AH-HA Antipodes

So I spoke earlier relating to the IDEA of oppositional GLOBAL POINT and I could not really leave it in such a vague manner so decided to follow the TRAIL. When you do such clue following you as is often the case find that you are returning to Historical Basics. In this case the oppositional Global position created via drawing a straight line through the Centre of the Earth has been named Antipodes.

The strange (at least to myself) issue in searching for such knowledge is that some places have far MORE Antipodes locations than others-I clearly have to rely on my non-conscious making SENSE of that knowledge-Tiny New Zealand alongside France in having whopping 12 Antipode locations whilst the United Kingdom is further down the list in having a mere 7 Antipodean Locations.

These are of course interesting in the sense that they were ORIGINALLY ESTIMATED and more modern Techniques have either verified the knowledge or clearly demonstrated pre-historic and medieval techniques to have only been accurate to the Nth Degree. It is actually quite fascinating in the sense that many Antipodean points are still given in terms of Largest Nearest Big Name City; so those of us living in Redneck Outback like City’s such-as Hereford have little chance of finding a location without calling up google earth type maps that can apparently create such information accurately for us.


Well quite simply one or other of the modules-a year or two ago when I was doing 24/7 like meditation and multiple learning courses in heavy combination caused within my brain a somewhat strange effect in REARRANGEMENT. Hard to describe to those who have not experienced the meditation technologies though interesting in the sense that you do get the impression that some FORMULA existed or was created to ENABLE such effects to occur.

I would not like to speculate on specifics though I myself was somewhat AWED at the time and it did indeed simply drive myself on to see what other WEIRD and WONDERFUL things would occur through prolonged meditation and so on.

So the impression that I was GIVEN by such raising of Threshold & knowledge & awareness was that the patterns and accumulated datasets that we all of us have within our respective noggins can be DESIGNED and that is what the ELITES (within populations) have perhaps done down through the Historical Generations so to speak. And further to that it has perhaps become CLEARER as to how the various knowledge combined with Scientific Advancement has improved all the ins-and-outs of the workings of such abilities and so on. Clearly many technical advancements that have occurred within more recent times have come about through the ACCELERATION of TECHNOLOGIES & TEACHINGS and so on. Likewise repetition and reinforcement of the methodologies and SYSTEMS that have been put in place seemingly leads to Higher & Higher INTEGRATIVE levels of Personal Development.

I have seen various tables and charts that seek to MEASURE such knowledge and enlightenment realms (such as those from INTEGRAL) and am really unsure as to how TRUE those things are-though clearly it can be demonstrated that some folks have been studying and taking INTEREST in these things perhaps far longer than the average person in the street such-as myself has been alive.

Does that make much difference? Well clearly it perhaps does to those peoples and persons themselves and family and friends and can make a difference to those of us who are so-called late-comers to such learnings and teachings and as has been said previously anyone can pass such teachings on to respective audiences or not as the case may be.

I know early on with meditation it can be easy to fall into paranoia as though using some dark secret illicit cocktail of drugs and other contraband-though as has been stated previously the further you progress the more and more such thoughts and feelings and some kinds of synchronicities fall away and you come to see some issues from a HIGHER PLACE on the mountain.

What is in the news-well we have been seeing many a reference to U-TURN’S recently and currently within the news we are seeing reference to dropping the 3 point turn from the driving test and a U-TURN on NHS drugs and so on. Of course if we are playing “Let’s Pretend” in thinking that we have clockwork brains then a TURN could be of a COG WHEEL such as the Letter Y (in some designs) or indeed the simple O turning or indeed any alphanumeric combination that we have within the hemispheres between our own ears. That of course perhaps “HELP” in accommodating differing BELIEF SYSTEMS & STRUCTURES.

As an example of that of course I was born as was previously stated on an 8th and when we Turn an 8 we are given the INFINITY SYMBOL. I should perhaps mention BUZZ LIGHTYEAR at this point “To Infinity and Beyond”. Yes I know; though anything that any individual can use to accommodate a gradual SHIFT into a NEW way of seeing the World and so on can be used.

Likewise I spoke on SYNTHESIS earlier and that again could be changed when we look at MATHEMATICAL FORMULATIONS. How So?

Well how many times have you seen mathematical type formula given in expressions of “to the Nth” where N is equal to Number or Degree Point or other mathematical like equivalence that is use within a given area of Scientific Research.

I can state for instance that whilst we talk in terms of colours red and orange and purple and so on-that even colour when created within your computer is often referenced as a number of some description. So we can all perhaps come to the UNDERSTANDING of why numbers are regarded as UNIVERSAL. Whilst I can point and say that colour is orange and someone else refers to it as Amber or another person refers to it as Tango and someone else Clementine the likelihood is that within a calculated REALM such-as computing that each of those shades of a colour would all have a differing number.

Does that matter? Well not for us average folks in the street though clearly YES when we look at UNIVERSAL CONSISTENCY and so on. You can go to any Country on the planet and hear things spoken in 100 + Languages though few populations have been found that operate without your most basic fundamental type counting system.

Again the issue is one that I spoke on previously whereby as Science Advanced and Computational Abilities Advanced NEW ways of programming were designed and created in seeking to make things EASIER. These days you actually very often have Computer Systems designing themselves and the only limitation then is perhaps one of BELIEF IN ACTUALISATION OF INTENTION.

That possibly an issue of where you as an individual stand on debates such-as NATURE VERSUS NURTURE, I have gradually come to believe that a SYNTHESIS actually exists between those IDEALOGUES in and of themselves so I perhaps whilst having used a wide spectrum of teachings and knowledge and learnings have fallen seemingly very much into the Hegel model.

Of course I cannot know exactly what MODEL Holosync uses or indeed Learning Strategies uses or other professions use though clearly I have-everywhere I have turned-found myself seemingly moving gradually further and further up the ladder of enlightenment and so on. The worry if any exists is to what FATE has in store.

Yes Christmas perhaps a time where we are often reminded of such things as FATE & FAITH and so on and again as I have continued within my STUDIES and become more aware of INSIDE OUTSIDE ONENESS and so on still find it difficult to be necessarily RATIONAL or IRRATIONAL as to what to BELIEVE.

I have been HUNTING for new materials to STUDY that proffer a SUITABLE Foundational Understanding as to my assumed present LEVEL and am unsure as what that level actually is. How close am I to become SELF-REALISED and are FATE & FAITH that closely linked or am I simply once again buying too much into some Metaphysical Idea when I would be better of simply assuming that whether it is occurring consciously or non-consciously I am HEADING in the appropriate direction for SELF ACTUALISATION that is of an empowering nature and life enhancing and life empowering and so on.

What is in the news-well multiple stories seem to be concentrated very much along EAST ENGLAND; the problem of course that as much as I can give my own meaning and interpretation to such events-trusting that I am in the “zone” and putting such knowledge to good usage.


Well clearly I have preached that we can think of the World in as many dimensions and perspective and angles as we desire and I have also spoken on this IDEA that we whether consciously aware or otherwise absorb and assimilate far more information than we know what do to with via impressions and expressions and so on-so coming to any given point where you TRUST that your SYSTEM is working 100 % of the time as you as a CONTROL FREAK want such things to operate is of course debatable.

I also spoke on Overhead Projection sheets and suddenly RECALLED that they are often called LAMINATE or something similar to that-we can of course laminate paper to give a protective covering so the term perhaps COVERING a wider understanding than any one FIELD that one can think of.

Yes pictures and words and sounds and smells and tastes and let us not forget touch in terms of kinesis and so on-we can apparently whether we realise it or otherwise automatically convert all incoming information into an input and output system that best serves us when we develop the necessary beliefs that the World is working with us and for us and is a friendly place and so on.

Yes easy to say such things and I have heard such things many times-though clearly fate and faith in your own ability to develop your own modularity that works and integrates into the more Global Universal Systems already Operating does make one wonder exactly at what moment and point such a realisation is going to occur and clearly as much as I believe in the NOW as a fundamental time zone to exist within-one cannot help to experiment and wonder at what other processes may or may not accelerate learnings and growth into the STRATOSPHERIC REALMS that some of the Great Masters and teachers apparently already maintain their lives and existence within.

How Can I…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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