So What Does This David Know About Boxing

Well currently very little-my life having been seized somewhat over the last quarter century or so-though once again I did actually have a great interest in Boxing as a child. I spoke on my Grandfather Jack and I think I may have written previously that whilst serving in the Army he was also a boxing champion-I have little knowledge as to details I having been told and learnt such information at a young age.

Likewise during my childhood all the most popular sports could be viewed and watched on Terrestrial TV on one of the then 3 Channels. So boxing was actually quite a regular fixture on the box during my early childhood and I whether consciously or otherwise developed an interest in the sport to the extent that I actually had my own boxing kit and so on.

What is a primary school type boxing kit-well I did not have a punch bag hanging from a ceiling that we often see in Gyms and so on these day-my setup was merely a ball like target on top of a rodded spring base that was simply weighted down through the filling of the base with sand and-or water.

Further to that I did of course also have boxing gloves and they were perhaps rather like giant mittens and of course perhaps having seen professional boxing on the box I would sometimes try to bandage my hands within the boxing gloves.

Boxing gloves (for those that are unaware) used to be WEIGHTED. I am unsure as to the parameters used and so on or whether that tradition continues-though recall that the gloves were actually quite heavy for my then young arms and so on. Yes it was great in the sense that whilst fighting the brother or other kids in the neighbourhood would get myself into trouble. I could stand and punch at this ball on a spring until my heart’s content without any kind of a complaint.

So that perhaps another sport that I have actually practised with; though clearly I also spoke on breaking my left arm in a Street Accident also at quite a young age and that perhaps put a spoke, at that time in some kinds of sports. Although I did bounce back from the injury-you do of course when you are younger. I think the lay-off was such that I had to find alternate distractions and things to do and so on. I think at that time I must also have been heavily interested in bubblegum tattoos and transfers (I think they were called). I seem to remember that upon having the plaster cast removed that as well as finally getting some coinage out that had gotten stuck down the inside of the cast that the Transfers that had been on my arm at the time of accident had kind of imprinted onto the woollen like cotton and inside of parts of the cast.

Likewise of course a tradition in those days was that many a person would wonder around getting the cast signed with all sorts of weird messages and so on. The policy generally being a one type of white plaster cast “fits all” being the NHS tradition at that time. I think the last time I had a wrist or arm injury in more recent years-I was present with a “what colour cast do you want” option. Did I opt for one of the colourful options-no surprisingly I actually asked for the plain and simple option, though clearly were I revisiting my childhood I would likely have opted for something more colourful-the selection seemingly consisting of all the colours of the rainbow and so on-that possibly once again contributing to the mental wellbeing of patient.

Yes the zero choice versus multiple choice can potentially cause a headache-I mean what if they run out of the colour bandage that they are using and you have to have some PATCHWORK type design put in place. Can a patchwork colour scheme work better than one colour or simply leave a patient in another muddle.

Hard to tell though I think given the association of colour to frequency and the knowledge that can be learnt about Fractals and speed and so on everything is perhaps reduced to Belief Systems.

Yes we have had many Boxing Legends and Greats over the years and I write this because I recall just how unpopular Chris Eubank was-although in terms of money on the table and food on your plate you could not go far wrong in backing him at his peak. I see his son is boxing and of course being the son of a Legend perhaps “helps” in opening doors and so on though as some younger generations potentially realise the name can be just as much a hindrance as a help. Yes we are also witnessing many a “FATHER & SON” in the news combination hence my brining that point up.

Mr Beckham and Son apparently involved in a prang likewise the car they were in was said to have been an AUDI and again that is a vehicle I have seen today. Various makes and models come to the fore at differing times of course and when there are so many it can be hard to recall what is what.

For instance I actually like classic SALOON type vehicles which I guess are one step up from the hatchback-though hatchbacks are strangely popular in an “izzy wizzy, let’s get busy kind of fashion”.

Yes most generations seemingly have a preference for this type of vehicle over that type of vehicle and Hatchbacks really probably only really took of when the Original Golf appeared-most people within my own recollection generally preferring more long sportier type vehicles. The small cars whilst understandably good given all the modern City parking issues still do not particularly appeal to myself.

Yes choice most definitely is choice and so is COST and we all seek to stay within particular “Running Cost” budgetary calculations and so on. I spoke on finances being a WEAK area within my own studies and so on and clearly when I spoke on the NO-LIMITS issue earlier that perhaps where my own focused attention requires being directed.

So we create a mental World as to how can I afford this that or the other and so on and then seek to find ways and means to become financially VIABLE. I think that is where some of the BIGGEST disputes I have had have come about in the sense that when I have sought to be of an expansive attitude towards people in order to develop a greater prosperity consciousness kept finding myself being SHUT-OUT or SHUT-DOWN simply by having to reject EXTREMISM, that is why I generally appeal to all peoples and communities and so on to yes have views and opinions and so on though do not promote something as a TRUTH without demonstrating PROOF in some fashion.

I often find that with many a label or abuse that the simplest way to understand many a verbiage is to look them up in a dictionary. When you do that and see that you do not relate to such VERBIAGE then it is fruitless to seek to COUNTER-ARGUE beyond of course saying put up or shut up.

Yes the only winner does seem to be the people that choose to win and whilst the HEGEL model is seemingly geared around CONFLICT-I personally find that CONFLICT in relation to many TOPICS is pointless and unnecessary and undesirable.

So we are also seeing SLAVERY highlighted within the news and missing people and persons and of course these can be issues of Business’ or Staff within business abusing positions of Authority and likewise other people not knowing their rights. If any Company uses Management Systems that are CONTROLLING & claiming 24/7 rights over your life then such systems have to be QUESTIONED. We have this issue where a Company perhaps pays (or not) for hours worked whether as a SALARY or simply WEEKLY.

Salaried jobs can be appealing when you have them though clearly you can often in some realms in signing up to such salary’s find yourself within the “Professional Hazard” realm when it comes to the Hours that are expected of yourself. Some Business’ of course pay better and incentivise people with bonus’. I personally think that GREATER TRANSPARENCY is required at all levels of some Business as to how such things are CALCULATED.


Well what if a Manager is demanding particular attitudes and behaviours from staff simply to gain some BONUS that they personally want at the end of the year? Such systems are clearly HOT SPOT Zones in the sense that staff want to abide and stay within National Law or Governmental law and it can perhaps be demonstrated that Management INCENTIVES can place stress on some peoples that is passed down the so-called line in an unhealthy fashion or manner.

Many such things can clearly be REMOVED in the sense of making available all such knowledge of wage structures and so on to all staff. The TRANSPARENCY created then gives people and persons wanting to CLIMB LADDER or INVEST life into any given Business a greater amount of Choice at the start. Far too often Wealthy Business’ keep the wealth for shareholders simply by pleading POVERTY to all who will listen and when peoples do the SUMS for themselves they can often be lead to the IDEA of a ZERO SUM game-anyway this have gone on and on and I must be tired because I just mistyped zero as XERO and that takes myself onto the time when I worked for a Company that was a warehouse for RANK XEROX. They were once a leading developer of Photocopiers and printers and so on-though I think they perhaps over expanded and got into all sorts of difficulty when they failed to move or adjust to NEW Technology and so on. That was of course a few years ago now and they are of course one of those companies perhaps regarded as to big to fail.

I must be saying that because some Company that is too big to fail is potentially just about to demonstrate the law of “This time is different” also known as Murphy’s law and so on and so forth.

Yes David suddenly having to much to say for himself or simply getting whatever springs to mind at any given moment onto the page so he can better then WITNESS feedback and ADJUST in a more APPROPRIATE fashion.

Realm to Realm and Continent to Continent and Distance to Distance and Measurement to Measurement where will it all end.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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