The Sabre Tooth Division

So we keep reading how this area is far safer from peeping toms than that area and that people with secrets should use this software or join this website and base themselves within this Country and so on and it seems to myself that when you think about it-given the PYRAMID SYSTEM upon which many a development is created and made you would be hard pressed to find any genuine level of security. We do of course have long Histories of Countries having this secret branch and this secret division and this Agency and whilst with the news it all seems very much NSA related-one does have to wonder at how China are constantly accused of being the Greatest Threat without themselves ever becoming unstuck so to speak.

There is clearly a certain level of Bureaucracy involved across all developed and developing NATIONS & COUNTRIES and pretending to yourself that you cannot come undone or have been FOUNDATIONALY SABOTAGED from the OUTSET is perhaps something that is the biggest of DELETIONS & DISTORTIONS-How So?

Well ESPIONAGE is clearly a ROUND-A-BOUT situation in and of itself and many people for instance cannot help having the odd spying or taking an interest moment on what other folks are doing at any given time.

So whilst I perhaps stopped using Facebook some time ago and rarely visit-I do have the occasional and many folks on there had said happy birthday to myself and I of course say thank you your wishes are most APPRECIATED.

So what can any of us do to REALIGN ourselves with the idea that we can hoist ourselves without further ado to higher locations on the so-called awareness & knowledge mountain with little effort-I myself am of course known to have been an EXTREMIST in the sense that I plugged myself into Holosync Levels and then charged through level upon level upon level upon level in an almost 24/7 capacity and that may or may not have been regarded by those within the UPPER ECHELONS of development of such TECHNOLOGIES as being sensible though given the OVERALL LIFE SYSTEM & CIRCUMSTANCE I was experiencing during the early PHASE OF ENLIGHTENMENT I have little to zero regrets-yes some say well I have gotten married & had children & a house & a car and endless lists of ACHIEVEMENTS and that is all well and good for them though not a SOLUTION for myself-in the sense that I perhaps having ALREADY CAUGHT A BAD DOSE via various life circumstance was taking a STAND AGAINST bullying and many of the so-called knock-on effects-whilst in many cases & ways I was not myself necessarily a TARGET you do as you progress come to see that FASCISTS & so-on have a tendency to use COLLECTIVE labels in private that they may well not use publically-so whilst many folks can say they have changed internally and externally many of those who were causing the most grief & trouble are in many ways still around & still taking any opportunity that presents itself to disrupt other people’s & persons lives.

What else can I comment on-well I spoke on requiring a flag for a project I was working on and then it occurred that perhaps I should go into the REALM of ANIMALS and so on-we often hear ATTRIBUTES given to this creature and that creature-though we do of course know that nothing is sacred-given how CORRUPTED many a cartoon animal presentation is from reality.

So the title is because I thought sabre tooth tiger and of course the SABRE TOOTH reference has probably already been used by many a Country & Company & Military & all the rest of it so I have an INANIMATE WORD that many a folk is likely to FOLLOW the mental association trail of and I thought I would seek to TURN it on its HEAD in some fashion.

I did of course recently do the regular yearly PUMPKIN & that was a weeping Angel (DR WHO) and I thought well such characterisations often rely on SHARP TEETH in the same manner perhaps as DRACULA and wanted something to get the so-called creative juices going and on top of that I also thought that the weeping angel NEGATIVE was a cool IDEA in terms of the game of black & white.

So we who are old enough remember photo-negatives and that is akin once again to my ancient projector overhead sheets-whereby whilst an IMAGE has been captured in some fashion many an advancement lead to REUSABILITY whereby we can rub out our PENS & INKS and all the rest of such functioning. Many a photo negative is regarded as unusable once EXPOSED to LIGHT. Though of course I am simply playing around with the IDEA of HAVING BREAKOUT type situations-so we have some series of HIGHLY TOXIC captured images or sensory information within ourselves and that is why I spent so much time MEDITATING and likewise some of the kinds of PATTERNS & THOUGHTS that I THOUGHT I was well RID of sometimes return-so that an issue perhaps of LAYERS and of course what we CAPTURE on a daily basis-yes we can think of having shields and density and all sorts of weird IDEAS as to SUPER HERO POWERS though we do see time and again that many are already within our NOGGIN and we may well be better seeking to REFORMULATE that which we already POSSESS.

So Anyway that was a digression though for myself an interesting one in the sense that for ALL the work & effort I have put in I do feel very much at SQUARE ONE in the sense that life progress is halted and given past experience you can almost feel the BRIDGE COLLAPSING beneath your feet upon the very first step-yes we have often seen many a film & movie with some SECRET STEPS within a GRID and only the correct sequence opens the SECRET PASSAGE DOOR at the other end of the HALL-HERO usually having researched CLUE TRAIL well in advance of approaching the OSCAR STAIRCASE to be given aforementioned AWARD.

If you were going to give a SPEECH for your life up to and including the present point and moment what would you include and exclude within your speech and can you truly and sincerely know that you are speaking from the depths of your soul or heart or whatever depths you feel you have.

So yes I cleared out lots of bumph and seemingly still find myself very much without any real IDEA as to how to progress NOW. I am still clearly as muddled and befuddled in many ways as I was at the beginning-so one day I think yes I am writing with CLARITY and then I think where did this VOICE appear within my head from-what FREQUENCY allows PROJECTION into other people’s minds and PHYSICAL BEING?

This the season of ghost and ghouls of course though I have stated a lack of belief in such creatures beyond the IDEA that FREQUENCIES & VIBRATIONS exist ALL-ABOUT-OURSELVES and that must be a major FACTOR in not being able to clear as EFFECTIVELY as some of us would like-so we can go into a NEW house and paint & decorate and so on and the old flotsam & jetsam is still VIBRATIONALLY awaiting some unsuspecting or susceptible person to catch a dose. I mentioned having worked at the old St Mary’s Hospital and likewise I presently work within an Abattoir and I have also lived in one or two very OLD buildings with HISTORY. So as I say we surely give frequencies & vibe to the World about us and our possessions such as JEWELLERY hence low-level Psychics and so on claiming to give readings from such possessions-likewise if we are constantly SCANNING non-consciously and collecting PHOTO type NEGATIVES then we can also be able to reformulate such thinking into more POSITIVE EXPRESSIONS of what am I going to do with this knowledge and how can I improve upon the learnings that I present have within my WORLD and so on.

Clearly no absolutes exist though likewise I think we all want to SEE the patterns and cycles that can most benefit ourselves and all about us-some extremism clearly continues at all levels of SOCIETY though that does not mean that we at lower levels cannot go about our lives being APPRECIATED for any changes that were made via sacrifice & selflessness such as is being commemorated at the present time around the World with War Memorial Services such as was seen at THE CENOTAPH.

So we do not have to believe anything that anyone tells us with regard to spying and secret agencies and espionage though likely having an interest can clearly potentially bring folks to states of awareness and so on.

I think in FOUNDATIONAL TERMS we were all perhaps sabotaged from the START so rather than CRING over SPILT MILK we can seek to ask HOW CAN I PUT MY OWN LEVEL OF AWARENESS & ENLIGHTENMENT INTO SERVICE. That can of course possibly be done in many fashions though some seemingly are beneficial and others not-that was perhaps a problem for myself originally as few ADMIT to MEDITATING though no CRIME was committed and as far as I am aware MEDITATING and associated technologies are fully legal and comply with all known LEGISLATION. Yes-Historically many a COUNTRY & NATION has sought to safe-guard Technologies and so on though likewise I think that still occurs-so whilst some may think that I am up to this sensory level of awareness and knowledge I can be quite reassured that some HIGHER LEVELS I will likely never have access to unless of course I am the one who develops & creates such things in the first place-given the Alpha & Omega reference from earlier-we can of course see how we are often teaching a million & one taken for granted as known things.

So can you convince anyone to buy anything given what you know-I certainly think new ways & means are required in a multitude of areas of SOCIETY where to many ANGLES has created to many CONFLICTS & CONFUSIONS and far too many of us have seemingly been CHRISTENED with some of the very POTENTIALLY most dangerous of MONICKERS & NAMES and so on.

The more ways we can learn to break the old knowledge and make things present & NOW and RELEVANT the better and I am sure that I am and always will be HANGING on the coat-tails of GIANTS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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