Medal You Say For Doing What

Yes strange though true-year in and year out we see an HONOURS LIST being published and year in and year out we hear of related commentaries on why the awards have not been handed out appropriately. I think given the way in which such things occur they are of course always going to come with a certain level of forehead slapping. In reality when we do like for like comparison with other realms we come to some that it is not all that differing really.

We must remind ourselves that you can gain a DEGREE at many an alleged INSTITUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION in the study of this Celebrity and that Celebrity much like a MASTERMIND contestant having a “SPECIALISED SUBJECT” of their favoured “soap opera”. Can I comment on any particular individuals? Well in fact the only one that had any kind of instant recognition for myself was James Cordon (I think) and that was simply because he is one of those one trick pony type comedian characters.

What how dare you, say his fans.

Well he is the typical STEREOTYPE “I’M FAT” gag man and actually not very good at that (In my opinion) compared of course with others who have filled such roles previously. Yes he perhaps checks many of the politically correct requirements that a Bernard Manning failed upon though how hard can it be to always play the “fat dumb bloke” kind of equivalent to a Frank Spencer-I just thought of a DEATHBED sequence in the TV series EMMERDALE that he would have not passed an audition for a and I guess that comes down to standards and the requirements thereof.

Yes of course I must be jealous –how hard can it be to play a cleaner.

So what else-well clearly like many a person I am employed for X hours a day by an employer and the usually larger REMAINDER of time is my own to do with as I would personally choose. Some commitments also bite into such time though it can of course be demonstrated that many people have similar choices and combination of similar component like strategies for dealing with such things.

Now I did write about JELLY BEANS recently and further to that it can of course be used to go across realms in the sense that they are SUGAR that has been given particular colour and flavour and we could of course play CARS with them if we wanted. Yes you can get your jelly beans out on a tray and play all sorts of games with them rather than just eating and snacking upon them. You can spell with them, create pictures with them and well very many things can be done beyond the most basic of function eating.

The same can of course be said for many a food-who remembers the film Close Encounters when a HUGE MASHED potato pile was shaped into a mountain. Yes I think that was one of the last times we saw real mash made with real potato in a movie. Probably not true though I do recall that the so-called SMASH Robots were becoming ever popular at that time-don’t have time to boil chopped potato for xx amount of time and drain water and add butter/milk or cream and mash. Get SMASH. Yes they do say many a modern meal is a CONVENIENCE in the amount of time saved cooking though in all honesty-many a recipe of certain types can often be left to cook once prepared and left in an oven and so on. I think the issue for many especially single people is what to do with the excess. So for instance when I was with family I could cook and know that there was enough for all-though when alone and not scaling down a given recipe I would clearly have far too much. So I would then often scale down cooking until I found myself turning into a ready meal guru as the preferred option. Yes I am sure others have not gone down that route and were I in a family so to speak I would likely cook more than I do though some find the kitchen a chore and others a place to escape to or indeed live within. Yes you can go to a dozen different households and find that a DIFFERENT ROOM is regarded as the room of CENTRAL IMPORTANCE to a given family. So some might have a TV lounge, whilst others are Sitting Room, whilst others are Kitchen, whilst others are bedroom. Yes some things of course depend on circumstance and how a property is CARVED UP so to speak though in general again many properties follow a similar like schematic of you have been in one you can probably work your way around most properties.

I think psychological tests have possible been carried out whereby they have switched all the various “expected” rooms and so on causing disruption to an expected mental norm that some folks have-we can of course demonstrate such things quite easily by going into any former large address that has been carved up into bedsits and so on. The disputes and so on within some properties can probably go on for years without ever being satisfactorily resolved and it can be better to move on from some such properties. One person owns the lease and another group owns the house and another person owns individual flats and so on and so forth.

Yes we can see a nightmare before our eyes in some situations and circumstances and still we walk into them as though blind to all the competing factions that are going to rip you to shreds given that you fail to comply with one or others DEMANDED compliance ruling.

Now some folks wonder as to my taking notes regularly and so on and really it comes down to truth of what you see and being congruent in such things-many a course says as you go about your day-make notes.  Exceptionally easy to do and you can often come to SEE how RIDICULOUS many a possibly abhorrent thought really is-or likewise see through nonsenses that are presented by various people’s and persons as some unexplained or unexplored truth that is often wrong.

Well I have a teatime working day today so will leave this one a little shorter than usual.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Wow Tuesday Already

So here we are once again staring into the abyss of another yearly cycle that may or may not have been experienced previously by some and is being looked upon differently for the first time by others.

We do of course all have choices as to meanings and so on and likewise we can come to see that particular behaviours and attitudes and so on can be life enhancing and supportive of improving everyone’s life experience whilst other behaviours and attitudes can of course have the opposite effect.

Far too easy to fall into line with Polly Parrot like behaviours expected from a boss that when explored in greater depth you come to realise are just that-Polly Parrot Role Modelling where the “common sense” has somehow been extracted from a given ecosystem or environmental process in favour of “JUMP” “how high” expectancies.

Personal development and growth and basic life skills are of course a difficult one in the sense that some business and some class structures and systems often encourage stereotypes that it can be all to easy to fall into without thinking that alternate options exist or can be formulated that work for everyone-when everyone of course often takes up the approach of the path most already walked.

Of course some paths that have already been walked are broader and wider than others though the only way to see things in a new light can be to OBSERVE and RECORD what happens when I do this or I do that and so on. I did for instance SUGGEST a couple of reinterpretations on the words Holosync though I did later come up with further suggestions that I have not publically published-so we can speed up and slow down any kind of DYNAMICALLY STYLED sequence of incoming IDEAS and pull them apart and dissect and PLAY using whole brain thinking strategies and empowering ways and means of going about sharing information and so on.

I have of course noticed that I have gradually shifted from so-called Dear Dave letter writing this year and that perhaps an indication of moving on from some issues-though whilst I move on we will of course always see people CLINGING to “OLD GUARD” hand me down “NONSENSES” & prejudices and so on. Choice is choice though I really do suggest that peoples seek to broaden HORIZONS rather than ECLIPSES.

Yes no IDEA why I throw that in though I was actually thinking I perhaps OWE a Dear Dave letter though clearly cannot ever really be sure of who is reading at any given time and indeed how such INFORMATION is taken, clearly I seek to make many a write-up tongue in cheek though it has been demonstrated over and over again that many people within particular LIFE ROLES do not ENGAGE the neurons and brain functioning that some of us seek to employ.

For instance I could write a letter such-as the following and some people would regard such a letter as a MASSIVE ATTACK on them personally whilst I may say such things are not personal and likewise LITIGATION is perhaps one of the LAWYER styled wordings that many of us got all wrapped up within from young ages.

Change of mind I am not going to write

Dear Dave, We the Thespians At CME

Dear Dave, we the thespians at Cement Mixer Enterprises are most disappointed that you have not written a letter recently, any more of your malarkey and you’ll be finding yourself buried in concrete boots and have a happy new year.


Hi Bongo

Yes I have not written letters for some time though clearly many of us can claim to have moved on from particular subject matter and topics whilst others are perhaps still confused as to what is a legitimate way of characterising a scene or situation and so on and what is simply FANTASY of someone else’s confused and in conflict mind.

The generational psychology of course is an ongoing issue for some “Old Guard” peoples and persons and likewise we can say well actually when does a new generation switch into the REALM of being “Old Guard” themselves and what contribution do such individuals claim to have made as to PROGRESS or changing to improved attitudes and best practice and so on.

We all perhaps know some folks who will never change in any way shape or form irrespective of the EVIDENCE before they’re own eyes and likewise when presented with some type of EVIDENCE it is dismissed or redirected as being something to do with so-and-so over they’re and not myself.

Yes the PROBLEM is often one of gullibility as to what practice or way of going about things is best at any given moment or time. We can within the lower echelons of Society point to folks who really do not have much between the ears and constantly require having the same information repeated to them day after day-and likewise when you take to writing and WITNESSING you can come to see that no matter WHAT YOU ARE TOLD as to your own intelligence within or across the given measuring modalities of any given realm-you have a choice as to accepting such information as being of importance or otherwise.

I am often AMAZED at the way in which LITIGATION styled attitudes are developed and handed down from generation to generation. Cleary someone says-I will take you to court and SUE you if you say or do this or claim that or the other-though likewise we can clearly demonstrate that some issues really are worth exploring as to TRUTH and staying CONGRUENT within your own body and being and so on.

Clearly I have not spoken a great deal on LAWYER TERMINLOGY and LAW though it can of course be demonstrated that when we look across multiple realms and CHANGE sound or VISIONARY DYNAMIC that some very OBVIOUS links EXIST throughout the SOCIETAL SPECTRUM; irrespective of what any one given individual such-as myself claims or say or does.

So for instance we have the ROPE that can be tied into a lasso, and I yesterday mentioned Sooty-so it can clearly be demonstrated that whether you are conscious of the way we are all seemingly manipulated and coerced and so on-that breaking free or getting to a point of genuinely feeling free to set your own INTENTION can be an ongoing life course so to speak.

Clearly many a person seeks to TRY to fit Reality to the model that they have found themselves within at any given point in life-though it can be demonstrated that such tactics and so on can only take you so far before you have to accept DEFEAT in some fashion as to INTERPRETATION and meaning-many a person POTENTIALLY operating below an awareness threshold that can backfire on the activities and attitudes and teachings that they seek to impart on others. The Karma debate is perhaps debatable though clearly not being excessively gullible or becoming sucked-in to the behaviours and so on of some peoples within some realms can be the best navigation course to steer.

I could of course write multitudes of IDEAS as to ways and means to interpret differing activities and associations and meanings of given words and so on-though many are simply choice as to how any given individual desires to continue within their own respective life.

Yes we are perhaps in one of those time zones whereby more imaginative type strategies as to how one can go about life is occurring-the lull prior to the new year HIATUS perhaps though attention as always can change the way in which anyone carries out self-talk and self-transformation and what processes if any can one adopt at any given time to empower people rather than possible otherwise styled ideas.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Bertie Botts & Bertie Bassetts

So I mentioned at some point during the year as to how the daughter had bought some Harry Potter related sweets entitle Bertie Botts Jelly Beans and of course as anyone who has seen the film series knows they are given somewhat revolting names and surprise surprise they actually decided to manufacture them for real and they really are in the realm of yuck when it comes to “trial by tastebud”. That of course perhaps originally an example of being offered a sweet only to later wih you had not accepted.

I think we all used to see Bertie Bassett type liquorice allsorts style adverts only to later try liquorice allsorts and many a person of course decided at a young age that they are not all that keen on liquorice flavoured sweets. I personally do actually quite like them-though again they were the sort of sweets that my Cheshire Great-Grandmother used to have within her collection-not sure as to any meaning beyond a simple understanding of child hood like fears as to the peoples and persons you encounter as you go about your day and life and so on.

So yes the daughter recently acquired some more of these Bertie Botts sweets and gave myself a packet and I am perhaps going to pass on them given previous knowledge as to taste and flavouring.

What else-well I spoke on ROLE MODELS and clearly we all when younger have huge numbers of role models that we are bombarded with as we go about life-some of course simply fall into family type practices and beliefs whilst others like to take examples from the TV and Media realms and play them out and so on. Typical popular favourites for boys are of course Superheroes and Espionage Characters and so on-whilst similarly styled characters also have been gradually introduced for women and of course we can also point out polarity’s within the male hemispheres and polarity’s within the female hemispheres.

Are there any ways to reduce non-conscious triggers from long lost thoughts and beliefs and so on. Well clearly the simplest is to LEARN as to IDEAS such-as WITNESSING and stepping back from being within story to witnessing story and so on. Some say that such things become more fun though generally I think that is dependent upon the realms that you have found yourself within.

We can also within some spheres explore the teaching that any given TEACHER has given us-so for instance a popular Teaching that was repeated to those of us who took up Holoync was “THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY” and as you advance you can get to a level or point whereby you begin to question even those such teachings.

Some things are perhaps labelled with signs suggesting “DANGER-KEEP OUT” and “TOXINS” for a reason and likewise such things can of course be extended to characterizations that differing peoples and persons play out about yourself as you go about your day-to-day life. It can of course be demonstrated over and over again that many a person “THINKS” that they are the “ONLY ONE” who has a particular name or has a particular job role and so on-we do of course gradually work through our own respective family and given names and so on-I say this because I recently mentioned the WORD “PSUEDONYM” and clearly whilst such a word or series of symbols contains characters that are found within my INITIALS we can look about ourselves and find other people who may have similar symbols within names and lives and all the rest of such things.

So that can effectively seem like being caught up in some TANGLED SPIDERS WEB though I know-that the best remedy for myself can be to look to IMMEDIATE reference type locations as to interpretation. So whilst some reader might thing “He’s referencing myself” in reality I really can link the word “PSEUDONYM” to immediate family without ever thinking to go further afield. Clearly that an example of a LOCAL to GLOBAL type strategy-though the reverse is true in the sense that I can say well the word came to my own AWARENESS via a GLOBAL REFERENCE so again we can struggle with witnessing via trying to find to many meanings or simply ZONE in too the most obvious that may be applied to ourselves within our own respective lives.

What else-well I did see a Puppet show van earlier today as I went for a stroll down the corner shop-and we can say well most of us grew up watching various kinds of PUPPET SHOWS. We can point to those that are NATIONALLY KNOWN or INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN or indeed simply known within various locations specific to particular CULTURES within particular regions of particular lands and so on.

Typical examples are of course THUNDERBIRDS (Gerry Anderson) or THE MUPPETS (Jim Henson) that I think went somewhat international whilst more regionalised examples were PUNCH & JUDY (many seaside locations). We did of course have popular characters that expanded and then reduced again as Characters such-as SOOTY and associates and we also perhaps go into the realms of VENTRILOQUISM. Whilst we know many of these puppets were operated by humans in some fashion such peoples were generally hidden from the audience where ventriloquists tend to be part of the show such-as ORVILLE and CUDDLES and SPIT THE DOG and Ray Alan with ever drunk LORD CHARLES, so down the generations the IDEA of people on strings and hands and so on can be demonstrated to be an ever present and likewise we can perhaps take a VIEW as to SOCIETAL WIDE beliefs and behaviours as to so called STRUCTURES and so on.

So whilst the entertainment industry demonstrated that anyone can paint a couple of eyes on a sock and start doing characters and voices that is akin to how many a Business made its beginnings. Many an independent business person simply through trial and error grew a business until they had landed upon ESTABLISHED best practice via experience as to the best way to carry out particular activities. Likewise no matter how much you show and demonstrate and teach BEST ESTABLISHED practice within any given realm-you can all but GUARANTEE that there are those who ignore all that they are told in favour of making all the same mistakes that some took years to iron out of best practice strategies and so on.

Yes it does not matter how much you seek to establish a best practice-everyone interprets such things in their own IMAGE very often blinded by SELF-TALK and SOCIAL NETWORKS as to how good or bad they really are. That of course takes us into the OBJECTIVE versus SUBJECTIVE and few can claim to GENUIELY be able to successfully separate those IDEAS or indeed find an ALTERNATE to those IDEAS.


Well within my own recent reviews I have been studying particular MODELS as to the relationship between differing so-called WAVES and FREQUENCIES and those again can very much INFLUENCE how any given person is OPERATING-whether they can see such things themselves or not.

In this instance I am talking about the RELATIONSHIP between GAMMA, ALPHA, BETA, THETA and DELTA.   It has been demonstrated that given that most of us come to such teachings as to these break downs in LATER LIFE that we can think that we are the so-called DOGS at being ALPHA when in fact we are behaving BETA and so on and likewise only gaining information and researching each so-called sector can leave any given person with a better IDEA as to what their own FLAWS and so on may be.

Each realm can be demonstrated to have a GENUINE CHARACTERISTIC behaviour associated with such labelling and likewise FRAUD like behaviours associated with such Labels.

Very often these are associated or INTERLINKED with the SUBJECTIVE to OBJECTIVE model that again brings many a person into some pre-existing INTERNALISED HISTORICAL DISPUTE. So such IDEAS very often become disputed through what for many a BUSINESS should be secondary or even Tertiary considerations.

Yes the COMPONENTS OF COMPLEXITY when researched can raise your THRESHOLD HIGHER once again or take you back to having to deal with pre-established issues that you have not dealt with appropriately.

Anyone who followed my SUGGESTION to research DATABASE type RELATIONSHIPS can perhaps better understand these things-as they really are very often related to PROTECTIONIST SYSTEMS & SECURITY and so on-again very often from long lost times in our lives from childhood or indeed adulthood if you have experienced EXCESSIVE TRAUMA at any point in your life.

So the REACTIVE versus the PROACTIVE comes into DISPUTE very often because we often take what e think to be PROACTIVE STRATEGIES from a REACTIVE position-if that makes sense.

Clearly OVERTIME we want anyone to have carried out enough personal research and clearing to be CENTRED and OPERATING from some OPTIMUM perspective and view and likewise understand that all presented MODELS are just that-they are used as POINTERS TO IT rather than being it-and we can also PREDICT the so-called stages and ladders of progress-hence BILL HARRIS being able to write some EXCELLENT BLOG ARTICLES on the stages of GROWTH and AWARENESS and ENLIGHTENMENT and so on.

So any given individual can generally only KNOW what is going on within their own respective mind set and given the million and one other peoples who SHARE a NAME or JOB or LIFESTYLE CHOICE many predictions as to differing peoples behaviours becomes obvious. Some can ALWAYS seem EXTREMIST to some peoples-whilst others can always seem a SOFT TOUCH to others.

Again I have spoken on CIRCLES and many a circular model demonstrates that the extreme points are in fact very often simply expressive VERSIONS of the same IDENTITY.

Can anyone calve a genuinely enhanced IDENTITY for themselves beyond all the nonsenses and debates-yes I think they can though clearly such action is again a choice and finding such a role requirement in life or developing such a role model in life is choice.

So many modalities are developed that are HELPFUL whilst far more are developed that (In My Opinion) are unhelpful as to STAGES OF GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT.

I could have stopped for instance with the original Velocity site-though chose to move forward from that position and likewise everyone has choice as to NAVIGATION through all the research of respective information’s and INTERACTIVE RELATIONSHIPS.

What BEHAVIOUR is telling someone that they need to act out as “VICTIM” and what behaviour and STRATEGY is more neutral and mature and demonstrating a better navigated “as things exist NOW” best establishment practice.

Yes plenty for anyone and everyone to get IDEAS from though very often finding the THREADS is part of the process.

So IDENTIFY a childhood model that you may or may not have enjoyed. Identify what your thoughts and feelings are in relation to such (very often) long lost issues now as an ADULT. Decide what INTENTION you can set yourself for how you would like your THOUGHT relationship to be ith such an issue at some future point.

That of course related to the sphynx riddle again though I was thinking that in keeping with the re-understanding of words and language that HOLOSYNC could be rephrased “HAUL US IN” or “HALL OF SINS”. Yes some things are repeated at differing times and are clearly related to what is going on within our respective lives and realms and when we are COLLECTING and ANALYSING DATA such as that held within a DIARY or JOURNAL.

Well this one has gone on and on of course though I was thinking about how we can MANIPULATE SOUND in so many ways as to make old thoughts and feelings VANISH without so much as a SWISS SIGH at having avoided war through suggesting they would BURN ALL YOUR MONEY.

Yes I have just realized I have not had a TOBLERONE this year and will perhaps have to go rushing to see if anywhere has any of those large ones left. I did whilst looking for Christmas PRESENTS find myself going through this list and that list and not being able to IDENTIFY what some folks might want-my brother a TYPICAL EXAMPLE in the sense that he and his Missus BUY everything that they want for themselves and actually spoke to them on the subject in the sense that it is the same for many people of my generation.

I joked that I had genuinely thought about buying them a CUCKOO CLOCK that I had seen at one point and that of course perhaps reminded ourselves of Aunt Mona and her house of Clocks and Ornaments with EYES THAT STARE as soon as it goes quiet and the sun descents in the sky and so on. The amount of sounds and so on that can INDUCE FEAR without any portrayal is quite amazing. We many of us these days have GUGLING RADIATOR SYSTEMS in rooms automated central heating systems and so on. Alien a famous movie that relied on the INDUCTION of fear without reason.

So strange though true-simply meditating and so on can clear all sorts of long lost childhood thoughts and feelings without a by or leave whether you think you want or desire to be free of such things or otherwise.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So This Morning Woken Up Earlier Than Intended

So this morning woken up earlier than intended I found myself thinking about ways and means of getting the best out of many a learning and teaching and so on and strangely enough you do find that quite simple things such as common courtesy can actually go along way when you think about it.

Please and thank you very often some of the earliest words that we learn within our respective lives-well I say that of course though do have to honestly doubt that within some quarters and realms.

What else-well I did once again find myself thinking about words and indeed how some are abbreviated-so for instance we have Dr and that can of course be changed by the addition of other alphanumerical characters taking us into the land of mice with dor or through an opening in space known as a door. We can of course say oh well that explains the historical reason for anyone’s presence within the current time frame if we change spelling to daughter doorter?

Yes though quite simply some folks perhaps get overly locked into one dimensional strategies as to it all being about chasing women. Those who already have a women in their life or simply have other more IMPORTANT ISSUES TO DEAL WITH-can of course think of other areas and aspects of life to apply DOOR reasoning to, such as a job and career and making money and so on, far too often it does seem that many a person who talks a good talk in competing over areas or bases that they already have covered are actually doing themselves more harm than good-I say that simply from the perspective of someone who has noticed various malady’s seemingly afflicting such individuals more than others-though clearly given IDEAS such as contagion we can see how these afflictions and obsessions can spread.

We could in fact suggest that DOOR is simply an all-encompassing POINTER to some quite simple and obvious things. Each and every NAME LABEL for instance could be a DOOR that leads to another door that leads to another door. So where once we got all confused as to why this is spelt like that whilst this same sounding word over here is spelt like this-we can disregard such DELIBERATE confusions and focus on simplifying such things within whatever realm and ecosystem or environment we find ourselves within.

So just as computer systems have developed with routers and hubs and servers and so on we can see the so-called way in which technological advancement has occurred down through the ages of any given persons pre-history-by that I mean what events and twists and so on had to have happened in order for you as a thought within a body to now exist.

Clearly we can see that comparable language structuring and musical notations and of course comedy and humour and so on have occurred within may a person life to exist within the present day-I also I believe mentioned that in Evolutionary terms it might be considered that most folks have shared childhood type stories whether biblical or otherwise that were used in perhaps allegorical or metaphorical fashion only for us to unknowingly perhaps become ensnared as to wanting to be like this hero or that heroin and so on. Clearly the further we advance with simple meditations and clearing out what may or may not be detritus we come to see things are far more interconnected than previously thought and that likewise whilst all this horror and so on is occurring within that sphere of the globe we PERSONALLY do not have to necessarily be influenced by such events beyond witnessing and taking note of what is occurring.

So a note today might simply be that another Airliner has gone missing within a particular region of the globe-this time I think Asia and the place is clearly fast becoming akin to a NEW BERMUDA TRIANGLE like zone (In my opinion). Yes the number of craft disappearing within the ASIAN SECTOR so to speak is perhaps worth comparing to previously DOCUMENTED history of the Bermuda Triangle Region, no I am not suggesting that Aliens and Weird Spaceships and UFO’S and so on, so much as being interested in how the cycles and patterns are gradually shifting down through the ages in an almost shadow lag. I say shadow lag in the sense that we in the WEST consider ourselves to be spearheading into the FUTURE and all these other regions are perhaps following or playing catch-up via hanging on the coat-tails of the shadow of advancement and so on.

Difficult to explain such theories though we can say that ONE REGION took to the skies then another and another and again such things can perhaps be show within a pyramid type structure, though clearly that does not serve spherical navigation charts and understanding-well it can though again how much anyone needs to know as opposed to having some inkling is of course choice.

I have studied this and studied that and such study beyond anything else enables myself to be more of a calm and relaxed shoulder shrugger to many issues-whilst some perhaps go through REPETITIONS of historical cycles and patterns thinking that they are somehow personally going to change such events after the fact. We can of course all hold and have opinions though it can be demonstrated that separating ACTUAL FACT from any speculation and so on can actually be the best remedy for many issues. What did I actually see versus what did I speculate. Speculation might of course also take us into the realm of dream land-though clearly designing a dream lifestyle for yourself is potentially differing from wearing some pre-existing model of reality simply because no-one could be bothered to tell you otherwise-or indeed we were to confused to THINK CLEARLY that some other perspectives and POINTS-OF-VIEW can exist that are not necessarily in CONFLICT wih the one that we are seeking to impart to people. Far to often a one dimensional perspective is taken for granted rather than multiple dimensional perspectives, hence my recently speaking on top down view and side view and profile view and so on.

We can with assistance from folks who have developed various technologies, think of ourselves as sat in that MEDITATION POSITION and then viewing or CREATING the WORLD about ourselves much as we might when within a STAR TREK STYLED HOLOSUITE.

This does of course take us into the realms of WRITNG and being AUTHORS in the sense that we can go into our place of work or family house or church or were ever and shut our eyes and imagine the scene and picture as a Disney or George Lucas or Steven Spielberg might envision such things. Yes you can choose the dark and disturbing type directors and producers also though I simply putting across the point that very FEW STORY MODELS actually exist beyond your typical Romeo and Juliet and so on-we pretend that this is different from that though we can strip away any given scenery and location and reduce such things to DIALOGUE and then place such dialogue into ANY INDUSTRY or scenery and location that exists within the World. Likewise for anyone interested in the animal like caricatures we can extend such things into Disney and Hanna-Barbera and Warner Brothers type characterizations-clearly it can be demonstrated that some people want to be the cruel evil and twisted psycho’s whilst others want to be honest and true and so on-choice is of course choice though we do find as people take up meditation and see the positive benefits in relation to behaviour and all the various integrations of sight and sound and other sensory abilities that irrespective of age or time of life that they regard themselves-a more all-encompassing and broader sighted strategies often creeps upon you and before you know it you are stepping through those door to door links within your own mind-what animal would I animate this person as within my animated dream-what sort of personality would that person have-we often find that many a truth can be found as to portrayals when we strip away all the lifetimes worth of compartmentalisations that exist. Yes we can all select our own attributes and variables above and beyond those that others seek to place on us though clearly some IDEAS and attitudes and behaviours and knowledge and awareness’s are more life empowering and life enhancing than others.

Far to easy to think that a book page can be reduced to one when in fact we can always demonstrate that two sides exist irrespective of whether one side of the sheet you are staring at is blank and so on.

I think it was OASIS who sang about casting shadows and not looking back and of course when we look at the story of Jacob (not cream crackers of course) we can see that his wife looked back and turned into some pillar of salt. I am unsure as to the meanings of such portrayals though clearly however much we seek to stay set in one time period the more we perhaps potentially become trapped within unnecessarily painful cycles and patterns of pain. The time as they say is always now hwever much we seek to look back to some historical moment of personal glory or success. Clearly they do say that we can model and remind ourselves of our successes and enhance those moments to experience more of those type of thoughts and feelings and actions though we must also say that we really do want to step through the window of time into the NEW YEAR with greater VISION and IDEAS as to how can I demonstrate greater levels of ability within the areas of teachings and learnings that I have chosen to purchase and move my life forward with and so on.

Yes a strange day to be writing upon and another area I found myself thinking about was PARROTS and PARASOL so one a bird famed for mimicking and being dead within the Monty Python sketch and another a type of UMBRELLA if my SPELLING is appropriate.

Yes step-by-step through highs and lows the clock ticks forward whilst seasons ebb and flow we can of course look upto the sky though looking back perhaps the sun and moon know why-a tale of ADVENTURE a story to write who is wrong and who is right-the judgements of sages the survival of man and all in all did an Astronaut fall-The Star Man cometh or did he not-the aliens landed according to blot-we all have patterns and cycles we use-some are the best that the establishment use-does being in alignment cause resistance and pain or simply remind you of passions within chains.

Yes I am clearly not fully thinking appropriately at present though it is still early for many on a Sunday Morning GMT as they say in London or wherever people and persons happen o being going about life the Universe and Everything.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

So I Seemingly Find Myself Recalling Scattered Memories

Scattered memories of course suggests that no obvious links exist between various events that we have recorded within our respective noggins and so on. So for instance I fould myself thinking about “Old School Ties” and rather than my Secondary school tie I was actually thinking of my Primary School Tie and of course given the nature of young children I probably suffered gravy tie quite often given that as school children beyond tucking them into our shirts and trousers we did not use such devices as tie pins and so on. Speaking of that of course can take myself forward in memory via many years to other ties that I have worn through-out my life.

I think I wrote at one time about having worn a BOW TIE when having been in moonlighting employment working for a video production firm and that was of course all related to DANCE and whilst most of us think of such things as quite popular and common-at that time such things had generally disappeared from the so-called national consciousness beyond of course localised clubs and circuits and so on that many stage and theatre like groups are involved with.

I think one of the MAJOR BENEFITS not only of retuning your mind is that when you include compressed like thoughts and processes and gain advanced hearing at regular speed you come to see how many confusions and conflicts occur. So whilst the News or Noose headlines are full of shock and horror at the way events occur within society as a whole-gradually the more you witness and INTEGRATE so to speak various new tunings such-as alphanumerical relationships to sound and other sensory abilities you find greater ability within yourself to simply RELAX perhaps regarding many an issue as a repetition or nothing to become overly concerned about and so on.

Likewise many an issue as is often the case is transmitted through various populations-so we can all perhaps see that when any given area or group of people raises threshold and awareness among any given populace that that too can become transmitted to wider circles and populations and so on. So where once we could all go around pointing fingers at those who we believe to have done us wrong-we can let those who want to see the new paradigm continue to see the better developed paradigm and so on and go perhaps less affected by those who refuse to see what becomes exceptionally obvious to those who have sought enlightenment and change within the hemispheres between one’s own ears.

Yes confusion can rain as to understanding SCATTERED memories though in reality when you simply note such things down and look at dates and the wider World you really do come to see greater levels of inter-connectedness and so-called 6 degrees of separation and so on.

I see that a train station closure is causing chaos in central London and the war of words continues between North Korea and The United States and Technological Advances are once again being predicted for the year of 2015.

Yes I having looked at many an email in recent days have come to some strange conclusion that 2015 must truly madly deeply be a very special year to exist within. I am actually not wholly certain that such claims are entirely true though cannot easily disagree with so many far more advanced experts than myself.

Clearly every day and every week and every month and every year and every century and so on that we take a BREATH OF AIR INTO OUR LUNGS and then EXHALE THE ASSORTED BODILY TOXINS might be considered as being a successful demonstration of still being alive-whatever and wherever you happen to find yourself and so on. Some folks of course suggest that everything is entirely about MONEY and in some ways that could well be true though likewise I think as I have progressed I think there really are some trades and exchanges that many of us would in reality REFUSE irrespective of COST. Easy of course to say “Everyone has a price” though it can of course be demonstrated that for every person that pays such a price someone somewhere is potentially suffering through refusing to be flexible and adapt to change and so on. Clearly we can all be intransigent on particular issues though some kinds of digging your heels in are potentially more thought through and purposeful than others.

So that perhaps where many a number of us has suffered in saying this that and the other in childhood only later to perhaps regret-though we can of course now remind ourselves of the most basic of teachings to seek to take the feedback and adapt and change accordingly with that feedback. Clearly some folks are confused between ideas as to spiritual teachings and so on though as I have said and had it repeated to myself also-the further you progress the more you come to see that many a teaching has to be explored mentally in terms of self-inquiry and questioning and when we speak of meditation we also perhaps include various BREATHING TECHNIQUES.

Again from my own studies it is actually suggested that whilst we are encouraged to be all logical and precise and absolute and empirical within calculations that in fact denies the facilties provided by other areas of our respective brains-so irrespective of your given LEANINGS towards any kind of thought process-whether you are Right Side dominant or Left Side Dominant you can with practice and so on become more and more balanced in your understanding of the theory and indeed the various recommended practical work that many a course offers.

This one perhaps slightly shorter than usual though it is Saturday and we really can learn to make those differing realms operate in a far more lean fashion than I previously thought possible-so continuation into 2015 will continue in an understanding of measurements and scales and patterns rather than being the measurement and scales and patterns and so on. The ability to step back and witness rather than go headlong into issues that we may or may not necessarily relate to and so on.

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Send In The Clowns

Yes so I mentioned Jesters within the title of an article recently and whilst in modern times we generally regard jesters as clown like characters usually associated with being the 53 and 54 cards in a standard playing deck-we can of course once again look to the historical comedy reference and indeed some of the possible thoughts and feelings and actions that such character provoke.

I for instance when far younger than today have memory of visiting a CIRCUS and whilst Circus’ still indeed tour this was back in the times when Animals were still included within such shows. The memory is exceptionally vague though I remember a so-called Ringmaster in Top Hat and Red Coat similar perhaps to those we see within the realms of the so-called HUNT.

The only other seemingly recalled memory was that of CLOWNS running around chasing each other and throwing buckets of water at each other-when it came time for them to interact with the audience I recall the fear as they came running around only to become showered with a bucket of SAWDUST.

Yes clowns and jesters and so on are of course used possibly to represent games of so-called black and white in the sense that the FACE & MAKEUP is perhaps regarded as a MASK to what lies beneath and likewise I spent a great deal of my younger childhood being babysat so to speak by a generation of women who white powdered their faces. I guess that whilst such things are commonplace in terms of makeup usage each generation seemingly has its own VERSION of such practice.

I have on occasion for instance noticed that some Polish Women within the work environment or ecosystem have a practice of applying a cream coloured type paste on the faces and I guess such practices are used to hide or cover blemishes and so on to recapture feelings of youth and so on.

Each generation seemingly teaches itself a favoured set of practices and preferred make-ups and so on. These days of course I prefer to speak in terms of reflections and mirrors within a framework of understanding metaphorical and allegorical learnings and teachings and those are perhaps differing to in-depth feelings of bodily related issues. I think once anyone within any realm or ecosystem environment has opened up so-called bodily channels and internalised systems of healing and so on that other long lost thoughts and feelings and so on can often of course arise-though likewise we often find ourselves being better able to communicate and express ourselves than previously thought possible within such teachings and learnings.

So I speak on this issue because I know that my daughter has often expressed a disliking of clown like figures and characters very often in that relation to makeup-though she herself has on occasion demonstrated these kinds of make-up practices as she has grown and examples of Halloween make-up can of course stand side-by-side in comparison with the “looking pretty” kinds of makeup that many a female teenager takes to using as soon as they are allowed.

So another reference that I later looked up was the Dr Who episode that I quoted from and it was a story related to King Louis XV although he was a minor character the main focus being upon his so-called Mistress. We in the UK of course can look at the Royal History and it is said that similar EXAMPLES can be shown within UNITED KINGDOM HISTORY.

So what?

Well returning to the HEREFORD THEME-WE are one of those places that has a DISPUTED claim as to some former Kings Mistress this one in particular entitled Nell Gwynne and again I think for myself at least it is interesting from the perspective of Locations of related maps and Geography and so on. I think that a small street that is used as a short-cut incline into a hill runs up from a former river bank location right up to the Cathedral and INTERSECTS also with BROAD STREET and KINGS STREET-so we can look at such INTERSECTIONS with NEW ideas as to how these IDEAS occurred to previous City Dwellers and Architects and so on. I also mention the name Nell Gwynne because I recall from childhood helping clear an old Theatre site on Edgar Street that later went on to become The Nell Gwynne Theatre opposite the Football Ground. Again that has long since disappeared and a new community Arts Centre now stands within that location-one I have visited on multiple occasions over the years simply to watch Pantomime and Film and so on when the daughter has been visiting. As she has grown she has perhaps become less interested in those sorts of activities and I am of course now in the realm of the “embarrassing dad”. That perhaps akin to the IDEA of TRENDY DAD and other DAD like figures that have gone before.

Someone WHO KNOWS TO MUCH about the REAL ME is of course where those kind of Psychological Issues ORIGINATE though of course I generally seek to allow her varying sorts of leverage and-or freedom as she has grown simply to ENCOURAGE personal growth and development. I think many of us can recall from childhood being “PUT IN OUR PLACE” by some adult Threatening or using terms as to various kinds of seemingly “EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL”. Again as I progressed I have come to SEE that letting go of such Historical Thoughts and Feelings is often the BEST PRACTICE. IT IS Far too easy to HOLD ONTO some grudge from many years ago and then whilst your ATTENTION is FOCUSSED on those kinds of thoughts and feelings and related actions-you miss out on the OPPORTUNITY to RECOGNISE that times have changed and that whilst you may have sought to use those thoughts and feelings as leverage or MOTIVATION-very often they actually hold you back from being all you can achieve and designing your own life in the manner of positive expectations and rewarding yourself in the so-called NOW.

Yes again these things are potentially differing for men and women though as you progress you do come to see that in influence terms many a REACTION and so on is very often the same-I do think Women are generally given far greater scope than men when it comes to some issues though it is often shown via STATISTICS that in swings and roundabouts terms we can see BALANCES occurring within the so-called EQUILIBRIUM and so on.

Yes the IDEA of some Butterfly flapping its wings in one realm causing a storm elsewhere is of course mathematically related-though when we look at the EXTREMELY HIGH NUMBER of peoples on the Earth-some 7 Billion I think and the scaling or factorising of maps and PROBABILITY FRACTALS we can come to see that we really are often whilst adopting an INTEGRATIVE approach to awareness also best ESTABLISHING appropriate boundaries and so on as to how this THOUGHT within a body-is going to work rest and play and so on.

So yes boundaries and reflective mirrors and intersections of mathematical formulas and sounds and thoughts and feelings and just about everything really can be demonstrated to be inter-related or interwoven and we can all of us when speaking on such issues as awakening and awareness and so on understand the so-called game of black and white dynamics where by whilst some choose to live in continued EXTREMISM we all of us can be better off explaining theoretical over physical.

Progress for most people usually requires the letting go of particular IDEAS as to various maps and realisations that we are all unique individuals who have options and choices and some of those choices and options when analysed and thought through to LOGICAL CONCLUSIONS really do not hold as much water as some of us may have previously have liked to think.

Comedy is of course also related to clowns though from the perspective of personal growth and development within any given realm-it really can be best to establish what is COMEDY.

I can for instance point to one or two folks who when I was on Facebook regularly published some HIGHLY OFFENSIVE in some quarters HUMOUR-HOWEVER such things were often ROTATED in some fashion such as that demonstrated within some Jeremy Lloyd like comedy fashion whereby everyone was portrayed in a less than savoury light or light-hearted STEREOTYPE. Very different from ISOLATING ONE INDIVIDUAL or minority group and then constantly bombarding such peoples and folks with highly offensive prejudice.

Yes the intersecting lines of differing realms and interpretation of actions in relation to lifestyle choices and all the rest really can make all the difference-some DEMAND that you hold grudges against them as some POWER EGO TRIP-THOUGH likewise those of us who have sought to RECAPTURE our own thoughts and feelings and so on can continue to DISPELL MYTH for TRUTH and HARMONY and a MATURE APPROACH to how we go about relationships and learnings and teachings and so-called INTEGRATIVE LIFE PRACTICES.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

The Jesters Apprentice

So I like many other people decided to watch the Dr Who “Christmas Special” and as is often the case I am known to have Historically (at least) been somewhat critical of these Standalone Episodes-how did this one entitled “Last Christmas” fair-well actually within the RANKING of Christmas Specials this one actually jumps straight into one of the higher positions-yes definitely top 5 from my perspective and I can see that whilst I did not necessarily follow much of the preceding season (said to have explored darker themes) that this one does live up to that commentary-however we must remind ourselves that we have perhaps all been that little child surrounded by tall adults being drunk and talking and this one perhaps gave nods to many an adults potential childhood fears. The film series Alien was perhaps referenced and also I think Sir Richard Attenborough he whilst having performed and made many a movie perhaps best remembered by the present populace for his Santa Claus portrayal within MIRACLE ON 34th STREET. Yes it might be suggested that the IDEA of NESTED LOOPS of DREAMING REALITY was OVER-PLAYED though I think that the DIRECT APPROACH taken can in REALITY genuinely be the best APPROACH-I say that from experience of my own history and seeking to explain many a THEORETICAL and feeling like banging head against BRICK-WALL.

The title here is of course a reference to the forthcoming new series of Dr Who-where the first episode is said to be entitled “The Magician’s Apprentice”-that of course fills myself with CURIOSITY as I am known to have had a Disney SORCERORS APPRENTICE avatar within the facebook realm for many years although I have perhaps mostly neglected Facebook in terms of interest in recent years.

What else can I speak on-well clearly ATTUNEMENT is perhaps where many a person DESIRES to carry out clearing on History Fear and INTERPRETATION and so on-and clearly it can be demonstrated that multiple REALMS have similar TUNING SOLUTIONS.

How So?

Well I have Historically recommended ACIM (A Course in Miracles) and that is of course FREE although I suggested usage in COMBINATION with other modalities.

I work for a Company that has a work Area entitled ACM and again it might be suggested that the parent corporation is attuned to the greater awareness and knowledge and so on.

Likewise I live in Hereford and we do of course have an internationally famed local regiment where one of the leading Authors is known by the PSUEDONYM Andy McNab and again we can see that ATTUNEMENT and so on might be regarded as where anyone from any realm desires to be. I personally used to get all the McNab and Ryan books regularly at Christmas and Birthdays and am sure many other guys did also-though clearly beyond the realm of being Entertainment I cannot claim to have gone through such peoples life experience beyond portrayals within other MEDIA REALMS and that is of course the same for most of us-when it comes to Elites of any kind whether the Royal Family or however such things are demonstrated within any Geopolitical Realm about the Earth and Greater Universe.

We have also of course within Tennis seen the RISE of Andy Murray and again it might be suggested that people have chosen FAMILY type names and attunement type names for the benefit of the CHILDREN. So we can say that in some areas of life that the JESUS TO A CHILD MODEL still works whatever our age. Likewise within some WORLDY ORBITS that model has perhaps been downgraded hence others coming along and saying “well let us try this new model instead”.

So the IDEA of a WORLD of INTER-CONNECTED dreams REALLY is perhaps TRUER when we explore and progress in our respective lives and research.

What else-well I finished yesterday with the word XYLOPHONE and clearly when many of us were little or far younger than we are now we perhaps had one of those small with coloured musical bars xylophones. I am unsure if they go by that name though such instruments have been popular for much of the last Century.

So it can be demonstrated whether through a conductor of a choir or orchestra coordinating instrumentation or a choreographer organising the dance or a Theatre Producer organising a Theatre Production that we can really reduce everything via APPROPRIATE ASSOCIATION gaining greater attunement to SYSTEMS that actually work in alignment with awareness and knowledge and so on and so forth.

Clearly if we can associate a colour with a particular sound and we can associate that association up through the 5 Octaves and likewise expand these associations we can improve our own respective feedback and return type thoughts and feelings and so on.

We do of course take in far more than we register on a day-to-day basis and further exploration usually leaves us thinking OMG I do not really need that trial of historical associations when I can replace it with this all new and improved system that I may or may not have been better of being attuned to in the first place.

Yes so repetition through modalities whereby we gradually SHIFT into ever increasing alignment with AH-HA’s and having new IDEAS as to how we can bring others to see these things. Clearly given the MODEL of seeing or SENSING is believing that many a person lives by-when we are able to raise our threshold and maintain our own improved maps we become INCENTIVISED to make further PROGRESS within the NEW TRUTH rather than returning to prior confusion and chaos. Again some people are perhaps naturally attuned whilst others among us have to work and it and I choose to work at it.

So I associated with colours of the Rainbow with electronics via knowledge of so-called resister colour coding and likewise the same was done by Learning Strategies within particular MEDITATION IMAGES. The CELLULAR issue is perhaps potentially a differing kind of issue in the sense that the NATURE versus NURTURE argument becomes REDUNDANT.

It can be suggested that we come into the World as a BLANK CANVAS on an EASEL and when you look at CHURCH GEOGRAPHY we can see that we ourselves are perhaps like the Church as a KEY within a KEY SYSTEM.

So in SCALING terms the CHURCH perhaps set the Original Model with a CENTRAL CATHEDRAL and then ORBITED PARISH Churches and so on. The same MODEL system can be demonstrated to have been used across most REALMS and areas of expertise and so on.

So I can look at a CIRCUIT BOARD and think that the CIRCUIT board is like a MAP of a given GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION. Clearly we can perhaps say that your average City or Town or Village MAP has become confused and so on via people not knowing of greater awareness and building left right and centre in some uncoordinated pattern or fashion. Likewise we can STRIP AWAY such issues via practicing compassion and visualization of CLEAR FIELDS and even walking around with a Compass Hanging from our respective necks like an expert in Feng Shui and orienteering.

So many methods exist to remove the so-called SENSORY BLINDS via improving our ABILITY to TRUST INTUITION. Yes we have all perhaps sought to TRUST intuition with a varying degree of INDIVIDUAL SUCCESS though again given the LIFESTYLES that some of us have chosen or the pre-existing Hero’s we have chosen whether in Music or family or Theatre and Film we can see how DIVERSE the WORLD and LANDSCAPE really is as to ATTUNEMENT OPTIONS and we can likewise with Holosync or other binaurial beat modalities for instance-simply choose to always use the ALPHA meditation or the Gamma Meditation or the Theta Meditation-clearly the Delta does not seem to have a pre-existing standalone Model though that is of course our assumed NATURAL DREAM STATE.

Are we good at INFUSING our lives with our dreams and can we DECIPHER the patterns and maps via recursive strategies until we gain ever increasing levels of awareness and knowledge and integrative theories of attenuation mappings.

Yes the more we can within our own respective lives see the links between our SENSORY input and SENSORY output the more we perhaps take up that CENTRE STAGE position of feeling more secure in ourselves and our beliefs about the World and better navigate our lives and so on. Yes stepping stone remedies are carried out and casting shadow’s whilst we ourselves perhaps cast shadows into the FUTURE or in reverse as to how the respective BRIDGES of INTELLIGENCE and DOCTRINES of Therapy occur.

A favoured episode of Dr Who was related to a quote from one actress who said “A DOOR ONCE OPENED CAN BE TRAVERSED BOTH WAYS” The local library door that was once one of those spinning star doors (when viewed from atop) similarly like a turn-style disagreed-I recall many an occasion of trying to make the door turn and spin in the opposing direction-much to the chagrin of other peoples seeking to enter into the Hereford Library.

So we can within any realm seek to break down our knowledge into a PROFILE side view, or a slice view, or a top down view and clearly if we are people with a car or other road going vehicle we can seek to identify the purpose of the vehicular positioning of mirrors and so on.

The further I have advanced the further I have found myself simply finding gaps in knowledge and filling them in-I once studied engineering though specialised in Electronics and did a “Mechanical” first year. I recently found myself researching a book on mechanics and those pulleys and ropes and cogs and wheels can be found within WATCHES or indeed within the time period of the INDUSTRIAL revolution. So we can group and cluster ideas as to belonging to particular THREADS and the more we associate such THREADS seamlessly across differing realms the LESS PROCESSES we find ourselves having CONFLICT with. So a potential mental MAZE becomes a clearer and broader series of ever increasing pattern matches.

This is once again simple notes and people we are now in BOXING DAY and I am of course wondering as to what TRADITIONAL boxing day events can be interwoven and interlinked in an uplifting and rewarding fashion and so on. Clearly shopping is a popular activity for some whilst other among us prefer RECOVERY from the prior day. Yes I really can talk until the cows come home and much of what is written here is actually solely for the purpose of becoming CONGRUENT WITHIN MY SENSES and WITNESSING ACROSS REALMS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

Merry Christmas Anyone

Yes today is of course one where many a family is perhaps getting together or friends are getting together and doing annual drinking and present swapping sessions and making merry so I hope you are one o them and if not why not-the reasons can of course be broad and diverse though I know myself that even when I was no longer with family or in relationships that I could choose to go out for a walk in the park and gain some fresh air and very often a public house or two opens for the afternoon-so there really is no reason for anyone to necessarily stay bottled or cooped up alone in some cocoon unless that is of course the choice. I can genuinely tick of all of the above from a history point of view and given the options for going for walks and going to the pub and staying cooped up and so on the best remedy was of course not staying cooped up-we can do these activities at any time of our lives of course and any day of our respective lives though it can perhaps “POTENTIALLY” feel more extreme or HEIGHTENED in terms of emotions and so on if you have comparable historical memories. Progress even whilst being blessed within a now moment does still occur in terms of day-to-day measuring and weighing and so on.

So many a person does not necessarily want recommendations from myself on Christmas day-though if you did the same as myself and bought some of the recommended reading lists such-as those on the Learning Strategies Website-it can often be worthwhile including some of those kinds of recommendations within your reviews especially if you have stepped up a level within your Holosync Levels. Another “Ancient” work I found myself reading was in fact the book “Spiral Dynamics” and that again is one that is recommended across multiple modalities of research especially for those folks interested in the Integral Colour System and MEME’S SYSTEM.

Meme’s are not an area I have really covered all that much as they are perhaps already covered in many ways in other terminologies in other courses-I do recall that Rosey’s elder sister Daisy was once presented with a mini black poodle as a present when she was far younger than now and her response became the pet’s name-ME-ME. ( true).

Yes so quite strange all these things though again as we all know irrespective of History we can return ourselves in a multitude of ways and so on to not really being Sims or Clones so much as having the opportunity to reclaim our health and-or perspective on many a Societal Issue. I myself being Dave have of course studied multiple materials in relations to GENES and DNA and RNA and EPIGENETICS and various related therapies to those modalities and again even with simply practices such-as regular EFT Tapping you can gain greater awareness and clarity and shifts and even potential “RELIEF” from many an irregular bodily malfunction type condition (I was interested due to daughters Epilepsy) though have found myself seemingly experiencing positive like shifts simply through have read through and studied such materials along with my “Regular” meditation practice.

Yes step-by-step the road seemingly becomes broader and wider and the landscape flattens out as to your “Horizons” and “Future” prospects-everyone of course has to make such decisions in life as to which colour topped biscuit to eat or button to press or wire to cut and likewise choice is choice as to direction. So whilst we have yet to have had our Queens Annual Address to The Peoples of Britannia and The Commonwealth I did wonder as to what I myself would write as a Christmas Speech.

I have of course great experiencing at writings simply through regularly blogging and likewise having studied a massive amount of materials related to the so-called Four Powers for Greatness-Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Of course I can realistically claim to be somewhat far removed from many a person’s list of Celebrated Expertise on such matters-though perhaps like many others it can be all too easy to fall into confusion and conflict rather than maintain focus on uplifting and rewarding strategies as to how to go about improving your own sensory abilities and skills and ECOSYSTEMS.

Yes ecosystems and environments all begin somewhere and given the ever popular favoured “REMEDY” “Listen to me-I’ll save you” we can of course be thankful that I place my own attention on other matters. Yes as one or two gem-like jewellery books suggest such-as Arnold Patent’s with You can Have it all and Money and so on you do come to see that anyone at any age can beg, borrow and steal ideas that they have read elsewhere and then get a book published and earn income for that book having being published-I do often wonder why I have not done this-and I think it is clearly due to associated CELEBRITY IDEAS such-as promoting and glad-handing and Autographing and so on.

Yes AU has been heavily on my mind recently and I was going to write a piece speaking on Auxiliary Augmentation Audiences and then had a realisation that I do not have a damned clue as to what I might mean by that-also another WORD that is exceptionally HIGH in the FACTORIZATION stakes at present is CLUSTERING. Yes we could break it down and suggest clue stirring or any other number of words though I was thinking that in terms of peoples and persons using particular processes and modalities then a cluster might simply be a FAMILY or a MOB or a GANG or a TEAM and so on and likewise within the bodily realms and indeed within PHYSICS relating to Particles and Waves that we can via several modalities that I recommend change the way in which the body operates. Some might be concerned as to why I speak on those kinds of topics though when we look at some Hospital REMEDIES for particular ailments then it is often demonstrated that magic bullet like strategies are adopted that only affect CLUSTERS of the ROGUE cells so to speak.

Yes as I suggest I am not in anyway shape or form an expert on such matters though I know that some peoples again at this time of year when meeting up with family and friends often go on about particular HEALTH related conditions and in reality it has whether we like such things or otherwise been demonstrated that many ailments really are simply about changing beliefs. If it worked for so-and-so then there must surely be HOPE for any of us when we find ourselves becoming afflicted in any way shape or form-I also notice that the Ebola is being High-lighted in speeches as are wars and refugees and as is often the case-someone always manages to have a louder voice on some topic than others.

Yes it can sometimes be WISE to keep Schtum-though likewise I see no harm in making recommendations to friends and family as to possible Enlightenment and ways of SEEING the WORLD ANEW.

Progress occurs as a rapid pace as those of us who have watched our children grow know only too well and as to whether they learn any lessons from ourselves is of course debatable though I do wish that in many ways-the Technologies and learnings and so on had been far more widely distributed and available than they perhaps are now.

So a Christmas day without a voice going high-and-low through multiple pitches and tones and resonances though of course-the application of going where no-one has gone before requires finding a respective NICHE in an as yet undiscovered or under-utilised area of expertise and like every other unique being upon the tiny planet in a small map grid quadrant of the Galaxy-I have some food to be digesting and wondering upon.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas Day as no-one else can have it for you. Thank you for reading, God Bless and Xylophone 😉

Yes Always Wondering What One Can Write About

And as is often the case we don’t have to walk very far to have an ah-ha or indeed search through a mornings news headlines. So I popped to the shops this morning and as always the streets where I lived “Terraced Houses” are often packed with residential address vehicles-we the residence have to apply for permits and so on. Anyway a couple of cars were sat on opposite sides of the road and one was GOLDEN in colour and the other was PLATINUM in colour and of course such colours-we can investigate as to other realms-in this case we did at one time speak on CREDIT CARD levels everyone really proud of the Gold Card at one time until someone whacked out a Platinum.

However that was not the thinking dynamic that I personally found myself thinking about-I believe once again I can speak on so-called INTEGRAL LIFE PRACTICE and KEN WILBUR, he of course a writer of many books and courses and I happen to like some of the written materials and indeed the associated learnings of integrated levels of awareness and so on.

So within the Integral realm it is suggested that a Gold Standard is akin to the say “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself” whilst the Platinum Standard is suggested as “Treat others as they would like to be treated”. I think we can see that one is a dualistic COMPARE whilst the OTHER is a “Going the EXTRA mile” type of formula-again these things can GENUINELY take time to step into as processes and systems so whilst I can well imagine many a person myself included (early on) would almost naturally assume that such a set-up really is enabling anyone and everyone to take or rip you to shreds and so on. Clearly these things perhaps as you go into any of the further enlightenment type practices can seem daunting-though again I have found that it really can be about pushing yourself to step through or over those so-called (within your own mind) mental fears and blockages and so on.

It is probably better for people who are fully working from an Integral perspective to explain than myself-though I must say that in review books over and over again the Ken Wilbur courses are once again in alignment with ideas as to differing levels and stages that you go through as you advance into the weird and wonderful realms of enlightenment. Some things can seem RIDICULOUS though really you simply have to keep on going-and again in many ways record honestly as much as you can about your day to day thinking and what you may have seen or heard or touched and so on-yes all these things can be simplified with doodles and pictures and likewise one word trigger like references-though I have found that all the strategies that nearly all the various “learning” courses recommend is often forms of note-taking and so on. So that perhaps strange thing to do after so many years of perhaps already having had your school days-though I am of the belief that you are never too young to simply all these many combined IDEAS & RITUALS into some DAILY SYSTEMATIZED STRATEGY for making the most of our already inherent inbuilt abilities and so on.

What else-well I see Bryan Ferry is in the news via an INDIRECT association of his son having been in some vehicular accident. I think it is perhaps somewhat harsh given that he perhaps most famously sang the song “Slave To Love” and as I recall it is one of those songs that used to be overplayed on many a duke-box and grab-a-gran night at the local disco’s and clubs. Yes I was thinking originally of Gary Numan who sang Here in my car that of course another popular vehicle related song. I think this season is actually one of HIGH-RISK related driving incidents and whilst we have had the bin lorry related accident up north-we can see that many a relative or family and friends are whizzing all over the shop to catch up with one another and so on.

Elsewhere in the news we are hearing that a Jordanian Pilot has been captured by ISIS and apart from the so-called PROPAGANDA coop we perhaps do have to become concerned for his survival given the already demonstrated penchant for merciless executions-again this does appear to be RELATED to particular GEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONS within the Middle east Landscape-so I am sure that the assorted military operational coordinators know exactly where planes and aircraft and so on were flying and locations-though likewise given the vastness of the ISIS EMPIRE and it really has grown according to some research maps-I think that anyone who decides to set foot in the region really does need to tread carefully as to how they go about surveillance and so on.

Yes many things are of course modelled by us as youngsters pretending that we are this person or that person that we saw in some film or movie though in real life terms I am sure that everyone prefers to stay alive and have the best available strategies to enable those things-pilots are perhaps higher value given all the training and so on-though I guess that all the family and friends of the various murdered captives do not place ransom like values as to worth.

Elsewhere I saw that I famous comedy writer has died and of course I grew up watching a number of comedy shows that he wrote-are you being served and Allo Allo perhaps being the most highlighted or famous and again we can see that in comedic terms a deliberate EMPHASIS was indeed placed on STEREOTYPES for all the characters=and again it might be said that we must on some level concur with the wholesome or all rounded of the humour-no single group were necessarily treated harsher than any other. So COMEDY when done in such a fashion or manner with that strategy is potentially better than some stand-up type comedy that we saw during the eighties and nineties-very often a number of famed comedy persons simply went wholehearted against one particular group for there own selected AUDIENCE.

Of course some audiences are easier to please than others and those of us who are more moderate in many a belief tend to perhaps be the ones that miss out. Yes some suggest that the polite and mature middle ground is not allowing things to get out of your system-however I have encountered multiple extremists over recent years that I think are the ones who have not gotten anything out of there system-ranting and raging about politicians and opponents in sports is all well and good if some purpose is being achieved-I think that devils advocacy given my own recent years of experience is not a place to necessarily go in order to attain accelerated learning and personal growth and development. You really can possibly think horrible and nasty things about others-though far better to record them somewhere in a private diary and then WITNESS broader EVENTS from around the World-we really do see some somewhat greater levels perhaps of LEVERAGING during the winter time that perhaps why it is the season of wintertime though clearly we do not necessarily given MODERN WORLD TECHNOLOGY have to fall into all the TRAPS. We can concur and be happy to watch happy people on TV or we can get all annoyed and agitated by the same repetitious event cycle and patterns occurring annually. So each modality has its own awakening campaign and the simplest ways really are to make a personal diary and witness DATES and events and ask those “how do I feel about this” type questions. Yes we can say we are too BUSY though in reality I find carrying out a daily writing quite therapeutic and when I can cross reference via the dates and or other learnings that I have-I can come to see greater and greater differing levels of Societal wide repetitions and actions being carried out and so on.

I could of course recommend a multitude of presents for people though I have seemingly moved away from a money centric life-not sure as to reason though it will perhaps return to being a source of pain at whatever level we find or think ourselves at.

Yes a multitude of things grows on trees and someone somewhere decided that mutual swapping of IDEAS and learnings was a good thing and then someone else said well what you are giving myself is not as valuable as what you are getting so I want extra and then the various processes of development started whereby here we are today living in a financially ruined World where money systems are the quoted as reason for not placing value in human life beyond them simply being resources to someone somewhere.

Yes I could stop writing at any moment though simply want to continue enlightened development process systems too see what happens next.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

The Technology Of The Senses & Surroundings

Now a popular and simple mind-bending technology that I recall using when I was young were of course so-called 3D GLASSES. We used to get those paper glasses that were REQUIRED wearing for particularly well designed IMAGES that layered the ink strokes on cartoons and movies slightly out-of-sync that looked strange when looked upon with regular non-glass altered VISION-though when viewed through the combined RED & BLUE colour filtered glasses managed to FOOL the brain into the belief that IMAGERY was been 3D’D into SPACE.

Since the INTRODUCTION in more recent years of Computer generated modelling the effect can be suggested to have been SUPERMAXED in the sense that the computer systems can calculate all those tiny NUANCES that a regular Artist may have had some difficulty with. Again the effect is using a differing model of reality to that of the earlier generation and we see this in the STANDARDIZATION of the so-called MIB (Men In Black) Glasses that we find ourselves being handed out when we attend various movies at the Cinema or Pictures.

I am unsure as to the size of the roll-out of the technology though clearly some STANDARDISATION came into being and was agreed upon after various Companies had tested and tried a multitude of various techniques. So now when we look at some of these 3D movies with and without the glasses we are not necessarily AWARE that they are made for 3D we cannot (DUE TO HIGH-RESOLUTION) SEE that the picture is designed for enhancement. I believe part of the technology is actually CREATED within the glasses themselves-and that might be said to be one of the so-called SECRETS.

This particular usage of certain colours within a bog-standard looking visual-combined with FILTERS within the glasses gives a RECOORDINATED view that seemingly throws the imagery into your WORLD.

The POTENTIAL downside to such TACTICS is of course that-we can all be sure that INTELLIGENCE agencies use such technology in other ways. How often have we seen SECURITY MEN wearing dark glasses or perhaps (IN THIS DAY-&-AGE)-CONTACT LENSES-that perhaps enable them to not be SPYNX-EYED by any populace designed MIRRORS and SMOKESCREEN ILLUSIONS that the people they are guarding encounter during glad-handing rituals with the public and so on.

We were told a few years ago about how some Glass had saved the lives of various personnel within some targeted realm simply through the glass skewering the IMAGE that was being projected from inside the target building. So some glass “SHIFTS” what can be “THOUGHT” to be seen by some percentage of measurement that causes assassination attempts and plots and bombs and sniper bullets to fail to hit target.

Yes the so-called realm of James Bond STYLED espionage is perhaps upon us-though we must always be aware that if something can be though then it can exist. Likewise we can perhaps through practice and Meditation and so on-realise that we ourselves can RECALCULATE REALITY to fit any given model of ILLUSION that is THROWN at us.

So we can learn to stay true to the MODEL within our own mind beyond anything that the EXTERNAL WORLD wants us to think or MANAGE or NAVIGATE. We can of course say-well that is not going to work which is why these things were developed as ENHANCEMENT TOOLS for our personnel in the first place-tools of course are debatable until the cows come home-in the sense that for every INNOCENT user of some sophisticated technology-someone somewhere can likely think of a less than innocent usage-and in terms of so-called “SIDES” and whose side are you on-we would perhaps rather our own peoples and persons have such TECHNOLOGIES than any presumed OPPONENT.

Yes I concur that whilst some think things are completely unnecessary that some of us in lower Societal like positions probably have not advanced enough to TRULY CONCUR with how some of these operations work. Clearly if you have spent time developing technology and working out all the various COMPONENTS that go into bringing a project to FRUITION then you surely deserve the PRESTIGE AND-OR REWARDS that go hand-in-hand with SOCIETAL APPRECIATION for such activities.

So all realms within our minds-eye can be interwoven and inter-linked and one by one activated at appropriate time of choice by the purchaser and user of such inter-realm technology to gain ever-increasing levels of awareness and knowledge and enlightenment and AH-HA’s and so on.

Again these things are debatable and I do indeed often find that many a debate are made somewhat REDUNDANT ONCE any given individual has PURCHASED and PAID for the Technology that they are using-likewise I wrote recently on the IDEA of the Sphynx-and I have in the past suggested Frankenstein to be a comparable HUMAN MODEL. So we are perhaps all of us a combination of a multitude of inputs and outputs and we always within always have choice as to how we can go about improving our own lives and linking in with pre-existing ESTABLISHMENT ELITE practices and so on and so forth. We can OPERATE as a group or team and ACKNOWLEDGE that we are still individuals with our own (potentially) UNIQUE Suite of Abilities and STATISTICS whether regarded as mathematically calculated or otherwise.

So once again we return to questioning and building the respective component parts and modalities and bridges to answering questions such-as How can I contribute to the Human Race or whatever your own intention happens to be.

Yes I was thinking that we are of course close to the KNEW YEAR RESOLUTION ZONE and of course SPELLING in these SIGNS & SYMBOLS is not the same as spelling within other UTILITIES and MODALITIES and practice and drilling and thinking and questioning can bring about World Peace and enhanced Wealth Health and Purpose of loving life and so on and so forth.

How accurate any of us become within our own respective life-spheres is an ongoing course of action-though likewise wisdom can be questioned as to who the real stars are and who are just popular media celebrities and who have made real contributions to the lives of others and who have not beyond HIGH-LIGHTING the many flaws that we as a RACE of CREATURES upon the PLANET possess. Yes all too easy to battle in real life when a multitude of consoles and video games exist to let people work many an issue out of their own respective model of reality-and likewise we have had a great year of SPORT that can remond us of our need to stay physically grounded in the HERE and now rather than the HERE and FORD. Interesting of course that Henry Ford did actually state you can have any colour you want as long as it is BLACK when introducing the Model T-and these days we can look upon the STAR WARS UNIVERSE and see that the DARK-SIDE later came to be known as SITH.

I personally like suggesting over and over again to people to practice and imagine “What would this sentence or series of parallel signs & symbols sound like…” were we to have no teeth. Yes easy to say though some folks cannot get there mind around the most simple of fractions of possibilities.

I have no IDEA as to what other people are using in terms of the Technological recommendations though in speaking on the 3d issue I think that demonstrate that few cannot be fooled by SONIC MODALITIES and FENG SHUI Modalities and gaining or coming into ALIGNMENT with HOW YOU REHEARSE your ways to the STARTS.

I saw another POEM reference recently in the form of “Old King Cole” and cannot recall if I wrote that down=though was thinking that in-order to simply many a teaching and given that Numerology REDUCES everything down to the manageable calculations achievable with our FINGERS & THUMBS we have on our LIMBS we can perhaps simply find a particular childhood RHYME that is not A CRIME for EACH MONTH or indeed each DAY or EACH SEASON.

So the more you play MIX-N-MATCH (WHO ELSE MISSES WOOLWORTH) the more you come to see a WORLD of POSSIBILTIES AND POTENTIALS than otherwise-and likewise I am now going to SURPRISE MYSELF by asking some further questions as to HOW CAN I DO THESE THINGS FOR MYSELF and so on.

Yes many a modality is a STARTING POINT NOT AN END POINT and it is all too easy to fall into the WRONG FRACTAL SPIRAL when we are intent on CLARITY and PURIFICATION and being in FLOW with what we personally set out as our intentions and stepping stones to goals and targets whatever realm they happen to be within.

Is Dave DRUNK-well given the way in which I overindulge at particular times of year it would not surprise myself to think that whilst I am all present and correct know that within my History I was perhaps drunk on this day in some alternate year and so on.

Yes I will leave this one hear and think about WHY I RAMBLE in my speech when rambling is perhaps best left to SHEPHERDS and HAPPY WONDERERS and so on and so forth.

Thank you for reading whether you are ALICE OR NEO-Have an INTERESTING CHRISTMAS TIME. 😉