Did You Carry Out A Two Minute Silence

I did of course indicate that today could have alternate meaning to that necessarily given in the sense that whilst we respect the deceased we also have to give due regard to the living. So where perhaps people have become deceased through accident & error of some description we can see to see if such happenstance can be reduced in future scenario’s.

Clearly the problem for some areas of life are differing in the sense that some Companies have a constant feedback & review system in place so they are able to adapt & overcome any given circumstance likewise other companies and business are perhaps more panicky or confused and acting in a reactive fashion. Whereby you end up with layer upon layer of unnecessary appendages to health and safety requirement.


The answer that I can give to this question is a big fat YES. How So Dave?

Well I spoke on my accident previously as I often do in the benefitting others by handing alternate meanings down than the obvious-so all information can be considered as following the river as many a hero is seen to do within some great escape type movies-though reality for some business and professions suggest that heading for the river is a big mistake-in the sense that in tracking terms-water increases scent and for dogs and others with tracking abilities you are effectively placing a great big catch me sign over your head.

So as I suggest in teaching terms we follow the river though only regarding information to our own level of experience and expertise and likewise alternate reason can be found for meanings and so on depending upon your field of endeavour and requirement within any given realm.

So how can Dave having an accident go from bad to worse?

Well the idea behind having scaffold and so-on was to reduce Hospital time and muscle wastage and so on that can occur with regular Plaster of Paris type wrap ups and likewise-the wound being open and full of stitches for all the scarred skin tissue & so on had to have was was given-though generally as is often the case-even back then the cost was begrudged. The pinning operation I was told at the time was exceptionally expensive to carry out-though I am sure such costs have since been reduced as experience grows and material usage increases the cost benefits begin to pay for themselves-though hospital operations of any kind can be considered budgetary blackholes.

So my Hospital time is reduced massively and I am kicked out and back home perhaps sooner than was historically possible-the downside perhaps being that little in the way of attention had been given to mental health and confusion and so on.

So perhaps a week or two goes by of being housebound and if memory serves a phone went off and also the doorbell at around the same sort of time and I being quite relaxed and settled had a momentary lapse whereby I stood up without crutches-CRUNCH whilst the scaffold generally held it was not strong enough to take weight bearing and I then had to return to hospital for corrective operation on the now damaged operation.

So lots of complaint from the medical profession and consultants though they perhaps failing to take responsibility for not having given appropriate teaching and warning and assessment in the first instance. Yes I was responsible for the second accident-though I do feel a certain amount of culpability was due the medical professionals. I not (In My Opinion) having been given an appropriate level of support and advise and so on from the start. Perhaps they did not have a large enough group of people and experiential assessment evidence to be able to fully know what to do-though as is often the case with others I have spoken to-they do generally have a minimalist approach to such issues-I think other realms perhaps do not realise that-in the sense that some professions have private hospitalisation and after care that exceeds what most of us get on the NHS.

So yes in terms of recovery and so on the repair was going from bad to worse. How much extra damage was created by the 2nd incident is of course debatable though not to be taken lightly.

What else can I speak on-well there is this issue of course that all teaching whether in schools or in private home life and so on may well come with books and study time and all these books and so on may well be regarded as being akin to applications that we see in modern day phones and on computers and so on-so it is no good people making claim that everyone is that that or the other-because I know that people from all areas have raised Threshold and likewise cannot really see one singular label that covers all peoples mind-sets with reasonable terminology. The World is in the mind of the beholder and one person’s meaning can never be assumed to be the same given in someone else’s mind-set.

So I have on occasion referenced the IDEA of Angels and likewise the Nursing profession has somehow managed to claim the title for itself as a kind of nickname-though again that is really one sector and again I have referenced Angels and that might be akin to some people referencing the behaviour of the children. Though strangely failing to note that Satan was an angel and likewise I have suggested that we are all fallen angels and some folk’s claim that any belief in angel’s and so on means that you are this label or that label. So even when you can present Nurses and children as examples of nickname style associations-some people revert to the same old garbage.

I say you are often better off not addressing some topics for other people and only addressing them for yourself-so broaden and widen your own understandings of association via nicknames and other labels and you will see that some narrow viewed fascist minority areas have clearly not been well thought out. Though that is not to say that anyone from any group minority can use the technologies that I promote.

So what else is in the news or what is going to be the news tomorrow and the day after and so on-interesting that we can see to reduce the cycle and pattern awareness to baseline understandings though likewise in not losing our heads we have to break through the walls and layers to deeper levels and so on.

I spoke on the topic of aerials and antenna’s and am sure that some folk may panic at such thoughts though as I have previously suggested meaning can be applied elsewhere so each time I say antenna’s some folks perhaps think tennis and Dave having a Djokovic (forgive spelling-not a tennis follower).

So as I suggested previously follow a sport and teacher and see what they may or may not come up with that could be differing to what others are teaching-I suggested following one sport and then broadening across multiple-some folks preferring golf or motorsport and likewise others team games-eventually you will likely come to see that in Enlightenment terms and so on you really can come to feel fully present now in all that you do and say and likewise as I suggested previously when you see reference-seek to transform into another format such-as drawing. Alternate language speakers clearly have some advantage though getting to know any person that you follow is also convenient-is Dave pulling my leg-no he bloody well is not-he himself has his own leg issues to deal with-or did-I have as suggested gone without pain for quite a long while now in relation to that injury-so other things are coming up for myself though likewise I am perhaps treading softly not desiring to fall back into the first accident that can occur. So over the longer term healing modalities and belief as to releasing work. (In My Opinion (IMO)). Though likewise some benefit malingerers and so on often have vested interest in retaining the cry of poor me suffering in this fashion. All I will say is that I have had an entire adult lifetime of living with pain and zero compensatory benefits from government and so on-nearly Headless Nick (Harry Potter) was not allowed to join the Headless Hunt not having had his head fully chopped off and likewise I am in the ranks of disabled though not disabled perhaps-though feel much less so now than at any time in my adult history.

What has gone on today-well I think I may have written above on the official rememberance day-though clearly I personally think that far too few members of younger generations give due respect and likewise even older generations who should know better fail to give appropriate respect.

Yes look to create remedy for the living though also ensure that you have an established understanding as to reasons of why-that of course coming through the study of History and so on. The area I clearly struggle with is one of economics perhaps and I was looking to see if anything could be done about that-I think in teaching terms you require paying yourself though as to what I can set myself up as a teacher of is another matter-I simply perhaps a lower cog within a greater series of parallel pyramids that have sprung up around the World.

If I can accelerate the learnings and progress of others I will seek to do so-though likewise given my own somewhat haphazard experience and my mad professor type attitude to invention-these things have not come without a certain amount of OMG’s.

So we all perhaps require taking some time to slow down and actually learn what we need to learn for any industry or job though likewise need to understand greater Universal patterns and cycles and how we can go about understanding when so-called reframe and flips are required and so on. When Dave say’s Jackanory that could mean for some that our winner of an event somewhere is coming from a Country that has a Union Jack within the Flag for instance-I know one or two countries still have that such-as New Zealand, we can also when speeding up and slowing down words think that Jack is akin to have k sarge imprinted upon ourselves when doing reversals and so on. The older generation perhaps often up-on leaving the Forces continued to reference each other with military nicknames and terminology-that perhaps where my grandfather gained the Jack name-though I think he was in fact a James.

So lots of little indicators as to where people can improve knowledge and so on-yes fewer and fewer of us have military knowledge as the generations have created distance between wars though likewise the old knowledge can serve people at any time of life when looking to apply such things across a more Universal Societal basis-especially when we consider that the Royals and so on are still heads of state and still commander in chief’s of many institutions perhaps leading through example rather than battlefield-though the younger generation can perhaps say well actually Dave! As we all know they have gone to war zones-something that only younger generation Muslims seem to want to do in the present climate-strange though true-how can the Muslim faith spread so rapidly and quickly throughout the World for Jihadists and so on-whilst we in the West fail to gain support for our own forces-I think it comes down to QUALIFICATION. I spoke on this topic previously whereby I have a belief that if you can CONSCRIPT ALL-COMERS in an ALL-ENCOMPASSING manner during times of GLOBAL WAR then surely you can take all-comers during Global peacetime. I remember multiple folks who joined when I were a lad complaining at ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS.

That is progress for you I guess-though given the perhaps unfair amount of cannon fodder references I myself have used-to be expected. Estate life or training for life is perhaps the challenge question that present youngsters could be asking themselves. In peacetime of course the numbers joining the ranks tends to be higher in people wanting career options Though numbers apparently reduce during war times-hard to really tell in my opinion given population rise and fall and of course so-called Natural Wastage of older guys leaving after so many terms.

What is in the news?

Does your sausage have Hepatitis E?

Well apparently one in five does-so given a packet of eight you could well be a ticking time bomb-they have not said what variety of sausage they are referring though clearly such topics can cause panic to spread and a run on the pork industry so to speak.

Yes little news wise that is of interest in all honesty-a manager has I am told gone onto maternity leave and a collection was to be had-so I am quite sure some suitable presents were to also be had. We have had some rain and predictions of further falls continuing as well as retrials going on.

Legislation seems to be a hot covered topic and again we all perhaps come to an understanding that we all seemingly have all sorts of legislation within our own heads and some is beneficial and others perhaps not. Will there ever be a brotherhood of man that some quarters do not seek to twist into some alternate meaning. I of course have a real life brother I grew up with and likewise many a sports team might be regarded as brotherhoods of sorts as well as other institutions-and likewise women often make claim to sisterhood-so how much analysis is genuinely required to see where distinctions are given between the sexes and how much of your own mind do you presently consider to own without feeling manipulated by external INFLUENCE. I think some external influence has been of benefit to myself in more recent times though likewise some of it was already there and I was simply below a threshold of realisation and awareness-so thank you to those that have helped and supported without my knowledge and I as I have suggested prefer the ideas of brothers in arms and so on to other more explicit types of meaning given by those with sick and twisted Hearts-we have all I am sure had a guts full of seeing new on Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris and other media types and clearly a line is made that some think is sensible and other think they are somehow being clever in crossing. Choice is choice though I know where I stand on what are entrance points and exit points to my body.

We are generally a TUBE like creature in that what goes in through the mouth generally heads South before exiting and when we look at the World of animals the same is generally true. So we all have the potential to be confused though as has been said on many occasion EXTREMISM whether to the LEFT or to the RIGHT in any area of life is generally often the same. We all know through history how the German Nazis were preaching ONE life externally to the populace whilst living another and they were eventually exposed-so we can regard most extremists as perhaps exposing themselves simply through attitude & behaviour.

Body & Spirit, Mind & Heart, Who know’s what is best when the thought is in jest.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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