So What Is That An Example Of?

So yesterday I mentioned that I had read about a local coach that was within an accident and likewise I spoke on Jasper Carrot Insurance Claim humour and that is an example of a so-called TRAP in the sense that you can be writing or saying stuff such-as that and whilst to you yourself they are completely SEPARATE and so on a third party person comes along that you are completely oblivious to and gives a very differing meaning of linking such things together. At the very worst I could perhaps be accused of being crass & insensitive, though ALL LINKS irrespective of so called obvious similarities and AREA or TOPIC are within the mind of the beholder.

Likewise that perhaps one of the reasons why this blog goes un-promoted and unpublicised-early on I was attacked CONSTANTLY simply through people making those kinds of associations and links and I perhaps also did that a certain extent also. Likewise those who have advanced are I am sure well aware of what I mean by the separating out of information and all associations & links in meanings are what we ourselves give.

So you could get a pen and draw a link on a printout of what I spoke on or you could ignore such things-in teaching SIMPLICITY it would be foolish to ignore the most obvious though likewise given that I am more interested in demonstrating the so-called NOW and so on-have little interest in upsetting anyone-especially considering the way my own life has been.

Where else can attention be turned-well returning to this IDEA of knowing your chosen GAMBLING sport and drawing the various tools of the trade within each sporting realm you could also PRACTICE RHYME.

Yes this can really throw some folks out though the most obvious is to again think in terms of those primary school type writing lists that you potentially had to carry out of all words that rhyme this word. Those really are exercise activities and possibly not the best thing in the World to rely on though if you have taken to WRITING your own diary and blog and so on then you will come to see that such-things do work-I of course used to write quite a bit of Rhyme though rarely any now and part of that was perhaps because of some of the materials I studied on LITERACY and so on-where a certain amount of “DELIVERY” skill is expected or required and METRIC TIMING and so on-I think such things over-rated myself though of course you cannot expect to join some ESTABLISHMENT CIRCLES and not know appropriate usage and function of such things.

Speaking on Rhyme I found myself thinking about the old child Rhye that we often learn at a young age ORANGES & LEMONS say the bells of blah, blah, blah. The section that keeps returning to myself is in relation to THE BELLS OF SHOREDITCH.

I have little London knowledge though again it could psychologically be linked to the recent accident. Likewise as a “POOR” person I myself could well be the bells of Shore Ditch especially given that I share an initial. So strange though true-the deeper and further you go into studies the more potential “LIFE SABOTAGES” you find yourself seeing-that assuming you are looking for such things of course-I would not say that I am looking for such things beyond a desire to have such things brought into my conscious window of awareness in order to carry out some “Letting Go” type activities. Again I often early on spent perhaps the first year constantly doing EFT TYPE typing to books and so on and it really is surprising how many break-through’s can come about from the simply act of tapping about your own personage.

During my HYPNOSIS studies some years ago it was actually found that simply techniques are used by many a CELEBRITY that do not get regarded as Hypnotic Type Activities. At the end of the day if a Celebratory say RAISE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR, or any kind of SERIES of instructions and you comply with those instructions-that is generally regarded as a HYPNOTIC INDUCTION. Again I do not want to WORRY people un-necessarily though merely want to explain once again that we are often going from ONE TRANCE STATE to ANOTHER TRANCE STATE and all too often some states serve better than others and likewise you can very often feel like taking the same action I did and simply clearing on EVERYTHING, and of course further to that some things are safe activities and NUANCES of particular people and persons whilst others are sometimes CLEARLY played upon for EFFECT. Jonathon Ross used to PLAY heavily on LISP type strategy of not pronouncing R’S instead coming our with W if memory serves and of course many an example can be demonstrated of people who have adopted behaviours and NUANCES of previous CELEBRATORY and so on-from all areas of life not just the most obvious ones.

What is in the NEWS-well I Dave have an early work day-so need to grab a bite to eat perhaps before rushing out-though Headlines are once again groupings of World Leaders-DOWN UNDER-G20 Summit going on-and everyone seemingly having a poke at Russia. Elsewhere Russian or old SOVIET SUBMARINES are being highlighted in relation to them breaking up at some location I forget. The tradition of SCUTTLING old ships and so on continued in some realms longer than others-though it is noted that most Countries have carried out such activities. These days given the World Shortage for Metals or the DRAIN on metal type resources to China I am sure that part of the Modern Solution is carving up such vehicles in some fashion and of course AT A COST-something that was not considered as placing a price tag on just a few short years ago.

Where else-well new ABUSE inquiries are potentially on the cards relating to the 1970’s and 80’s though and likewise we are hearing more on THE CRIMES OF ISLAMIC STATE and reign of TERROR. Are such things true-well always debatable though clearly people are generally SOFTENED UP in various ways and techniques to make them more susceptible perhaps to many INFLUENCE TECHNIQUES and what are those techniques that benefit people and what are those techniques that are damaging is debatable. I generally recommend products and techniques from ESTABLISHED ESTABLISHMENT type companies and also generally products that I use myself. So clearly these things are CHOOSE though I know that sometimes the STEPPING STONES can be seemingly UNSURMOUNTABLE HURDLES and other times not-many times from my own experience people are often found to fall for clear TRAPS that have been repeated and repeated to such an extent that you sometimes WONDER at the intelligence or otherwise of some folks.

I cannot think of anything else to comment upon today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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