If You Say Hoist The Colours One More Time I’ll

‘Alright alright, don’t get your long johns in a twist’. You there, would you mind awfully pulling on that ropey thing until that handkerchief is blowing high in the wind.

Yes so we have often seen disputes portrayed within media between so-called Officer class and crew and likewise you always notice that an intermediate kind of level exists whereby some crew have been given promotion above their colleagues and a certain amount of a barrier effect is created whereby instead of annoyance & grievance being directly directed at the so-called officer class type peoples you find instead that those who have risen above colleagues often catch all the flack.

The same scenario can appear in many walks of life-I can recall all the Media inspired HATE towards Hospital Administrators and so on when I was in such a titled role and very often many a so-called complaint was the result of actions of Consultant & Nursing staff-so anyone in any walk of life can find themselves being given roles whereby they are taking flack that is not necessarily being directed at the appropriate doorstep. Having said that of course-if you are in such a role and wanted the extra £1 a week or whatever you get for such roles then the least you can perhaps expect is some forewarning as to that being part and parcel of the role. I think far too many of us as youngsters having been motivated and all the rest of it for self-advancement only to later find ourselves within a minefield of trying to do alright by others and never ourselves. Yes you can say that some folks toughen up in such scenario’s as I myself have suggested on occasion-though sometimes when such things spread wider and further into seemingly taking up your whole life so to speak you do have to wonder as to when and where lines can be drawn.

I think such thoughts and feelings are of course down to the individual and for all the debates and advice we can take of family, friends and colleagues-at the end of the day any person has to do what they feel is appropriate for themselves.

What else-well I have seemingly found myself once again receiving a comment that whilst okay as a comment was again advertising a XXX hard core porn website and whilst I have zero interest or objections to what other men & women choose to watch and so on-I cannot of course allow such a site to be advertised on this blog because I do have a philosophy of seeking to keep it family friendly for the most part. Likewise a ping back (I think they are called) was received on another post and I allowed that one as it was for what appeared on the surface to be a link to someone else’s article related to the article that I had written.

So I am not absolutely sure as to how to handle some of these issues. I could publish everything that gets through the so-called spam filters though likewise think that some things are better advertised and so on via related industries. Whilst this blog goes unadvertised and so on-I do not consider it to be any kind of secret dark net type activity and so on. A colleague also mentioned some website address that I could get free movies on if I wanted and again whilst such things are common place among society in general I do often have a-been there done that attitude to many such practices.

I perhaps might be regarded as POACHER TURNED GAMEKEEPER in a sense that I followed or have been through many of the things that are being presented-so I perhaps when far younger than I am now visited the odd porn site and likewise I used to pirate movies and song and all the rest of it as every generation seemingly does-these days of course and with current knowledge on so-called JUDGMENT issues-I generally seek to stay on the appropriate side of the law and do not feel like any kind of REBELLION type issues exist for myself (mentally at least) many things really are shoulder shrugger’s-though likewise that does not mean I will not intervene if I think someone who should know better is leading others astray-as I myself have perhaps been attacked for in the past.

That takes myself onto another issue I think is important in some respects-LOYALTY. I recall when getting in trouble with the law-again when far younger that-a million and one so called friends all vanished into the night faster than speeding bullets-and that was for a minor offence. I can however say that I did at that time have one or two close mates who really did abide by a so-called brotherhood kind of loyalty and even though many years have since past-I do still feel a level of GRATITUDE towards those individual’s-those are the kinds of actions and so on that stay with you.

And going along with Loyalty I return to ROYALTY so I was thinking that really when we look at the letter R it is like a character perhaps WALKING and so on and because of the reflective nature of looking at the sky of night we could perhaps deliberately get our spellings wrong and think that someone actually meant STA R; not sure how that looks so perhaps STAR R, at least invoicing terms.

Yes I see that the Royal Couple William & Kate are going to start spreading the news in New York-not quite sure what to make of visits to America as such-clearly they are our British Example of a leading still relatively young couple and so on and whilst they (AMERICA) through there dummy out of the pram (tea out of the harbour) they do still of course have huge UNITED KINGDOM related ancestry and so on.

What else-well I have had some INVOICES to pay this week and whilst that is standard procedure from some companies AUTOMATED SYSTEMS it can seem somewhat strange as what is going on. So whilst I check my bank balance I find my account balance having taken a huge plunge into the CRISIS ZONE I also find that I cannot access the site services that I am paying for-so perhaps a double jeopardy of some description.

Going with what else has been said above we are perhaps entering into the CHRISTMAS CRISIS time of year where young couples and so on are geared towards trading partners for better presents and so on-not that mercenary myself though given my THRESHOLD and WITNESSING of recent years it is a HERD pattern that we see as regularly as clockwork-perhaps one of those GREAT UNSPOKEN TRUTHS. If someone actually does as I have done and starts speaking on some of these ISSUES then perhaps far fewer people would fall into unnecessary traps-if that is what they are of course. The IDEA that because others are trading around for better partners-means that you should is HIGHLY debatable and likewise the IDEA that there is something WRONG with being SINGLE in this day and age. Whilst it is perhaps “NICE” to be in a couple or have friends and so on-it is surely not the seeming “NECESSITY” that some folks may have regarded a few years ago.

Quick look to the HEADLINES and…OBAMA DECOY (Double) pictures perhaps going along with my pairings and couples speak above and batteries run out on the comet probe and Children in Need Raises a large sum of money and Obama warns of ASIAN INTIMIDATION.

So for myself the most interesting story is the ROYALS IN NEW YORK and anyone close to them should pass them the lyrics for FAIRY TALE of NEW YORK, so they can start rehearsing. You scum bag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot, merry Christmas…

That is a classic from the IRISH POGUES of course though an absolute classic that also has that appeal of speaking some unspoken truths for some couples and peoples perhaps-better out than in, that’s what I say, Donkey! “SHREK”

Have a great day.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 😉

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