Is Your World Bereft Of “HEAVY” News

Yes I know-no-one really wants “HEAVY” news though we do perhaps have to create or develop some kind of a scale as to what people might genuinely have an interest in knowing about and so on. I do find it interesting when going through the UK’S Leading Headlines that I am having “Is That it” type thoughts in relation to present Headlines.

So what have we got Heavy Snow in America during Winter Time, they’ll be telling us that the US is Narnia next and Obama is hardly a C.S. Lewis type villain now is he?

Elsewhere suspected SEX CRIMINAL Julian Assange is still wanted by the Swedish Authorities for questioning into allegations of being a sex criminal.

Some terror suspects who were planning a beheading appear in court-well that is perhaps a bit juicier though we do see a million and one beheadings in the film & tv industry so I guess that whilst it is REAL LIFE many a person has a “take it for granted” attitude toward such goings on-even if it is in the UK and so on.

What else-well some Webcam Hackers have been causing a stir-though again I think webcams were a good idea, though the way in which they have developed has sort of petered out in a sense that they got built into most devices in a taken for granted fashion and likewise are probably under used. I have had the occasional web cam request and I do not really want people to see that I might not have yet shaved or had a wash or combed my hair and all the rest of it-I exaggerate of courses though am sure that many a person knows what I mean.

WEBCAM films have generally become like moving PASSPORT PHOTO type materials and how many of us have had dodgy pictures on licenses and passports and so on. It really is like a SETTING that is built into the GADGETS-lets F*** Up this person’s life with a Horrific Photo for 10 years. And even worse are some of the instructions that they tell you in relation to some of those machines of course-I cannot wear glasses-I feel humiliated at not being a glass wearer. They need to add something that I cannot do-or perhaps I could start up a collective law suite at the discrimination of not having something that I cannot do listed.

Yes I think I wrote on that topic previously and of course we do seem to be in a no real news season. Another lull of course thought perhaps the Yanks disagree-what with all that Snow. Someone famous for being the Director of “The Graduate” has died and that perhaps a side of the Exploitation industry that is rarely regarded-a young man having an affair with an older woman. Yes it was perhaps still frowned upon during the 60’s when that film was made though these days it does appear within the realms of Hollywood/Tinsel Town and Celebrity Circles in general that AGE-GAPS are not that big a deal. Such things of course perhaps go in and out of fashion and statistics & commentaries are generally savage towards men wanting younger girlfriends and neglectful of the fact that women do seem to follow a similar line of seeking younger blokes. So much emphasis on youth though in all honesty I think you are better seeking to maintain your own youth/vitality internally perhaps than seeking such things as External boosters-another one of those “YOUR LOOKING FOR IT IN THE WRONG PLACE” kinds of issues.

This post is only short and one of the reasons is that I suddenly realised that I have not written my DEAR SANTA and NOW really is the best opportunity. The headlines are bereft of anything interesting and now I can have a look down a few gadget and boy toy lists and see what I shold be wanting and so on. I did earlier in the year mention that HOVERBIKE so that could be on my list and yes when I think about it I do wonder as to how WISH FULLFILLMENT can come about.

I think that perhaps one of those big issues in that people rarely desire enlightenment when it might man taking a greater degree of self-responsibility.

I should perhaps change some of the information on the silvertoe website as to those who fail to progress of do not use the Technologies that I recommend it might be regarded as misleading. Some folks seem to let others do all the work and that is hardly fair. Though is can of course be pointed out that there is n contact that says that life should be fair or anything else for that matter.


Time to get your pens out and of course start saving for a biscuit for, what, what, do you mean Santa does not exist, next you’ll be claiming that you yourself do not exist.

How much of your own life is a story?

Yes all very well quoting well known and accepted facts though as has been demonstrated by the popularity of all the Superhero Movies and La-di-da Hobbit Lord of the Rings Movies and so on type movies and so on-I have met few people who have generally actually SELF INQUIRED to a DEEP ENOUGH Level so to speak to not be fooled by some kinds of baiting and so on.

That is why the creation of reframe and flip strategies and perspectives WORK FOR ALL-COMERS. So whilst I do such things from my own perspective they will clearly work for anyone from any quarter.

Yes I really am seemingly running out of things to say or comment on and that is perhaps good in many ways as it perhaps demonstrates that I can now more and more place my focus where my own focus most benefits myself.

The top NOVELTY news item is actually a BUS THAT RUNS ON EXCREMENT-I think I know quite a few sources that could power a fleet of such vehicles.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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