW and RECONNECT and the pins & scaffold setting were regularly being monitored & adjusted.

So early on the swelling was such that I was not AWARE of the EXTENT of the damage and likewise when the various sensory information was fully functional after a couple of years on crutches and so on I very quickly could see WHAT WAS WRONG.

So within my head I NOW had TWO DIFFERING MAPS-the map that I had developed during the course of all my life up to that point of PERFECT & EGO’D DAVE S PERKINS & a new map Based within CURRENT SENSORY FEEDBACK.

So I have a minor LIMB LENGTH DISPARITY between both legs though it is not perhaps known to third party observers and also have a section of my left leg that is bone & skin cover with little flesh & no sensory NERVES-AN EXO-SKELETON type point along my leg. The choice faced was A GREAT BIG MENTAL FUCK-UP.

So as is often the case a STRETCH GOAL was required for myself in order to ATTAIN & EFFECT MAXIMUM RECOVERY POTENTIAL. The “Original” MAP was USELESS and the “NEW” MAP was not fully developed or “TRUSTWORTHY”. The body was seemingly “making it up” as it went along.

So phantom pain is often related to missing limb’s as given examples because there cannot be a dispute-they have no limb and know their own SENSORY FEEDBACK. Likewise non-amputees can also suffer such effects though clearly are not good examples because it is not good for medical statistics-they (Medical Profession) want to BOAST look how I repaired this INJURY-not look I repaired this injury & the ungrateful bastard is complaining phantom pains.


Attempting to use the “Original” map causes myself to FALL because of HUGE DISPARITY between physical reality & saved data and likewise using the “NEW” present feedback also causes myself to FALL-YOU might say that the data & feedback was “OUT” & no clear ways & means existed (within my mind-set) to distinguish between the DATA-SETS.

Anyone who has studied body knowledge & so-on understands that walking, running etc. are often described as CONTROLLED FALLS and I was unable to CONTROL FALL so was effectively sensory blind.

We take senses for granted and again THAT REALLY IS A MAJOR FLAW within many a person in the sense that to get the best out of some MODALITIES could REQUIRE returning to some basic type children games. So I think Paul Scheele addresses these issues in several courses-clearly the Paraliminal WALKABOUT series can relate to the walking issues and likewise I think it was said across multiple courses how early in his own studies he and others had studied MODELLING & NLP at MASTERY LEVEL and a great deal of effort went into DEMONSTRATING SENSORY FLAWS.

So for those of us that are SIGHTED we could see how well we can walk around an area with a BLINDFOLD.

For those of us with HEARING we could see how well we can operate with EAR MUFFS creating DEAFNESS.

And you get the idea-you can create AN improved NON-CONSCIOUS mapping CAPABILITY FOR EACH AND EVERY SENSORY MODALITY within your personage simply through LIMITING present sensory function & belief & behaviour and FORCING the CREATION or bringing ON-LINE or “EXTRA SENSORY PERCEPTION” also known as “ESP” likewise you will come to see just how turning into a “TOMMY” type character from the PINBALL WIZARD really can WARP you to HIGHER CAPABILITY-the time taken is of course debatable in personal REQUIREMENT-though blind musicians such-as STEVIE WONDER are good examples of enhanced & refined “HEARING” tunings.

I did early on upon my return to Hereford live at the lower end of the College Estate within some property that was built upon old railway land and the close proximity to the railway made the building SHUDDER when certain types of trains were close by and whilst that might SOUND as though a complaint-I did actually like those properties very much. The interesting thing was that I QUICKLY became IMMUNE (so to speak) to the trains as SENSORY FEEDBACK and that happens to all of us in all environments-the BIG ISSUE often being so “IN-OUR-OWN-HEADS” that we fail to adapt to NEW EXTERNALS.

Can all SENSES BE ENHANCED & GREATER CAPABILITIES DEMONSTRATED & INTEGRATED? I think so yes though likewise in many ways constantly staying NOW to all sensory input/output is POTENTIALLY the OPTIMUM SOLUTION for people-the downside of course can be the OVERWHELM created by EXPOSURE to the UNKNOWN or INDEED revisiting KNOWN TRIGGERS.

So anyone can perhaps think back to childhood and FEARS that may or may not have developed-darkness & big vehicles & self-consciousness of TEASING and comparison with others and so on and so forth-I think in ACCIDENT TERMS whilst we often talk in terms of one SENSE (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell) being affected-that in reality ALL are effected in some fashion.

When you KNOW that to be true you come to see that some kind of SENSORY HIERARCHY must surely EXIST and likewise we can widen and broaden each sensory FEEDBACK (INPUT/OUTPUT) STREAM coming into the RIVER coming into the LAKE coming Into the OCEAN and so on.

That perhaps a STEPPING STONE SEQUENCE though interesting in that is also demonstrates that you can POTENTIALLY & QUITE ACCURATELY LOCATE where your own issues are at within the sequence-so one person may have a narrow stream relating to TOUCH and likewise another in relation to SMELL and so on and we all perhaps do things in life that can AFFECT any given GROUP of INPUT/OUTPUT MAPPING.

So we do not have to rely on old maps when we can operate within the REALM of having GENUINELY REAL-TIME-SYSTEMS operating within A centred inner Hierarchy of present awareness & knowledge.

So our compartmentalisation SYSTEMS can be remedied to work within an INTEGRATED SYSTEM within the NOW rather than some constant harking back to “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” when History usually operates from tiny segments of captured Trigger Flag Data.

So when we know SENSORY INFORMATION WINDOW IS SMALL we have to develop.

How can I develop my SENSORY CAPABILITES?

How can I go BEYOND my present SENSORY LEDGE?

Is the edge of a ledge a failed flag hedge and what edge do you have over anyone else operating in Today’s World.

I do find that REGRESSION is often good as well as bad though knowing what to do with the www.silvertoevelocity.com website is becoming TROUBLESOME-AKIN perhaps to the ALPHA & OMEGA, beginning and the end comparison where we FORGET the middle-section and then wonder why we REQUIRE such beginnings and endings in the first place.

IF I AM LOCKED INTO A DYING & REBIRTH CYCLE-HOW CAN I BREAK THE MOULD & So on and so forth? What are the QUESTIONS that I could & should be asking myself and what benefits within my life will come about of having asked such questions?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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