So I Thought I Might Briefly Delve Once Again Into Religion

So as has been demonstrated by those further advanced than myself in relation to enlightenment most forms of religion have been invented in some fashion as a means to perhaps bring people to enlightenment and as various points along History-someone has come along and said NO THAT IS INCORRECT this is how it should be etc. These things often coming or returning to the SHARED IDEA that MAN (meaning humankind both male & female) create GOD THE WORLD and so on in their own image so to speak.

When you SEEK or RESEARCH the multi various religions you come to see that many ways they have so-called Hierarchies (surprise, surprise) built into them and likewise we see the same within all Business’ whereby as EXPANSION has occurred so then a need is OFTEN CITED as reason for the CREATION of another tier. A tier in this terminology simply meaning another LEVEL of workers or peoples within any given population or INDUSTRY.

So of course you could join any number of PROFESSIONS and gradually ASCENT the so-called TIER LEVELS of responsibility. I think in ENLIGHTENMENT terms when you have studied ALL-ROUND you do come to see that the same FORMAT can be generally seen within most EMPIRICAL type structures. Labels change though empiricism does not. Likewise at the most basic or foundation of FAMILY we often see many a NEW PARENT seeking to somehow EMPOWER the child through the names given and sometimes that can perhaps work and of course in other cases fail-though I do think given what many of us now know in relation to Technology and so on-even those who can claim to have had a long life of suffering can turn things around somewhat and even share such knowledge with friends family and those that they LOVE. Likewise as my own experience demonstrates-RESISTANCE among populations takes time to address-very often as was suggested here a day or two ago through demonstration upon demonstration-most of us of course suffering various kinds of INTERNAL CONFLICT that we have gradually unscrambled into a greater CLARITY and awareness and all the rest of it.

So each generation passes down the knowledge for the next generation via teaching & learning and likewise people can seek to (IN THEORY AT LEAST) ascend to higher levels of Enlightenment & personal growth and development.

So returning to the title I recently spoke in relation to Roman Numerals in relation to the Birthday and that was because of one of the most popular methodologies within SCIENTIFIC REALMS is to reduce life the Universe and Everything into a number’s game. We of course do not like being numbers because we have feelings and passions and all the rest of it-so again bridging such PHILOSOPHICAL GAPS can be as easy or as difficult as we make it for ourselves. We all know that we can choose the beliefs that COMFORT us most when thinking of lost loved ones and likewise when we find things that work for us we often again SHARE such knowledge. I think that was one of the STRANGE things I found in relation to Promoting Meditation and so on was quite simply a HIGH LEVEL of negativity towards such things though gradually (I think) others followed suit and gradually experienced for themselves what I was unable to explain-some things have to be EXPERIENCED and I think the MEDITATIVE TECHNOLOGY falls within that REALM especially given the CREATION OF THE WORLD IN OUR OWN MIND/IMAGE etc.

So like many a person I look at my OWN Birthday type information to see what is helpful or unhelpful in terms of progressions and given I mentioned the so-called Religious issue I thought I would follow that CLUE TRAIL.

So when you go to WIKI for any given day of the year you are often PRESENTED with so-called Holidays and religious Observances and so on and I followed that trail in relation to my own dates and that once again led myself to something called a SYNAXIS (I spoke on synagogue and synod) and clearly this is something that shares the same ROOT and indeed similar meaning.

Eventually I wound up here researching so-called archangels

Clearly (within my own mind) everyone can follow such a trail for their own DATA and see how such information can be utilised as stepping stone or otherwise into so-called HIGHER AWARENESS & KNOWLEDGE and so on.

So for myself of course irrespective of a given BELIEF in such things the data gives another series of so-called TIER LEVELS & STRUCTURE as devised by people in ancient times.

The most interesting part for myself is once again this IDEA that the INFORMATION COMES THROUGH YOU rather than being you, perhaps that is where many fall over in the learning stakes, so we reach what we think is the DOGS of awareness and then invent or create ourselves as IDOLS (Body ego-yeah look at me I’m a stud, beautiful etc. (I think most of us have had those teenage type attitudes)-when really the further I have progressed and gotten older the TRUTH really is that whilst there is clearly nothing wrong with keeping good self-image that overtime over investment in body-ego can have detrimental effects in circumstance whereby whilst you can MAINTAIN your own opinion-you cannot control the opinion and so on of others. I think that is where some CHARACTER BUILDING MAN-UP TYPE STRATEGIES FAIL in the sense that many have a lock-in type teaching of never showing (ESPECIALLY IN MOVIES) what happens NEXT?

Again as all the elder folks can TESTIFY life rarely gets any easier and relationships and so on have to be worked at to be maintained and so on-I think many lock-in Societal type attitudes have changed over the years though in swings and roundabouts terms it can be all too easy to go too far in the other direction. So where once marriage was regarded as for life-decisions were taken that allowed easier and easier divorces-good for those who wanted to ESCAPE bad situation’s though also to easy a ROUTE for people to POTENTIALLY become PERRENIAL QUITERS.

I know that in some areas of life I fall into this category-I cannot do that (activity or service or job or learning) so I will simply not continue to TRY.

Again I think Threshold helps in enabling people to RECONSIDER past failings, though likewise we always have to seek to find a Solution to some perennial issues. So we say I have this interest or whatever and we join clubs and so on. Likewise there is nothing wrong in REJECTING IDEAS that you personally are not interested in. Some folks might be NATURALLY geared towards STARDOM FAME & FORTUNE whilst others simply want to have a peaceful quiet existence. My own experience of the Learnings & Teachings suggests that you can achieve anything without having to necessarily STEP ON other people’s toes and so on-so if you are geared towards such behaviours then the question can perhaps be asked why? I think in many cases that I have worked through in my own life and so on that many a person has a NON-CONSCIOUS need to PUNISH OTHERS. Probably not true in all cases though few folks can perhaps say they have lived a life without any punishment. The debate of course is difficult. Old Religion talks of not sparing the rod with your kids though likewise few people try to relate to kids-very often in DENIAL of buried memories of the same thoughts feelings that they may have experienced at young ages. IT DIDN’T DO ME ANY HARM (a popular expression).

Likewise the other extreme is of course the one of indulgence and we can all of course point at Hollywood Next Generation type families famous for being the kid of STARS-how many were indulged is of course debatable given that any of us can only ever relate to our own personal experience. So once again any issue or debate can come down to SELF-INQUIRY. Do I repeat what I regarded as my own parents errors or do I go too far the other way or simply seek to CRAFT a greater BALANCE as to what I knew then to what I know now and so on.

Yes some phrases I seem to repeat at certain times-I notice saying “and so on” quite a lot recently so will perhaps have to think on where I picked up such laziness. Clearly we all have our own THREADS to follow and our own expressions to wonder upon. Yes stepping stones to greatness or the road to no-where; were on a road to no-where; cannot recall who sang that song though it is clearly very differing from paint it black.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be well 😉

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