So A Rolling Black Hole Has Many A Science

So I return once again to this issue of COLOUR because many an LS course uses the same Colour Scheme & meanings over & over again and until some things kind of non-consciously “CLICK” so to speak in making a kind of SENSE whether consciously or otherwise.

Clearly the colours of the Rainbow are used in RELATION to so-called CHAKRA schemes though I was thinking in alternate meanings in order to CLEAR flotsam & Jetsam and so on.

So I spoke on black multiple times through-out the blog and PAINT IT BLACK was a song by the Rolling Stones and whilst it is regarded as a “DARK” colour it is often also related to EMO & GOTH type thoughts & feelings and so on.

I recall in my own teens that I had a WEAR BLACK PHASE much as I seemingly found myself ALL GREY in more RECENT YEARS. Meanings of course given by the individual.

Black is often associated with black holes the IDEA that it sucks in all other colour & light and so on-hence perhaps the USAGE within STEALTH CRAFT in terms of lack of REFLECTIVITY. Yes RADAR & SONAR are said to overcome that particular STEALTH effect-though given all the numbers of BLACK-CLAD troops whether via the ISIS CRISIS or SPECIAL FORCES we do see that the STEALTH aspect has a LONG HISTORY.

So did my wearing of BLACK as a teen make myself invisible to others or simply get myself labelled as EMO, GOTH and part of that kind of mentality and so on. Well I think it was EMO EXTREMISM (emo = emotional (in this write-up picture)).

Yes so black holes are said to roll and in RAINBOW we hear of course that we are only seeing a SEMI-circle in the sense that the underside is underground or perhaps that POT OF GOLD really does exist if we can just find that Legendary END-POINT.

So lots of MATHEEMATICS related to SPHERES and of course circles are perhaps 1 or 2 dimensional versions of spheres having REMOVED the DEPTH perspective. Do such models happen within the BRAIN-I believe that they can yes though clearly you often have to reformulate the knowledge and so on to be able to take advantage of such information.

What else well speaking on the BLACK issue I was thinking that much like RADAR & SONAR you can perhaps require a NEW SYSTEM to be able to gain a recognisable SIGNATURE PATTERN on STEALTH vehicles and so on excluding EMO type thoughts feelings and so on. I mention that of course because the Numerology Course did have some charts that I had seen before-I think some in a WITCHES BIBLE type book or indeed That SHOULDERS OF GIANTS.

So TABULAR FORMULATIONS of SUDOKO type squares are quite interesting to some folks. They can again remind us of Rubic type cubes and so on. I seem to one again be thinking in terms of EXTENDING into the DEPTH realm. The Numerology was interesting in the sense of what were called by the CREATOR as SIGIL that is a CREATED pattern based upon name and so on.

So lots of cross-over knowledge was brought to bear within that-the most recent course I personally took-though clearly once again something that works in INTEGRATIVE type fashion with the PRE-EXISITNG knowledge & teachings.

I think that the MUSIC related material was interesting to myself though clearly how can I utilise that knowledge is still perhaps not fully CONSCIOUSLY WORKING. We all of course KNOW that the human head is perhaps 3+ Dimensional and likewise the ECHO of working SOUND to create STEREO and SURROUND SOUND and so on. Likewise we seemingly all have the CAPABILITY to TRANSFORM one SENSORY input into a SHARED SENSORY DATASET that becomes the basis of our teachings & knowledge and so on. Some choose Numbers, others Pictures, others Music, and on and on.

So many FOUNDATIONAL type fundamental teachings exist and the reality can be simply seeking to understand the same information across “what we think are differing though often the same” patterns & cycles. We clearly having an interest in those things that ENHANCE & EMPOWER ourselves as opposed to dragging us down into crippling wars and childish nonsenses.

So what have I actually said here today-well light & colour often gets EXTENDED into FIELDS OF DEPTH and perspectives though some perhaps recall my mentioning looking up at the SKY and being unable to GAUGE a distance for an AIRCRAFT of some description or other.

So what that perhaps teaches is that we NEED to KNOW a particular calculated point of Distance in order to have the ABILITY to then CALCULATE everything else that comes within the RANGE of that MEASUREMENT FIELD.

I perhaps sounding somewhat scientific though really these are HISTORICAL like interpretations of how may a so-called SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHOUGH occurred.

So colour then often helps us with these CALCULATIONS, where BLACK as is suggested above often SKEWERS such calculations when spoken of in terms of “THE ABSENSE OF LIGHT”.

I think many a joke or thepry has been proffered on such things. We have had it suggested in more recent SCIENCE that OBSERVANCE of a particle/atom changes the particles/atom action. A great deal of investigation into such events led to idea’s such-as DARK MATTER anti-universe types of theories and so on. Likewise I was thinking of these things in relation to so-called HOLOGRAPHY. We do of course in many a scientific realm know of the IDEA of HOLOGRAMS and I think Star Trek in particular came up with ENCLOSED ENVIRONMENTS that CREATE HOLOGRAPHIC effects. That is of course differing to how TRANSPORTERS were said to work in the open although the SCIENCE is clearly (at least in theory) from the same ROOT.

I think we perhaps have to say that the CART occurred before the HORSE on many of the SUPERSCIENCES that are demonstrated with science fiction literature & media. When show writers & scientists came to CREATE next generation type shows they realised that many a GAP existed within the METAPHORICAL stepping stones required in ENGINEERING terms to be able to carry out this or that function.

Yes I am rambling, though it can be good to ramble and follow where your own thoughts trail and information’s lead. Force field technology then might be considered to be the clothes that we wear and it might also be considered that we are simply triggered consciously or non-consciously by the FREGUENCY of the various COLOUR schemes that we come into contact each and every day.


Well I work in an ENVIRONMENT that clearly has chosen colour schemes for differing STAFF and WORKERS and the schemes might be said to non-consciously effect peoples within environments and likewise it could be suggested that some people are so ignorant of the EFFECT of such non-conscious FREQUENCY TRIGGERS upon themselves that such things cause them to act or display behaviours that they may or may not usually DISPLAY. Sounds strange to some though not to others. Again given that we are all UNIQUE in terms of names and upbringing and dates of birth and so on-if you are going to develop a HERD mentality within any given realm then surely you want a HERD mentality that is BENEFICIAL to all rather than one that impedes. Awareness and knowledge can of course CHANGE any given persons mentality though in some scenario’s we can perhaps think of peoples being affected in such a fashion and or manner that they become PINBALL LIKE. We have all seen those pinball type games where you fire a pinball up the side and then try to keep the ball on the table and the table often has all sorts of traps and all sorts of elastics & shields and bouncers and well each table is UNIQUE though interesting in the MAKE-UP of combinations of effects that can occur within the PHYSICS & SCIENCE of such games.

So I like the pinball table as a good example of many a person struggling through life though of course many a game these days is played via SQUARE things on walls and in corners with moving pictures and interactive paddles and joysticks and headsets and all sorts of gadgetary including surround sound & stereo and well-is it no surprise that some folks are Hostile to all that is EXTERNAL when they have filled the INTERNAL with so-much detritus.

Yes you cannot avoid many a thing in life though some folks REFUSAL to change does not mean that all about them has to SUFFER far better to simply go your OWN way than return to getting sucked into SABOTAGE and SLANDER and whatever mudslingers have in store. RAISE THRESHOLD, and HEAL THYSELF. Yes many a wise saying and teaching has something akin to this idea of KNOW THYSELF and when you can be surrounded by some folks demanding that you be other than what you know yourself to be it can make you ILL. That is why repetition of the Meditation and Various Modalities can become beneficial in the sense of placing DISTANCE between yourself and anything you might regard as HAMPERING your efforts toward a better self-enhanced life and so on.

Treat those who treat you well with respect and let go of battling those who do not, potentially a good solution when used in combination of studying the MEASURED PATTERNS & CYCLES & STRUCTURES, RECOGNISING THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY and focussing on seeing the best in yourself and those who want and aspire to life empowerment.

I spoke above on STRUCTURE because that is another area I have perhaps NEGLECTED in the sense that when we go from one dimension to another we often ADD an ATRRIBUTE. A square becomes a Cube, A circle becomes a Sphere, A triangle becomes a ?

Yes some calculations are easier than others, and colour frequency and so on can make all the difference in your own ability to know the DIMENSION that best serves any given dataset and also the LANGUAGE used.

So if I am speaking on square, circle, triangle then that is probably 2-dimensional and I hope folks can see that we non-consciously take many a thing for granted without REALISING that EVERYTHING has been learnt and very often we have to UNLEARN to be able to understand KNOWLEDGE from where-ever we are in the NEW self-developmental model.

Some folks understand that they have to reacquaint and think differently about some learnings whilst other rush to old USELESS patterns. I myself KEPT rushing to old tired PATTERNS quite often early on with meditation because some things become so-ingrained it really can take TIME to think and adapt to NEW understandings of information-as it is being presented and so on and likewise it can take time to address or escape nonsense about yourself. So you could probably go all the way through to Flowering on Holosync and still be acting as you did at level 1 Awakening. I think as I eased of meditation that I was better able to Utilise Courses from LS though likewise when you EASE off meditating and a NEW generation has entered into the ARENA then you can once again find yourself subject to ROLLING EYES and “HERE WE GO AGAIN”.

Everyone of course entitled to act and behave as they see fit though clearly as has been said previously, where does one person’s behaviour begin and end in the effect that they can have on others around or bout themselves.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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