Yes It Is A Somewhat Strange Point In The Year

What do I mean? Well quite simply I do feel that in many ways I have been mentally reset-in the sense that much of what I am witnessing is occurring in an almost DEJA-VU like fashion. Okay so you cannot say that the exact same event or sequences occur at exactly the same dates and points as previously described or witnessed though when you have enough MEASURABLE PARAMETERS; the realisations can potentially become thick and fast and so on.

So as I wrote previously I had lots of emptying the cup in order that I be better able to refill from alternate angles and life enhancing perspectives and so on. The more I have added in the sense of each MODALITY the more I see the POTENTIAL of a particular GAP in AWARENESS.

Clearly we can all direct our interest at wherever we as individuals desire though we can also see how some Business’ catalogue of products and so on came about and very often they have appeared via the requirement of fulfilling a need or idea that had in some cases slipped our own awareness.

How easy is it for anyone to think ah-ha; I know how I personally can meet this particular need, or give people a new breakthrough or however these things are decided upon.

Yes Sales Season seems to be the order of the day when I look at my email accounts they seemingly being lists of bargain basement clearing out of old stock and I can see offer after offer after offer being proffered by people and persons who managed to get my email address-some links are plainly obvious in the sense that they were provided to particular Companies for purchases and so on-though others do seem at least to myself to have appeared out of the blue from nowhere as though they are randomly targeting any old address. I often have had the habit of asking to be removed from some mailing lists and sometimes such requests are clearly taken note of and other times it seems that Companies fail to comply with removal requests. Unsure as to why though it perhaps demonstrates the differing ATTITUDE towards people that differing Companies have.

What are the top news stories, Scotland should get to set its own income tax apparently according to another SMITH and that is of course interesting in the sense that we could all be asking is it possible to have differing REGIONAL like income-tax within a United Kingdom. We could “IN THEORY” all start thinking of packing our bags and heading North to become INTERNAL tax-exiles. I exaggerate of course though it is via FLEXIBILITY of thought that we can see the ridiculous in many a topic that is highlighted or brought to our respective attention. Having said that there is that other debate as to what can be PUBLICALLY FLEXED or STRETCHED and what is best kept to oneself.

That takes us on to the PLEB scandal. Okay so we can all perhaps think that in name calling terms that far worse or derogatory type names and so on can happen and that the Police are being ridiculous-though reality is this issue “perhaps” of respect. So Police “much like the military” are expected to guard particular public servants and ministers and parliamentarians and so on-i.e. placing themselves between MPS & DANGER.

Is it then fair for these public servants to abuse other public servants, and then DENY that they abused them. So you might say that thinking something about a person is differing to EXPRESSING publically what you may or may not believe. Does it make a difference?


In all honesty the further I have progressed with Meditation and the other Technologies and removed or raised Threshold above many a so-called “game of black & white” issue the more I have come to see that CONSISTENCY is important in staying within the so-called “ZONE” and not only that but staying TRUE. How can I stay true? HONESTY

Well clearly you have to very often put yourself through some of the modules and courses that I have placed myself through-though it does often come back to the simple issue of not SPECULATING on some issues and topics.

We can simply return to the most basic of SCIENCES and yes some folks call many of the modules that I have studied la-di-da as I myself have on occasion though as I have progressed I have actually come to see that even the la-di-da type modalities have a SCIENCE that underpins them whether that science is in terms of the Teachings & Learnings having been handed down the generations or whether the Science is in the AWARENESS & KNOWLEDGE that the Modules bring you too-they can in my opinion be regarded as a form of SCIENCE.

Okay we have all perhaps had memories of sitting in some kinds of Science lessons wishing the bell would ring to escape to another subject or topic though science I think can have a far broader range of meanings than what our modern day schooling tends to teach us. The ridiculousness for instance of the same data tables appearing in a Witches Bible as a Science Book and so on.

All well and good saying that Science is this and all else is that-though as is often the case each generation often back-peddles on prior knowledge & learning. Okay so science can simulate and create models of the Universe in Computer Laboratories and so on and investigate anomalies within those realms though again simulators are given ATTRIBUTES & VALUES & PARAMETERS and so on and WHO puts those things into these SYSTEMS?

Yes many an accident is put down to Human Error or Tool Malfunction depending upon which side of the fence any given person is presently on in many areas of life. (I say tool in the sense that a CAR might be a tool, or a computer might be a tool, or a knife & fork might be tool).

So we can see that when we return to basics of identifying what this gadget or this thing is-that many a life enhancing (in some fashion) device is simply a tool. Likewise we can then understand that the ability to SEE such things and EXPLAIN such things might also be regarded as tools.

So the technologies I recommend can be regarded as TOOLS, and they are tool that can help peoples gain a new perspective on life the universe and everything and so on. Or indeed likewise choose to remain unchanged and so on after having experienced such things. I think in general that whilst we can seek to return to baseline remedies and understandings of such things that we still have to make decisions and having tools that can enhance our abilities at prediction of forthcoming events is useful.

But is that not SPECULATION? Well I have though on this issue quite a lot and surprisingly come to the conclusion that in many ways it is not. How so? Well we often spend years and years getting into CONFUSED MUDDLE simply through the bombardment of the goings on of daily life. When we strip away many a confusion and start from simple, what do I actually KNOW? we can build a better FEEDBACK SYSTEM for ourselves. So instead of getting the occasional spot-on bulls-eye type event in prediction, you can develop a level of consistency based in your regular practice.

Can Google be broken up? Well I guess that in theory regulators and so on can ask the Company to change itself though we do get into strange debate realms-we have heard case upon case for Microsoft and other major corporations over the years in relation to MONOPOLY type issues and so on (having internet explorer built into windows is anti-competitive). Again Windows is a SUITE OF TOOLS and saying that a company cannot bundle its own tool base is itself STRANGE (In My Opinion).

Elsewhere a couple of deaths are being highlighted and simply demonstrate perhaps my own lack of awareness and knowledge, I not being a cricket follower have never heard of the guy, though likewise another Famous CRIME AUTHOR has died and I have heard of her, though have not (as far as I am aware) read her. I have potentially seen her work in another form such-as TV or Radio adaption as that I think is how many of us come to know of particular peoples.

Yes the World has many a subject matter to report on-elsewhere we are seeing that the removal of troops from Afghanistan whilst progressing is being accompanied by continuing attacks and you do begin to wonder how long it will be before the place is once again occupied by one of the major powers. I think CHINA is next up though clearly they do have quite an INSULAR approach despite all the recent claims of EXPANSIONISM within their own region.

Can Afghanistan’s neighbours deal with the issues? Well when we look at the Neighbours we can perhaps see part of the problem. Many places such-as Pakistan whilst highly advanced in some areas are just as backward elsewhere. A hot pot of OLD WORLD meets NEW WORLD, much like we see in places such-as Brazil. I mention that because I see famous Footballer PELE is unwell and he is perhaps a “NAME” that really does have a WORLDWIDE carrying association of knowledge and so on.

Yes the build-up to Christmas begins and I see Chickens are in the headlines. Apparently 2000 birds were tested to come to the Conclusion that all Chicken is infested with bugs and bacteria and so on-as are all humans (by the way). Yes so SCALE? Well the plant I work in kills 1000,000 + chickens per WEEK. So a 2000 bird sample is LAUGHABLE in the extreme.



You test a sample of 2000 humans from Africa and find them infested with the EBOLA VIRUS.

Do not panic everyone, there are 7 000 000 000 Humans and the 2000 sample is tiny, minute and so on and so forth.

Yes that is not to say that such things should not be taken seriously though I have to ADMIT that I still put PAXO type stuffing inside the chicken and have done my entire life and that is not allowed either by regulators and-or packet instructions.

Choice is choice and I am quite sure that some “old fashioned” attitudes such as the way I cook chicken will die out in the longer term, though it is unlikely to occur all at once given how such things are often passed down from generation to generation and so on.

Well it is of course easy to say “THAT’S LIFE” though as someone regarded as a LOONEY TOON I think most of us are gearing ourselves towards CARRY ON REGARDLESS type attitudes and mentalities.

Another ECHO is one that again is somewhat DEJA-VU though I am unsure whether I previously wrote it. So when we see ACROBATS in a CIRCUS:-


The same of course is often said of the SCRUM in Rugby in the sense that each position can have its own strengths and weaknesses-in my own school days in the first couple of years of playing rugby I was in positions such as PROP and HOOKER though by the latter school days I was a WINGER so you come to see that differing peoples grow at differing speeds and whilst I started out as one of the bigger kids I was later overtaken perhaps and was still “good enough” to be in the teams in other positions and so on. Adaptability & flexibility perhaps can occur WHATEVER YOUR AGE!

Yes I think we are going through a PHASE of being brought into that FESTIVE ALL PEOPLES ALL AGES type viewpoint of adopting ALL-INCLUSIVE attitudes rather than not.

Well enough from myself for today.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

HONESTY IN FACTS AS YOU EXPERIENCE THEM, perhaps a better way to live.

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