Three Wise Men; Volunteers Anyone, Anyone How about

Never Volunteer for nuthin blah blah.

Yes so of course I was trying to think on the so-called ALLEGORICAL SYMBOLOGY and so on and like a typical slow coach (I see dumb & dumber to is a hit at the US Box Office) I finally start putting some of the clues together.

So three wise men now see the Star of Bethlehem and come rushing along bearing gifts of GOLD. FRANKINSENSE & MURYH (forgive spelling, lousy software doesn’t spell check capitals and I know they are wrong).

Yes so I did of course recently mention STAR R and the Royals of course do have a new little one on the way, though we are looking at a GLOBAL Pattern so to speak. I was reminded by the xxx website and of course JESUS was said to DIE ON THE CROSS and it was always written or rather it has been PORTRAYED in recent History that he had a couple of others alongside himself upon the so-called cross at the end of his life and so on, prior to entering TOMB and then we seeing others 3 days later stories their after.

So again at the beginning you can perhaps see that we have this POWER OF THREE ISSUE.

I spoke on that in relation to my own birthday (8th November) being right plonk in the middle between Guy Fawkes (5th November) and Rememberance Day (11th November) whilst that is of course perhaps applicable to my own life:-

I give that as a SYMBOLIC kind of gesture so to speak on this issue of Numbers 3 and 6.

In black & white terms and BALANCE you might suggest that I am in the middle of two dates that are not necessarily healthy-unless of course I can find a way to reinterpret such dates.

I think I did do that perhaps in trying to demonstrate that REMEMBERANCE can be taken with a view to continue to help the living and so on. I see that the US Navy Seal chap who shot Osama Bin Laden has set up a charity to help others-so that perhaps a sensible way that he has found himself to be able to help others and so on and so forth.

What can I myself do-well clearly as has been repeated some debates and so on when you see the patterns occurring are really not worth getting sucked into so to speak.

I perhaps need to maintain my own focus on activities that help others and accelerate their own learning and advancement. Likewise it can often FEEL that many a route is already blocked to myself having written on so many World ills and so on-though we all must remember that the WORLD as any of us see’s it and so on is the one between the Hemispheres between our own ears-and we have perhaps all of us over the years been bombarded with mental legislations and confusions and all sorts of things that we often then throw out at others about ourselves. I think in general those who have taken up the technologies have done that less and less perhaps themselves focussing on getting the best out of the knowledge and seeking to have a HAPPY BRIGHT OUTLOOK and so on-far better to maintain that for yourself that return to nonsenses.

What else is going on-well I see some football debates are going on in relation to FIFA and in all honesty I think they (England Management) are simply gearing up for a possible BOYCOTT of RUSSIA 2018 much as was done for the Olympics during the 80’s. The problem I think is that Russia is not really the great villain is it? The Ukranian’s have seemingly been squabbling among themselves and it looks to myself as though some parts of Ukraine are AKIN to Northern Ireland.

So we in Britain should perhaps have the courage to sympathise with Russia on that one a little-or not, choice is choice of course-though given how many deaths we have had in Northern Ireland-we might be thought of as having double standards-at least those who carry out any kind of analysis.

Politically of course I think it comes down to what goes on behind closed doors and what is said to the public at large.

Elsewhere we are seeing BIRD FLU scares and whilst it might be for DUCKS, no you can’t go to the duck pond we will of course see the scare used as Leverage by the consumer across the entire FOWL INDUSTRY.

Elsewhere a NEW release of the Classic “Do they know it’s Christmas” has apparently been released and as much as I liked the song first time around, I am unsure whether this one will gain any attention from myself. Also I am seeing some celebrity jungle adverts so assume that one of those show must be presently showing-how outside of Societal favourites can you step.

Well as I suggested, I gave up watching regular TV and so on prior to meditation and really if anything the technologies and so on have in many ways simply confirmed many of those kinds of choices. I think it perhaps comes down to whether you are BALING the water out or seeking to PLUG the leek so to speak.

Far better explanations can be seen and have been repeated elsewhere than I can perhaps give. Though for myself I felt in many ways that I was doing both options TOGETHER. To many inputs coming in so to speak and little threshold and having raised threshold I CHOSE incoming materials such as the teachings of Learning strategies that I felt would be more beneficial.

Whether that is true of course is debatable in the sense that I am not really passing any of that knowledge on as such-just writing my own thoughts and a little bit of this and a little bit of that down.

As suggested I still feel the need to raise threshold further or indeed clear out some materials when I become aware of them-though clearing out is perhaps the wrong terminology so much as the idea of letting go and releasing perhaps gives a better picture.

I also see that Pink Floyd have a new album out though it is noticeable that they say it was mostly recorded 20 years ago. So lots of materials rlating to that WEDDING RHYME

Something borrowed, something blue, you’ll have to perhaps look it up though I am sure that I generally only speak on whatever is coming to my own CONSCIOUS WINDOW of awareness and that perhaps an indication of another pattern-I think I have written on it in the past and of course we are also seeing something about Women Bishops in the News-the church apparently changing policy or something like that.

Returning to the England Football I do think it strange that despite topping the group all we hear is not good enough, not good enough.

These things are not necessarily good for the spirit of the team and motivation and so on-perhaps why it can be best to seek to follow PATTERNS & CYCLES and so on that get waylaid so to speak by distractions.

There is clearly no absolute correct answer for anyone even with awareness-you can say well everyone is selling something; Though generally I still like to look at the so-called psychological perspective of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs-you might say that things such as a roof over head and money on the table and food in the belly tend to be higher priorities for some of us than debates and interest in the dating game and so on, chicken and egg scenario’s perhaps for some folks-though we can only know how our own life has been and it is far too easy to fall back into familiar territory that brings out such phrases as THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY and so on.

Well I shall leave it there for today, I had a 7th day break yesterday though I did write I kept finding my thoughts going into all sorts of mental roundabouts and nonsenses and so on so decided that a break was required. Today I have also started multiple articles and again found mental weirdness as to thoughts and feelings occurring so not sure what is going on.

This is a publish something, anything kind of write-up that I will perhaps look upon later and think” How could I have missed that, DOH”

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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