Dear Santa, Please Can You Fix It For Me

Dear Santa

Please can you fix it for myself to fail to gain appearance on any TV shows that I write too, hosted by suspicious peoples and person’s.

Please can I have disproportionate cash sum amounts appearing within my banks accounts-source unknown.

Please can I have lots of Tax free income and World Peace and and…

Yes writing such letters as children was actually quite easy though trying to carry out such tasks as adults can perhaps be more difficult.

Some folks perhaps want to live in permanent remission of some health condition that they have had-and likewise not catch any further bad doses of so-called friends and family & colleagues.

Yes when you think about these things and you know that the World as you see it is the World within the Hemisphere’s between your own ears-you do generally see the Solution very much in the fashion and manner of Miss World type competitors.

There really is little benefit or good (In My Opinion) with branding people left right and centre with labels and derogatory claims as any kind of condition what so ever.

Yes I agree that you cannot necessarily AVOID such things though you really can raise Threshold and Meditate and use Learning strategies type courses and materials MORE regularly than you pay attention to Negative type peoples and persons about yourself. I am often amazed at how some folks are regarded within particular “POPULARITY” type lights in some QUARTERS simply because people have never seen the so-called “DARK” part of the CHARACTERS.

This is especially TRUE when it comes to the sexes and so on. Some folks that I would personally take a MACHETTE too in the belief that I am doing good in the World-some people would be horrified at, such an action could not possibly be deserved by that person.

So is it true?

Well of course it can be demonstrated that we are all of us SINNERS so to speak and all the rest of it-though when it comes to POLITENESS and TOPICS of discussion then yes some people are so fake when foreigners (whether British or OTHERWISE) are around or men or women and so on that you can almost feel the SLIME merely from being within the same environment.

Yes I am well aware that I am not particularly Photogenic at present and induce such feelings ithin others and that is reason enough for myself not to publish pictures and so on of myself or indeed go on webcams. I have not been regularly on facebook etc. for quite some time though do occasionally call in because I do get those mails saying you have notifications etc., usually related to game requests and so on that I do not play, many games of course from what I can recall often asking please list 25 friends to send this or that request to. Quite simply given that most of the hate campaigns generated towards myself came about via Facebook-whilst many folks were INNOCENT I simply decided that enough was enough in having that (facebook) as a place to interact with folks. All well and good if it is for games and so on-as it was in the early days with the farming games and so on-though these days the only way people or persons can PROMOTE NEGATIVITY about anything that I say or do is to visit my own BLOG and so on-as I have repeated-the blog is open to all though is REGARDED as a PLATFORM for peoples and persons using the Technologies that I recommend-I have little interest in going backwards and into debates that some low-level users of the technologies probably think are still REAL. Most of us are well advanced from such things and when EVENTS of any kind occur such as my work equipment going missing it merely CONFIRMS that some quarters have something to hide or are protecting or seeking to manipulate and so on.

I have progressed, many others have progressed and as is often the case some folks are helpful and others not.

So what else well I already of course mentioned some headlines though I think that when you go to the so-called NEWS websites the real issue is that they seemingly have a system as HIGHLIGHTING particular sectors only-so where your average person in the street probably wants entertainment you always get Politics and so on. I notice this with sites such as BBC & Sky and all the rest.

One of the BENEFITS on my PAD DEVICE is that I can actually select the NEWS sources for myself if I so wish-I do in fact generally scan through the automated headlines because they provide a clear cross section across multiple areas or topics whereas regular sites you have to SELECT other kinds of news-so Traditional outlets always rush to National Politics & War and International rows and arguments and so on.

Yes I could probably have it so it is all ENTERTAINMENT if I so wished though given the number of people & persons within those realms who have made it into the other headlines for less than savoury reasons I actually think there is benefit in not getting sucked too deeply into the CELEBRITY materials.

Well that another small article though of course I am still in recovery from my chest infection and so on and of course it is a Euro-millions tomorrow perhaps I am due a win on that-I certainly think so.

Yes so everyone has choice and I have recommended the same products over and over again for several years and whilst some take them up and then continue to abuse people-many others generally take them up and then change their ways.

Always interesting in the “INFLUENCE” stakes as to who has genuinely “influenced” events and who has just rowed along with things that were going to occur or happen “ANYWAY” all well and good saying that some things were meant to be though it can clearly be demonstrated that many things were never supposed to be, and likewise whilst we can all change what occurs within our own heads-getting a GREATER change within the World about yourself usually involves DEMONSTRATING benefits and so on that others can also see the BENEFIT of and so on.

Very often many people FAIL WHOLESCALE to see the benefit of some Technologies because they are too deeply wrapped up within the REALM of BODY EGO. As I have said and as many are now further AWARE, whilst we are bodies etc. It really can take a year or two of dedicated REGULAR meditation to really break through or FREE from many a long held ISSUE, many issues of course related to the same nonsenses.

I personally prefer to simply carry on meditating and self-inquiring and focussing on how can I turn any given output of any knowledge base into a financially rewarding activity. As has been demonstrated-you simply have to keep on seeking to take CLUES as a word or block or group and then link them to other so-called REALMS whether SPORT or TV or MUSIC. Everyone has information within the noggin though as to who has information in a USEABLE FORMAT is again debatable. Clearly it takes practie to SEE beyond the rgular assumptions and so on and likewise it takes practice to put information into a differing format. Again many tools have been developed to enable such things though long term we probably all want to know and develop what we ourselves can best utilise or not as the case may be.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be well 😉

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