If All Is Now Why Does Synchronicity & Position Matter

Well as has been repeated-getting to a position whereby Your own understanding of the Philosophy that created any given SYSTEM raises your Threshold and raises your Awareness and raises your Knowledge is in and of itself somewhat difficult to comprehend.

So I as an example have taken module upon module and meditated and read broadly across a range of Topics and Study areas. Having said that when we go to the Philosophy then we can often return to some of the most basic of MODEL patterns presented.

So we saw in the News this week that Hegel was stepping down from the Pentagon and in keeping with identifying LINKS & CLUE TRAILS we can look the “NAME” up and see if any famous Historical Figures share the name.

In fact Hegel was the name of a VERY Famous Philosopher who came up with various Theories of his own though his basic model was one that I think we have all perhaps seen previously to varying degrees.


That of course is to perhaps argue a point, counter-argue the point and then seek to blend or create a NEW LEVEL of such interactions via the gaining of FURTHER REALISATION from the prior LEVEL of DEBATE.

When we look at any given area of knowledge you can see that is akin to the gaps in knowledge being gradually pointed out and then New Theories being presented by the respective Professionals within any given field as to how a remedy to any given Hypothesis can be created or speculated and so on.

Unfortunately from my point of view I tend to think that some points of argument really are FRUITLESS given the EXPERIENTIAL SOLUTION that the Technologies I recommend provides. So some folks want to argue as to the existence of God, or whether any Historical Figures (for instance) Actually Existed.

Why do I say that-well all too often some burial site dig somewhere unearths some ancient garbage and then some scrawling or writing is discovered and some “EXPERT” is required to seek to Translate such information and it very often “SEEMS” to myself that far too many Professions came about through the HOODWINKING of populations and so on as a whole. I have not got a clue though that looks like it might mean this so I will give it that meaning and look CLEVER to those I tell.

That of course something that we have all perhaps done at one or other point in our lives and clearly as Society as a whole has expanded so has the amount of nonsense. I think I wrote asking previously how many of us sleep walk through life simply shut down do many a bombardment of precious generational claims of superiority in knowledge and so on.

That a problem perhaps when it comes to the “respect” issue that I recently mentioned. Who can I genuinely choose to respect and who can I choose to ignore. How easy? I think when you meditate it is exceptionally easy-I can generally respect most peoples without difficulty who show or demonstrate respect to myself. Likewise irrespective of AGE I can happily fail to give respect to people who when asked to stop particular behaviours and so on “CONTINUE” that does not mean “stop living your life as you see fit” it means stop baiting myself with your nonsenses and I think that is very often for many people where the difference lies. Hence my previously suggesting that it can be better to relate or otherwise with people based on your own experience of people as “individuals” as opposed to some collective type badge or label.

What else-well I have found myself thinking about CARD GAMES I recently seeing colours RED &BLACK and thinking that they reminded myself once again of a Children’s Nursery Rhyme “SING A SONG OF SIX PENCE” I believe was the title and of course that can itself give all sorts of clues in the sense that it mentions King and Queen and we have such characters in the standard 52 Card deck.

Likewise we have 4 suites in no particular order Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, Hearts. Having said that I do think that some order has been created within some teachings and learnings they generally starting with Reds and then the Black suites though again that is someone somewhere seeking to create a STANDARD and I am sure that such things possibly came about simply through Manufacturing Techniques-I know historically in relation to PRINTING (as an example) that because you may have had limited dies and stamps and so on that you in order to create Particular Colours had to follow particular Orders.

So you know that your one colour DYE is really strong and will likely ruin your drawing though if you use colours in particular running orders you can reduce such issues. I think in MODERN printing and so on these are not real issues they having long since been overcome in many a fashion though like all industries once a Standard is created very often a TRADITION is developed & maintained whereby irrespective of NEW techniques folks follow tradition until something occurs to change such ways of going about things.

You might say that is what happened with my working week in the sense that the Friday Shift change causes myself to have to BREAK the old pattern that I had become accustomed too. So quite simple really.

How many of us when younger used to much of one colour in our drawings or were FORCED to use alternate colours through having RUN-OUT of one colour-I think I did such things quite often when using the CRAYOLA Crayons and so on. Likewise these days I buy pens of differing colours and when practicing find myself GEARED in some MENTAL PATTERN TOWARDS “FAVOURITES”.

So we can when thinking about cards of course return to my Parliamentary Link of “House Of Cards” and how we have perhaps as children tried to create those balanced structures only for the RUG to be pulled from beneath our feet in some fashion, someone coming along and knocking our efforts down and so on.

So of course most professions have long Traditions of building up knowledge bases and historical data on the subject field that they are working within.

Likewise the “THEORY” I present above of this idea that you come to a point of Synthesis is one of building blocks and the further I have progressed the more OPEN-ENDED the factorization of these things has become.

So where once I was all “I am a body” and I have an “external” and an “internal” the further you go in Enlightenment and RAISING UP of VIBRATION and so on the more the “external” & “internal” as thesis and anti-thesis become a NEW SYNTHESIS where you come to see GREATER & GREATER LEVELS of ONENESS “so to speak”.

What does that actually mean-well from my point of view you might say that I can see how all is connected and so on-though where I perhaps differ from some folks is simply that one I do not know how far others have progressed and likewise “INTERPRETATION” of oneness is of course another debate that happens. So I think that is where for those of us slightly more advanced you come to see how whilst you can raise all areas that benefit yourself across all fields you cannot “ASSUME” that all others are acting from a similar level or knowledge set.

So when you “PROGRESS” many a debate is neutralised as a new level occurs within and without yourself so to speak. Clearly some folks are well versed in such matters and clearly some long term training and knowledge in any given area or profession gives you perhaps particular DEVELOPMENTAL LEVELS. However I really think that STIMULUS is required and many a Societal Wide STIMULUS (often based in the most childish garbage’s) is or can be regarded as NONSENSE when you can buy of-the-shelf stimulus that from my own point of view-do much of the work for yourself and leave you in a position whereby you do not feel that you have to “NECESSARILY” answer to anyone or allow yourself to be punished or humiliated and slandered by anyone, and that viewpoint can (In my opinion) be adopted by most people’s irrespective of age, race, colour, creed, sexuality and so on.

I think the problem is CLEAR for many, in the sense that it seemingly gets to a point where you see the SENSELESSNESS in many topics and debates and issues that for some folks never seems to go out of fashion.

This Dave is of course not well known for his sense of humour though those who progress with the meditation technologies and so on “DO GET HUMOURED” though it can perhaps go unnoticed by those who do not “GET IT” so to speak.

So returning to the ONENESS issue is perhaps differing from how some people who have not experienced heightened levels of awareness assume. Whilst my www.silvertoevelocity.com website promotes the IDEA of The Christ In Me, See’s The Christ In You. That only works with people who respect your own Uniqueness and boundaries and so on. So whilst I can interact in such fashion with as is suggested above “MOST PEOPLES” it is not the same as saying, as some folks clearly presume that we are all the same. Many of us have come to such Tech’s later in life than we may have desired or wished and have pre-existing circumstances to take into consideration and so on-though that is not to say that you can NEVER CHANGE.

I think we can see from the HEGEL model presented as an example (and a Model that has since become disputed) that NO-LIMITS necessarily have to exist beyond those LIMITS that we ourselves give. So we none of us have to think that “THIS IS IT” The SUM of all knowledge and so on.

Seasonal issues and patterns are perhaps coming to the fore though that is to be expected and I think I may write another article now on what is perhaps being highlighted within my own mind in the realm of the NEWS. Likewise we always have to remind ourselves that everything from Thought and Vehicles and Languages and Music and Computers and Buildings and Wars and Sports can all be reduced (in a sense) to being thought of as tools and when we consider such things in that fashion as a WITNESS we can perhaps better predict the NEXT MOVEMENT within the CYCLE and so on.

It can become very much like an ORCHESTRATED DANCE though clearly as has been suggested many times really much of this material awareness and so on is still very NEW to myself though of course anyone who has followed myself from any REALM over recent years already KNEW that and I am simply as is often the case STATING THE BLEEDING OBVIOUS.

Will I write on the news or simply throw some randomness out there-hmmmn?


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