Is The New Counter-Terrorism Bill going Far Enough?

So like many people I have seen reports in recent days as to further NEW Government Level Legislation to counter the THREAT posed by Terrorists within The UK. As is often the case some do-gooder Liberals blocked previous proposals saying that the measures were a step to far.

The new measures seem to myself to be fairly reasonable and not disproportionate given how easy it is for RADICALISATION of any sort to occur via modern communication systems. We all know that Hate Campaigns and so on have been actively created via Social Media sites and enabling appropriate counter-measures to protect VULNERABLE people within Society is surely a worthwhile practice-as is the enabling of search & study practices of some Terrorist type activities.

Whilst these sorts of measures are generally regarded as being of importance in the so-called battle against up and coming ISIS wannabe’s and “Jihadists Amongst Us” Facebook & Twitter groups-it can surely in the SCALEABLE realms be demonstrated that many other sorts of peoples can likely be INVESTIGATED for Community Terror type offences and I believe Suspected Paedophiles and so-on are also being included within the Legislation.

Not a lot else seems to be occurring within the news at present-I see Hamilton won the Formula One Championship and some Rugby internationals have been played and the Football Season is continuing whilst throwing up the occasional surprise result and so on.

Meanwhile talks continue on whether IRAN can have Nuclear Power-as though everyone else gets a choice in what any given Country chooses to develop for its own power consumption requirements and so on-the real interest perhaps in that Iran being a major Fossil Fuel (Oil) Producer-one does wonder what such Countries will do when faced with the gradual extinction of such industries. These things are of course debatable and I think I said previously that I doubt any of the fossil Fuel industries will disappear altogether despite many a Country gradually shifting to so-called GREEN alternatives.

The US head of the Pentagon is apparently stepping down, though it was apparently expected and we do have to remind ourselves that many such figures and individuals go in and out of Government time & again and make careers of being called upon in a Country’s hour of need and so on.

What else well there are lots of so-called stocking filler type story’s none that are really stand-out headline type stories though interesting enough to sneak into the list of Currently TRENDING.

Yes that is a popular word that has sneaked into the Lexicon in the sense that my Gadget often HIGHLIGHTS “Top Trending” stories and viewed & popular things. Is that good well I guess it is or can be for people and persons within some of the TRENDING stories. I think it could be ARGUED that those SYSTEMS can be TRICKED or TRIGGERED into picking up particular stories and so on. I think that given population DENSITY and NUMBERS and so on in some parts of the WORLD that as ever greater connectivity occurs then IMBALANCES will be found to occur more and more as to what many an AUTOMATED SYSTEM finds to be of interest etc. I think we have had a number of Popular Music & Song Hit in recent years that has come about via INDEPENDENT type releases through YOUTUBE and other Social Media-we also of course have all those “Game for a laugh” type clips and incidents whereby someone’s moment of madness or whatever is CAPTURED on film and they get to publish and potentially make a little bit of cash for such materials.

The speed of pick-up on these things can of course be literally 24 Hours in the sense that in Hour 1 something is perhaps released in LONDON ENGLAND and then as the World ROTATES into each SEGMENTAL DAYLIGHT hours a NEW populace can awaken to clip or whatever is being shared until eventually it comes back ROUND to someone somewhere saying to someone in LONDON ENGLAND “Have You Seen This” and they of course respond yes I saw that one yesterday or however such things are described.

Those kinds of cycles can of course occur in all manner of fashions and not just the one I described and likewise 24 Hours is actually STRETCHING it a bit in this day and AGE when many a WORLDWIDE release occurs of Film & Game & Book and so on-very often simply in ATTEMPTS to COUNTER-PIRACY.

By that I mean that pirates USED to very often have a COPY in one region where something was released and then sent “PIRATED” copies into other regions where product had not yet been released. These days INTERNATIONAL WORLD WIDE releases are often used to counter such activities. Though many people and persons within such CREATIVE industries are unfortunately responsible for the PIRACY in the first place. The old ADAGE “There is no such thing as bad publicity” often cited as REASON enough for many INTERNAL ESPEIONAGE like activities occurring.

I know some companies and so on go through all-sorts of counter-piracy measures to IDENTIFY CRIMINALS within Organisations though few seemingly are brought to TRIAL. That will perhaps change when the new ANTI-TERROR laws are created-hence I generally regarding this blog as being NEUTRAL and simply a TEACHING PLATFORM. The problem of course that some Nosey type people & persons HUNT & TRACK down this Blog and then promote FALSEHOOD against myself-such activities would like fall under the new proposed anti-terror measures and LIKEWISE I myself have to BEHAVE in what I say & do. People constantly suggest that I HATE these people & persons or indeed these people & persons HATE myself-in general such claims have not been made within this blog so I am never quite sure who comes up with such things. Yes people are of course FREE to hate myself though a BLACK MARKET IN HATRED is hardly anything new anymore than FALSE FLAG propaganda that I might create against people. I generally not doing that.

I think these things come down to this IDEA of Learning and Teaching and WISDOM. Since I first took up meditation and so on and many others followed-many a person INCLUDING MYSELF has become somewhat WISER-HOWEVER some folks often presume to PLAY INNOCENT of using such modalities or KNOWLEDGE and continue in PRIOR nonsense “The Good Ol’ Days” and “Rose Tinted Glasses” that each and every generation seemingly develops for itself after SWITCHING over some MARKED POINT IN TIME-Whether that point is a Birthday or an ANNIVERSARY or well that perhaps comes down to the Special Occasion write-up that I carried out recently-whereby most folks recall and remember those dates related to their own IMMEDIATE friends & family and so on. We do of course have all the various National Holidays-though they do switch from Country to Country and Continent to Continent and Few can claim to have knowledge of every Holiday in every region or sector about the GLOBE or ATLAS.

Some EGG-HEADS probably disagree though not being a modern day quiz follower or Leading Hereford Socialite I am somewhat OUTSIDE the loop and OUTSIDE many a Societal Box. Perhaps in many ways a “POTENTIAL TERRORIST” yes many hate and influence and manipulation CAMPAIGNS begin through ISOLATING individuals or seeking to FORCE them into particular Communities via FALSE “BRANDING” I have tried to be FAIR to all peoples and persons though clearly that can be difficult in the FACE of multiple campaigns that have occurred against myself in recent years. That is why it is generally better for anyone who wants friends and so on to take up meditation to teach and develop skills that ehy can HAND-ON & PASS-DOWN for themselves. Yes my own development can perhaps be SHOWN as an EXAMPLE. Though clearly I have over recent year’s looked at how some people’s lives have ADVANCED and thought I WISH THAT WERE MYSELF.

Those sorts of things potentially can fall into the REALM of JEALOUSY for some people-though I personally like the American ATTITUDINAL take-up of that is going to be myself one day-or something along those lines. You know the SUCCESS through “APPRECIATION” & INSPIRATION rather than many of the so-called negative style motivations. It really can seem that some Philosophy whilst seemingly quite NATURAL among peoples & populations can be all but questioned and self-inquired out of your own SYSTEM in favour of more UPWARDLY MOBILE thought processes and so on.

Well that is plenty for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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