Now One of The Major Benefits Of Building Up A Diary/Reference Database

Now one of the major benefits of building up a diary and reference like database is this one of not having to RELY absolutely on today’s daily feedback and so on-again this is something I have mentioned previously whereby when you understand the differing MODELS of IDEAS you can cross reference in all sorts of manners to give yourself POSSIBLE LEADS.

So even if this David does not PUBLISH every day you can look at a given DATE and look at the PREVIOUS YEAR TIME PERIOD, you can look at for example the 26th OF ANY MONTH. Likewise if you think of these events occurring within “TIME WINDOWS” that can last a second: minute: hour: day: week: month: year and so on then you come to realise that you can always find a NEW way to look at your own reference material.

I have spent a couple of years writing this stand-a—lone blog and likewise previously spent a couple of years interacting on the HOLOSYNC BLOG and many other folks were also involved in those interactions. I said recently that I seemingly could no longer see historical data-though clearly the information was VALID at time of writing and as the BODY IS LIKE A SPONGE so to speak in the way we collect and collate materials you can all but safely assume that any teaching or knowledge has actually stayed with yourself.

That perhaps one of the BIG IRONIES for many a person in the sense that you cannot necessarily AVOID NEGATIVES-hence so many differing people branding at differing points throughout the year and yes I am as guilt of branding as everyone else-my big error perhaps when I started work with my present employer was that as a Heterosexual I had the MENTALITY of assuming “EVERYONE IS LIKE MYSELF”, yes I did learn quite early on that some peoples were clearly not compatible (they having alternate chosen lifestyles) though the amount of nonsense related to such things was clearly out-of-hand and very often from people who really do claim to be fellow heterosexuals etc.

Again as I have repeated I have little desire to punish people and likewise I have little desire to brand or compete on such issues, perhaps my own investigation (in the past) was related to some of the women that I fancied and so on. Though clearly given past events I pretty much ENFORCE a mentality of having no personal “WORK RELATIONSHIPS”. Yes many of us have said such things and then broken such rulings and then the relationship has gone South and we have had to “sometimes” still exist within same environment.

Again all I will say on that is that the Technologies can give you realisations and so on that perhaps CHANGE the perspective on such goings on. Likewise some folks who do not use Technologies can all but be guaranteed to be having INTERNAL MENTAL WARS with THEMSELVES where they in some paranoid fashion think that someone such as myself is “bothered” or interested in what they themselves are up to. I have stated previously in relation to some warmongers “There you go, they are all yours”. We all know that some folks like to have ownership of all about themselves, though clearly in RAISING THRESHOLD & LEARNINGS you can simply step back and become a RELAXED SHOULDER SHRUGGER.

Some of us Learn to stop making FOOLS of ourselves and others FAIL to LEARN such lessons and then WONDER why they are still ill or sick and suffering and so on.

Choice is of course choice though over the longer period I have found it better to withdraw as much as possible from competing with folks who return to some CHOSEN ASPECTS that I personally do not identify with. The strange thing as I have said previously can be that one of being POLITE TO ALL being treated as though you are a member of all communities. When you know such a braod and wide selection of communities are about yourself then clearly some things can always be regarded as being OUT-OF-BOUNDS.

So I see that some TERROR Legislation is being reported upon and black hole in European Finances and so on-I have repeated over and over again that over the longer term you can come to see that the Technologies I promote can PAY FOR THEMSELVES and that the RICHES THAT EVERYONE WANTS & desires and so on might well be described as something that everybody already has within themselves, the downside often being that lack of awareness and knowledge and TRUST of the patterns & cycles that you have become ATTUNED TO.

As I say this blog is neutral and I am generally relaxed about most peoples-though that is not to say that if I am ATTACKED that I will not go on the OFFENSIVE-I think the STALKERS ISSUE is problematic in the sense that some folks want the TIPS without having put in the “BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS” and so on.

That is of course another DEBATE to be had, though clearly the NEW laws do seem to have INBUILT responsibility type clauses where people are given a responsibility to IDENTIFY WHO any troublemakers and so on actually are.

So as I have STATED even if a BLOG ARTICLE does not appear on any given day you can follow the date trail or you can look at some of the preceding daily articles or you can imply think in terms of the FEEDBACK & MODIFY mentality where you take a chance.

Many a person seemingly not keen on RECORDS that can come back to HAUNT THEMSELVES though clearly most social media sites and telecommunications site and so on have records of data for years and years as an inbuilt REQUIREMENT. So if I have been preaching HATRED and was being INVESTIGATED, even if my own phone records and so on are deleted by myself, the DATA still exists within some STORAGE SYSTEM and any GOVERNMENTAL researchers can declare an INVESTIGATION and get WARRANT & so on to have ACCESS to such DATA.

I will leave it there, though the REPETITION is an interesting one in the sense that many peoples from all-quarters have changed whilst some DIE-HARD type individuals have FAILED to ADJUST to NEW LEARNINGS and so on.

This is a repetition of many a previous blah blah blah blah blah.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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