So 25 Years Also Known As A Quarter Of 100 Years

So I am clearly stating something obvious that we learn at quite a young age-though given modern business lingo junkies demanding 110% we do have to wonder as to the reliability of modern mathematics. I think in fact when you study such areas you come to see that so-called STRETCH GOALS are used by business’ whereby the 110% becomes the new 100% constantly grinding workforces into the ground within some industries when such demands are MET.

The same techniques are of course used across a multitude of areas of life though we all perhaps not necessarily wanting to get SUCKED INTO some CHALLENGES-AGAIN these things can come down to how good or bad your life has actually been though generally when we look at many a MOVIE-we often have a reckless hero-anti-hero who whilst appealing is DEMONSTRABLY MASSIVELY FLAWED through inability to PASS UP A CHALLENGE.

A typical example I think appeared in the Back Too The Future Series where MARTY was seen often being baited as CHICKEN, and eventually we saw his avoiding of a POSSIBLE TRADEGY by not taking the challenge or bait.

So anyway the reason for my giving of today’s title is that I have been hearing multiple references to 25 YEARS, we have seen many a reference in the media as to the so-called coming down of the Berlin Wall and I have one or two work colleagues mentioning that they had worked within the Company for 25 years and I am also sure I have heard other references to 25 Years-I myself of course being a curious SOUL decided to think about what I myself was doing 25 Years ago and seeing if any REALIZATIONS and so on come to myself through that thinking. Obviously when you want GREATER TUNING AND AWARENESS you can often benefit from simply NOTICING multiple references to particular areas of life and seeing where the commonalities and disparities are to be found.

So I do have some kind of memory relating to the Berlin Wall situation though it was in reality within a greater DOMINO effect that was going on at that time in relation to the so-called falling of THE IRON CURTAIN. I seem to think that it was in fact one of the latter events-other SOVIET COUNTRIES had already lead the way and the German Situation was much as we see N&S KOREA today and other divided Nations whereby neither Governing Body Despite outside pressure and influence wants to give up on the so-called REIGNS OF POWER.

I myself was actually having my own DEATH TWIN TOWERS experience and I find it exceptionally hard to recall any INTERNALS that were occurring at that time-predominantly falling into the EXTERALLY REFERENCED VICTIMHOOD & so on-I think I recall more when I read & see TRIGGERS and so on such as the Berlin Wall reference-today they speak on having balloons to commemorate and that takes us into the TOP GUN (TOM CRIUSE) BERLIN SONG 99 RED BALLOON-yes the years were out-of-sync though in reference & linkages we are DOING A LATERAL-and news is HOOKING up with Jihadist Cruise links to clearly tapping into his career log is potentially REWARDING at present-or perhaps someone having a big joke on myself.

We have also historically seen these types of Situations within Royal Kingdoms and within Political Parties and even within the Catholic Church-there once having been a situation where the World had TWO Competing POPES.

Likewise I think we have something similar in TIBET whereby the Delai Lama and Followers live abroad in EXILE and the CHINESE GOVERNMENT chose suitable replacement to their own liking-likewise perhaps these kinds of situation are happening in HONG KONG and elsewhere when we take the time to pay attention. The problem being of course that how many IN-EXILE type individuals can maintain popularity and followings outside of homelands-so you might say that we all have the POTENTIAL to be bigger in our own mind than we actually are-for instance I suggested that I had represented quite a few individuals when interacting on the Holosync blog-though likewise many of those perhaps did not feel that they wanted myself doing that anyway and likewise any further passing down of the beneficial effects of such technologies that goes on-places distance between YOURSELF and any following so called AVALANCHE effect. So if nothing else I can think of myself as having been a non-entity (rightly or wrongly) CRYING WOLF and kicking of a snowball and that snowball effect obviously changes between generation to generation and where people have disparity or indeed commonality and likewise I am in reality terms still a non-entity in the sense that I was not doing such things from a FAME & FORTUNE mind-set-although that perhaps regarded as my own great failing given how many other people are making a small fortune off similar writings and teachings.

So I choose to be a no-body despite at one time acting like some kind of BIG I AM. I have nothing that anyone could possibly want or desire and perhaps that is the point in a sense that I was at that time simply wanting to be left alone and under constant HARASSMENT & BAITING.

So I now write this blog and people come & go as they themselves so wish-and likewise I respect those that have changed attitude towards myself as I may have towards them-actions are CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED by people and I can have no complaints as to ideas such-as solidarity and so on.

Where else is grabbing headlines-well today let us not forget is a 9/11 and that of course can be looked upon within multiple modalities and ways though the most obvious is to perhaps give it a piece in the GREATER TAPESTRY JIGSAW in the sense that some kind of JUSTICE or RETRIBUTION was eventually found or had for war mongers and likewise perhaps others in the sense that so many changes have occurred as a result of those events. 2001-2003 was another strange set of years for myself that I cannot really speak on having gone into another kind of SELF INFLICTED ZOMBIE MODE.

I mention the zombie perhaps because today I noticed that a NEW CALL OF DUTY has recently been released and a review mentioned zombies-I was thinking that some of the FUN that occurred around myself at various points could well have been linked to such developments-we all of course often see famous name quotes being referenced for specialist knowledge in particular areas and papers and so on and likewise software developers are likely to VISIT towns and Cities and so on. So who knows you could well buy some combat game for your kid and find some graphic of yourself walking through some 3D Hereford Level-returning to my time at University the Robotics Lab that I was working within also had A REAL TIME MOTION CAPTURE MODELLING SYSTEM that are quite common today though were quite special back then-you may have seen photo’s of people dressed in suites covered in ping-pong balls and so on-and multiple Lasers would be set up and then our model would work through sequence type manoeuvres such as walking, running, jumping, dancing, anything that you could desire or want to CAPTURE for a video game or SCIENCE PROJECT could be carried out with the Motion Capture Equipment. It was not my own area of work of course though being present I was mightily IMPRESSED at what was being done and am damned sure that the QUALITY & ABILITY now is of course 10 YEARS further down the line in terms of DEVELOPMENT & PROGRESS both in terms of technology & software.

So where else can Dave turn-well this RENEWAL of my VELOCITY site & address is for myself an interesting set of circumstance in a sense that as I suggested it has all kind of occurred without myself actually taking much notice and so on-I am unsure whether to simply cancel the address as an ill-though out PROJECT or keep it within my OWN SAFE HANDS-I do not actually think my hands are safe though simply using a PHRASE and likewise given all the GRIEF AND NEGATIVE BAGGAGE and so on-WHY am I keeping this as some kind of reminder-perhaps I can utilise it within that fashion as a WARNING against EXCESSIVE POWER MONGERING & CRAZED LUNATIC JESUS CHRIST type figures and so on-it was after all created at a time when I was predominantly mental health researching myself and indeed predominantly based in low-level theta type hypnosis-so you might say I was very much requiring an ASYLUM and in many ways despite all the advances and learnings of recent years an ASYLUM could well be the ANSWER to my own PRAYERS-WHERE CAN DAVE S PERKINS ask for ASYLUM and can I come up with answers that would be regarded as SATISFACORY given that in many ways-all knowledge of events and so on that have occurred in relation to myself are speculated and none of us can perhaps claim with any CERTAINTY as to ABSOLUTE TRUTH. That of course works exceptionally well for some peoples and persons in their lives though for myself I feel like I have LOST the best years getting SUCKED into battles and nonsenses that with WISDOM I could CLEARLY have dealt with in better fashion (or could I) so people do not like my talking about the place of work though when I started out and during the early years of employment there were SUICIDES each & every year among STAFF-how many years have now PASSED since anyone can claim such an event as staff related-a collective effort has changed the mind-set in key areas and I think that those people deserve PRAISE from myself-even if I generally fail to acknowledge such change within my writing-I think that perhaps comes down to some of these 25 YEAR type personnel serving as a constant reminder that old ways & mind-sets can quickly be found to cause a REGRESSION and so on. Likewise some entrenchment happens with all peoples so it is not fair to say that it is all in Dave’s head when CAMPAIGNS can clearly be shown to have operated against myself.

Life is seemingly what we make for ourselves and to anyone who has wished myself a Happy Birthday I thank you.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

P.S. I really am thinking of asking for Asylum somewhere even within my capacity as an major unknown quantity within the greater sphere of the WHOLE GOING ON OF IT ALL.

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