Is The Probing Gun Not A Smoking Gun

So I once again find myself bereft of anything to write about and decide to simply follow the regular news sites and so on. The big word at present seems to be this one known as PROBE. Probe of course a strange word in the sense that you could pull out a Thesaurus and likely find some POSITIVE meanings and indeed NEGATIVE meaning-so it really is a good EXAMPLE of a GRABBER.

When I say grabber of course I mean something that is likely to trigger someone’s further so-called interest in an OHH It’s says PROBE-one can almost imagine any number of comedians basing a sketch or routine on such a word So we give our own meaning-very often based upon the meaning that we have already had-although we can say well NOW we are being given a NEW meaning based upon this article.

So the Space Probe Lands on a comet and what an interesting series of names they are to. The ROSSETA MISSION landing a probe name Philae.

Elsewhere we have been once again seeing negative stories on some individual’s lifestyle activities as well as negative stories related to those who are generally regarded as having to protect society such-as the police.

Smoking issues are of course not being mentioned perhaps beyond my daughter NAGGING myself in relation to smoking as she has done for many years-clearly the E-Cigarette industry is taking of-though as I wrote here some time ago (not sure if it was public or private) we are seeing a CLAMPDOWN in the sense that Society is NOW treating “USERS” of such devices in the same fashion & manner as smokers. I think there is little to debate in all honesty-I noted almost immediately that those using such devices often had great CLOUDS OF DUST being PUFFED out of their own mouths and whilst everyone is saying it is Healthier than many cigarettes and associated chemicals, a cloud of NOXIOUS substances is a cloud of NOXIOUS substances.

Whilst on that topic of course we can say that if everyone were given some particular chemical to COLOUR BREATH you would in fact see EVERYONE breathing IN-&-OUT clouds of potentially HAZARDOUS to other people materials whether that is accompanied by SOUND or OTHERWISE. At the end of the day many a sound is simply the manipulation of a series of bodily muscles and vocal chords and so on. How many people struggle at the IDEA of giving a WHISTLE. Some of us can just put our LIPS TOGETHER & BLOW whilst others seemingly struggle with even the most basic of functions.

Obviously a whistling sound can also be created via our tank engine type kettles so that again perhaps an example of someone having an AH-HA in the sense that they have asked-how can I take this fun sound or noise and create it within a SAFE manner as a toy or some such. I think that was one of the idea’s we had in Ian Flemings CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, where the inventor had created what later becam known as DOG WHISTLES. A whistle that whilst within a dogs hearing range is out of human hearing range.

That perhaps a NEW one for myself in that whilst I have spoken on FREQUENCIES in relation to LIGHT I have generally not spoken of them in relation to what we know relating to other ANIMALS.

So people over the years have DISCOVERED or UNCOVERED many differing ways in which other CREATURES SENSES are better or worse than our OWN and they have often led to INVENTION or REPLICATION and MODELLING and so on.

So whilst EMMISSIONS from smokers are dealt with in a ZERO TOLERANCE manner-if you smoke & own a car you can still pollute and if you own a POWER STATION you can still pollute-so lots of debates to be had in the SCALEABILITY CHARTS.


So this of course an interesting topic given my inclination towards MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS. Yes Dave does RUBBER NECK the same as everyone else does when seeing things such-as accidents and strange goings on. However WHAT such things lead myself to REALISE is that you very often have to BREAKDOWN what you are saying when writing and reporting on such matters.


Well what I have found is that some terminology in many an instance as used by vast numbers of peoples is not HELPFUL in the slightest-how so? We in any AREA (NOT OPERA’S ARIA) have to seek to reduce things to facts.

So for instance you see people or persons walking away from a vehicle with ORANGE indicator lights flashing-do we suspect a crime and go on into further CONSPIRACY THEORY & SPECULATION or do we simply STATE FACTS as presented.

I give that example because it is popular in TV & FILM of course as is the expected usage of indicator lights when breaking down and so on. Clearly if such things are ACCOMPANIED by an ALARM then you may have further cause for concern.

So we break down our present way of looking upon the WORLD and then REBUILD our thinking strategy in such a manner as to be able to clearly separate FACT from FICTION. Thus REDUCING “THE ART OF PREDICTION” so to speak into a series of PATTERN MATCHING FUNCTIONS as opposed to wild and unscientific speculation of the average person in the street. That person very often unfortunately being myself.

So I have actually been in trouble within work in the past, when a long term colleague who had worked around multiple jobs and areas CRIED WOLF as to what he had allegedly seen myself doing and then ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY one or two others about myself within that environmental circumstance “TOOK ON” that story-although in truth it was one of those INFLUENCE type techniques, whereby a suggestion is given and everyone takes it in as a FACT when in truth, when you break the actual facts down it was a cry wolf-for whatever reason the individual simply wanted someone else to take gripes & groans & moans out upon.

Is it possible to reduce CRY WOLF-well clearly AWARENESS is an exceptionally large FACTOR even when you have VIDEO evidence and so on-it can be demonstrated that people still often operate based on long held belief system rather than what is in front of them.

LAWYERS & so on are clearly masters of influence given the court room teachings that they go through and so perhaps are personnel within the Police and other so-called ESTABLISHMENT Authorities and so on.

So we are often better of raising our own awareness and then phrasing our own awareness in such a manner as to benefit ourselves and those about ourselves. I guess in Health terms that my smoking is perhaps the biggest detriment to being a fully functional human being and likewise it is known by a number of folks that I did at one time smoke he numbers of cigarettes at particular times & cycles. I actually stopped smoking at work for a couple of years and only recently restarted much to the upset and hurt of other long term smokers.

So many delusions perhaps exist about myself that trying to keep myself to myself as much as possible is impossible though really I simply TIRE of CONFLICT and some folks perhaps “GET THERE KICKS” from the stirring and conflict creation and all the rest of it.

I recommend technologies to clear many a nonsense from the cerebrum and I also seek to reduce FACT from FICTION though it can clearly be demonstrated that know-matter how you yourself think you have WITNESSED events that someone else has a differing interpretation as to what was going on.

Well I seem to have gone all over the shop on this article and whilst that could be good in some ways it is perhaps not factual in others. So I may write another after a meal who knows.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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