So Why Does Dave Think He Has Had A Mental Reset

This clearly carrying on from a previous post and I perhaps have to explain some things better than I may have done previously.

So I have worked on a NIGHTSHIFT for some 10 years and during that time period you might say that quite early on I found myself falling into differing sleep patterns and so on. People who have only ever worked days often treat you as though you do not work-simply because you shop in the day and other strange assumptions.

Furthermore working a Nightshift-though I have never considered working OUT the calculations-does in “theory” place myself in a differing “Daylight” time zone that is perhaps more in SYNC with another Worldwide Location. Again some of these things are debatable.

Over the years I have found myself very much flowing & adjusting to given “SEASONS” so for instance when it is Summer time and the Sun is out-I often found myself sleeping for shorter time period and then perhaps sunbathing on an afternoon and things like that.

Likewise this time of year over the longer term has often been one of getting up when it is dark and going to bed when it is still dark; so clearly despite living location wise as UK GMT I am in fact COMBINING that UK GMT & UK CLIMATE PATTERNS with some alternate GLOBAL LOCATION that must be GEOGRAPHICALLY OPPOSITE my present location.

So that perhaps a Geographical HAPHAZARD. However clearly given that we in the UK set our OWN time zone and other Countries set their own respective time zones it is unlikely possible to MATCH exactly an opposite Geographical location that matches the time that we would ourselves expect.

So I could look around the GLOBE and then say well that location is exactly opposite but they say they are this other time. Of course one of the ways of overcoming such ISSUES was Geostationary Orbit & satellites and likewise we still see in many a SCI-FI that some Universal Clock Time is given and I think I spoke or mentioned that an ATOMIC CLOCK exists somewhere that everyone likes to set time of-as a measurement.

Likewise given various THEORY as to how the Universe is. Whether it is expanding, shrinking and all other theories in between we have to assume that some DIFFERENCES exist, we perhaps can think that we might get atomic drift, or indeed I might be at a particular altitude at my present location on this UK landmass and the opposite global location could be oceanic water and my present on foot altitude is up in the AIR within that REGION. So lots and lots of calculations that can sent any of us into a mental headache unless we become able to see such things and then adjust accordingly to present data and knowledge & awareness.

So Dave quite simply at this time of year should be sleeping long hours during the daytime-that is not occurring in the sense that I seem to have had a UK GMT RESET where I am still wide awake UK Daytime and so on-just as is everyone else’s body clock cycles & patterns.

So that perhaps a better explanation of RESET. I am perhaps back in UK Daylight time and so on and so forth-I cannot fully claim that-as I still do sleep during the day; though do feel far more energetic and unable to sleep after work and so on.

What else-well clearly I have had the Friday Hours change going on for some months now and I whilst I actually have grown to like the 1-day change to my regular working week-it is still somewhat an issue in the sense of sleep and doing other things such-as writing this blog. So that might be regarded as having created GAP within my own record in the sense that nothing was published for 28/11 and so on.

I also notice that I do not appear to have clock publishing time references-that appear on some other blogs so I may well seek to have those included as well at some future point. I do think that it can become over complicated in many ways and given what I seek to convey within my writings-I still like the keep it simple attitude.

I did have a chat with some interactive Guru that appears within the editing suite over my complaints in relation to the New Editor-though I personally have not gotten a result from the chat and still write within Microsoft Word.

I will at some point likely try again within the editor suite given all the bells & whistles that have been added though as I explained to the Guru-I could not benefit from the many new toys quite simply because the most straight forward of functions-the ability to type as though straight to screen was not operating in a desirable fashion.

Rather than constantly getting worked up and angry at the issue I simply took to writing perfectly happily within the Microsoft suite and likewise I may well start publishing from other outlets though clearly having bought and paid for various sites I do not want to have more financial outgoings than I have financial incomings. That another issue in some respects as I did seemingly start out heavily from a place of negative equity so to speak where by ever decreasing circles seemingly limited my own intended expansiveness.

So I can expand into other market places simply by publishing on other blogging sites and so on-though really I want to benefit and seek to get the best out of the knowledge that I presently have and of course IDENTIFY what FACTORS I am not presently calculating in appropriate fashion.

Again this has been a note adding exercise and I will perhaps grab a bite to eat and then some sleep and perhaps ask myself some questions as to what I am becoming aware of at present and so on. Likewise I notice that I have to a certain extent fallen into News watching and that is actually RELEVENT though can be the cause of muddled confusion early on-so perhaps better to focus on the course like teachings and materials than to many other distractions-yes we cannot avoid many things though some folks in some realms are perhaps better able to do that than others. Monks in a temple for instance, or people in quarantine and people in planes trains and automobiles. So lots of ways that the bombardment of information can be brought into a useful dataset.


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