So What can Be Seen Today In The NEWS

Well I arrived at work yesterday to be told that there had been an EBOLA scare here in Hereford and I not being part of local society/community was unaware of that circumstance until a colleague mentioned it-further to that I noted that it had been given a write-up in the Telegraph-so perhaps famous for having a scare and no actual cases-as well of course something to talk about for all the local gossips and nonsense generators-as if there is not enough nonsense going round as it is.

So continuing on that subject of course it is reported that the individual was someone with a History of visiting West Africa and whilst given an all-clear (so I am told on grapevine) the subject will likely stay at the forefront of many a person’s mind.

So the other BIG SCAR of my generation was of course the AIDS/HIV industry and that was generally regarded as the gay disease until it spread into heterosexual populations. On this occasion given the response of various Governments sending in troops to some of the plague infested zones we could well be calling this plague the Soldiers Disease or some such nonsense.

Clearly not true though people do tent to make such “LATCHING ON” associations whereby any given community that is noted for having a high-percentage of any given condition get christened with said condition. I think in Armed Forces Terms and indeed the “Medical Profession” there is some HISTORY in the sense that a number of known bugs and disease’s in History were linked to Squaddies and so on.

Does that have to be true-well clearly being in the front line they are perhaps more susceptible though have also likely been given various injections and other drugs to hopefully counter some conditions and reduce likelihood of infection.

Given that these bugs so to speak are “LIVING THINGS” then you do have to wonder at their own resistance level to other substances and so on-it has been shown and indeed portrayed in Cinema & Film that some conditions simply cannot SURVIVE beyond particular locations. The strange thing of course that we do hear more and more of drug resistant variants of this that or the other that has defeated the commonly accepted truth.

I see England are currently in play and not having looked at news and so on to get any kind of idea as to outcome I cannot say at present. I shall have to continue writing and see if any thoughts or impulses appear to write Shrek or some such popular nickname & rhymer and so on.

So what else is going on-an attack in Jerusalem SYNAGOGUE apparently and in many ways many an organisation of this description or that description can be said to be having a SYNOD so to speak that is often simply a Gathering of people or persons within a particular industry. So whilst we hear of these things in relation to Religion many simple “get together” type events such-as political party Conferences might be considered as SYNOD type scenario’s.

We are also seeing the Italian Mafia within the new and Italy is apparently taking action against some groups though again these Organisations tend to operate like Hydra’s in the sense that you chop of one head and another pops up to replace and so on-how easy is it to infiltrate such groups and undermine them or WAIT for them to collapse under their own WEIGHT is again debatable in the sense that many such Organisations are said or know to have branched out into Legitimate type Business Roles and Industries-I think I also wrote on that previously-though clearly we all at various ages in our lives develop friendships and groups and so on-and it can be quite rare to find someone such-as myself who seemingly has few directions to go in in terms of being able to say been there, liked it loved it wore the T-shirt-or indeed have not been there and have no intention of going down that ROUTE. Again even that has to be repeated and drummed into some folks’ heads. Whilst I promote choice and freedom in accordance and alignment with the law-that is not to say that I would choose some things and lifestyles for myself. I do find it interesting that soon as you write phrases such-as “better out than in” and “happy bright outlook” that some quarters immediately “RUSH” to brand such words & phrases as related to the HETEROPHOBIC community. Again some folks to do not like my using that phrase-though it does act as a CLEAR DETERRENT to folks who try to bully and force such brandings.

So are you allowed to be happy & Bright? Yes strange how some folks claim ownership on behalf of others for some delusions and never for themselves. I HAVE A FRIEND… Oh really are you sure it is not yourself?

Yes I do not care about many such debates in terms of working life and so on-as given the population of many a town the likelihood of anyone being able to avoid CONTACT with some people or persons on your own NEGATIVEITY list is unlikely-however that has a PROVISO as to the starting up of trouble and so on-if someone CRIES WOLF for instance then many a person already knows what my own reation will likely be. I am not interesting in changing other people’s sexuality so why are they wanting to change mine?

Where else? Well Columbia is part of South America and I see they are once again in a pattern & cycle relating to FARC (is it). So anyone who has followed myself regular KNOWS that these cycles and patterns can generally be seen across populations and areas and all the rest of it and the WISE people and persons from all communities generally know to STEP BACK from rushing to WAR and to WITNESS and see & note on what patterns are appearing within your own World so to speak.

That is something that people and persons from multiple communities do in relation to what I write and I am not politicking beyond DEFENDING my own right to live as I see and choose as opposed to how others want myself to exist.

Can Dave have a happy bright outlook? Unlikely in this City/Town/Area given some of the fraudulent claims and nonsenses that have surrounded him in recent years-though he would rather maintain his own output of sharing and knowledge than necessarily TRUST those of others with AXES to GRIND or indeed people who require charging in on other people and persons lives without realising the damaging CONSEQUENCES that some ACTIONS can course.

Enough for today I think.

Thank you for Reading and I hear Shrek has scored, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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