Stop Complaining About Vested Interests & get Yourself Down M&S

So I have had a quick scan of the headlines and little that grabs interest in all honesty though I can perhaps bring to FRONT & CENTRE this word VESTED.

So as a youngster I remember that everyone pretty much had VESTS as part of school uniform & so on and then as you get a bit older you tend to throw the vest section of your clothing layers out and I off course working in a Temperature Controlled Environment was thinking that maybe that is what I need to keep myself warm on a night.

I very often of course either go light or heavy depending on what area I am going to be in on a week to week basis though it must be said that some proper decent thermals could be just what the Doctor ordered at some times of year. I seem to have found myself rapidly coming down with some chest & coughing infection over the last couple of days-another issue of course in working in or around people who should not be working.

So some folks go macho man on some cold or flu and continue to work and then it spreads throughout the entire staffing population-probably an exaggeration though given the speed with which I have come down-I went to bed yesterday and woke up bunged up and I know that some folks have seemingly been coughing & hacking for weeks and so on.

So this another not helped by my smoking though clearly in relation to VESTED-I do wonder whether politicians are serious in using the word. Are your children Vested Interests, are babies vested interests.

Where else well we still seem to be talking about probes & flying objects and of courses we can talk about UFO’s and Flying Saucers though in all honesty-whenever such things are debated I often choose to believe the evidence of my own eyes-having said that sometimes you have to think something is FAKE even if it is not-so for instance we have seen a lot of talk on drones and it would not be all that difficult to hang lights of the undercarriage of a so-called drone and make them cycle through various sequences in impressive “THE ALIENS ARE COMING” manner. However I did find myself with reason to look up to the NIGHT SKY this morning and find myself watching some flying vehicle of some description-in all honesty though I could not get a so-called DISTANCE FIX. What does that mean?

Well quite simply it could have been a LARGE VEHICLE AT HEIGHT or a SMALL VEHICE QUITE LOW though whatever it was it was impressive and the sort of thing many a person would like on the so-called Christmas present list-even the NOISE was so quiet that you would likely not hear such a vehicle above your head above your own breathing and so on-I think it was travelling at height and speed though glided through the air in a manner that did not FIT regular craft-seemingly maintaining a speed & height manoeuvrability-however in the UFO stakes to my own mind I would suggest that it is not a UFO and more likely some already known flight vehicle being put through its paces.

Where else-well if I am honest I rarely look to local news for LOCAL people seemingly preferring the GLOBAL to LOCAL thinking as opposed to the LOCAL to GLOBAL though of course in FRACTAL TERMS and links and associations you can go in all directions-the issue perhaps being one of FOCUS & PRACTICE.

So I go to Hereford Times and see that some coach accident occurred locally and that drivers of other vehicles were being sort as witnesses and so on-the problem is perhaps similar to the issue I have myself described recently of seeing what you want to see rather than actual. I think they have arrested another driver in connection-though clearly from my own knowledge of many drivers-IT IS ALWAYS the other person. Yes in games of black & white terms you can all but guarantee that all drivers often POINT at all about themselves-that of course takes myself once again into the JASPER CARROT realm whereby he used to read out the very funny & REAL LIFE INSURANCE CLAIMS.

“I had been driving for 40 years before falling asleep at the wheel” was a particular favourite-though coaches are perhaps once again when we go into VEHICULAR realms the road equivalent to the SHIP or Ferry or Cruise liner and so on.

As I say most areas are broken down into VEHICLE GROUPING and you can generally do a like for like when you imagine that your roads are waterways and so on.

Where else-I do sometimes think that someone out there is reading and waiting for myself to SAY SOMETHING FUNNY-go on Dave you can do it-say something FUNNY. Of course given the nature of text on a screen and how far advanced anyone is-you can very often when reading things up and down and left and right and diagonally and to the sides and to the CORNERS inadvertently say some exceptionally funny things-of course in reading this blog you might expect that given that it is Part & parcel of some of the TECHNOLOGIES that I have studied and recommended-though likewise can you do the same with all writings al of the time?

I generally think that yes you can-though clearly not all authors are thinking in terms of my own teachings-hence some authors perhaps giving away unintended non-conscious issues and so on. I generally find that the more open honest and so on across all areas you can be-generally the better-the downside very often being some of the ORIGINAL response that I had to my teaching or writing back in the early days and of course some folks seemingly always wanting to muddy the CLEAR WATER. I prefer maintaining my own level of congruence without thinking that I have to sabotage others and I think that is perhaps the difference between myself and some folks who seemingly RELISH in not being honest with themselves. As I think many can testify you will likely raise your Threshold etc. though do not expect to have zero errors and mistakes from the off because most folks are beyond the control of control freaks and most folks desire and want far more than they necessarily deserve.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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