Did You Ever Wish Upon A Star

So I like many a person during child hood had the occasion where I was scolded or told off in some fashion and told to simply go and watch the TV quietly or some such activity.

Likewise I am quite sure that on at least one or other of these occasions I probably found myself watching some Disney Compilation & Clips Show-they always used to be shown on the then 3 existing Terrestrial Channels during “Holidays” type time periods such-as Christmas and Easter and other Traditional Holiday times throughout the year.

The show as far as I personally can recall always started with a song entitled “When you Wish Upon A Star, makes no difference who you are” and so on and so forth. Clearly as I mentioned in a previous article I was not from a background that rushed to all and any Disney type releases at the cinema and so on. I was thinking about this because George Lucas has seemingly “SOLD” some parts of his Empire to Disney and I noticed on the Trailer that what formerly would have been a LUCASFILM is being DISTRIBUTED under the DISNEY BANNER.

So anyway returning to the being scolding or told off and watching TV and so on I am quite sure that like many a feeling hurt or abused or offended child I very likely decided to TRY “WISHING UPON A STAR” and all the rest of it. Yes strange though probably true-these things can probably fall under the banner or heading of “I would not admit that” blah blah and so on.

Clearly these things can once again be put up for debate as to interpretation of the wishes and thoughts and processes that we “BELIEVE” as children that later in life get “DISMISSED” as being la-di-da and of little importance and so on.

So is it possible to NEGLECT OR DENY that you may or may not have carried out such activites at some stage of your existence. The reason of course being perhaps falling into this realm of “what you resist persist” and clearly in order to become CONGRENT with how you have been throughout your life it can be “WISER” and more “MATURE” to say “YES” I did that. The further you advance the more congruent (So to speak you perhaps become in the letting go of many an issue. Why DENY things that you perhaps did through a childlike naivety if they can later return to cause confusion and susceptibility to baiting and so on.

The further I released on such issues and become further aligned in Congruence and so on-the less affected I become from peoples and persons who are “Potentially” still in resistance to “admitting” that they may or may not have done things that many a child does.

It does not necessarily create you an IDENTITY as a GOOD PERSON or likewise a “BAD PERSON” though I think it is interesting in the sense that we can ask the question “would you admit to having carried out this activity” if it RESTORES your sense of Health and Wealth and Prosperity and upward mobility and so on.

Interesting points of debate of course-though I do like to seek to at least ENCOURAGE people to take into consideration-things that could be creating-“BLINDSPOTS” within awareness and knowledge and so on.

I was thinking on this topic because I do in many ways often find myself thinking I am BLIND to various CLUES that appear within my own works & writings. Clearly I can say well I am too close to my own work-though clearly when you have put the work in as many people have and as I myself have and issues are still appearing within your own noggin then you once again have to ask those awkward questions in the fashion of the self-enquirer.

Yes all things perhaps potentially within the “EYE” or “MIND” or the beholder though likewise some activities that might be thought of as “I would not do that” could actually be “LIFE-SAVING” for some folks within some realms.

What do I mean?

Well take the Royal Family (as an example) and how many peoples either say YES I like the Monarchy or likewise how many folks PROTEST at some “allegedly” outdated model of Civilization and so on.

I have already stated my own view that I like the Royal Model and have not seen an alternate given model anywhere in the World that has “tried” to replace the Royal model with any real SUCCESS. These perhaps things once again for the Super Computer Simulators. What would happen if we govern the Populace in this fashion or that fashion or this other fashion. Clearly many attempts at REMOVAL of a given Status Quo can be highlighted from around the World and the walking of the plank works for some Cultures better than others. I personally do not want a UK PRESIDENT (for instance) though clearly we already have European type Political Presidency’s and how many folks complain of those.

All well and good saying you want change-though finding a suitable workable change is in my opinion unlikely. We have ROYALS AS A FIGUREHEAD FAMILY and whilst they are said to interact and exchange views with incoming and outgoing Governmental Political Bodies (Representatives Of The People & Populations) I think in general that a level of peaceful CO-EXISTENCE between REALMS is clearly shown and demonstrated.

So I think I wrote recently the Term “OLD SOUL” and that came of course from the Numerology course-although it does fit well with the IDEA of ANGEL or the IDEA of how NURTURE Versus NATURE occurs.

We all can potentially “fall” into the various debates & topics as to how to ACHIEVE the best outcome in any given scenario-though I like the “OLD SOUL” in both an allegorical & metaphorical fashion in the sense that it does once again fit so to speak with my own VIEW of a THOUGHT within a body being passed down a GNERATIONAL TREE.

The tree can of course be styled and fashioned in many ways when we look at TREES. Some such-as the mighty Oak have deep roots that drink from the depths of the land and likewise some trees have shallow roots that seemingly allow then to spread quickly along waterways and so on. That perhaps takes myself back to the issue of FARMING where one man’s BEAUTIFUL and picturesque landscape is another man’s opportunity to build a motorway or railway and so on-or likewise for the FARMER wanting to gain best usage from the Acreage that is within their own personal scope of ownership-they simply carry out WEEDING type activities. Yes hard to imagine that a TREE could be thought of as a WEED though in POINTS OF VIEW terms that is clearly the case. You want to grow crops for the market and having some forest on your land is POTENTIALLY limiting your ability to do that.

Hard to describe some issues given one’s own limited Country knowledge-beyond what I have read of course. Though I do understand many things can return to Haunt the unwise person. So for instance you could cut down a row of trees that acted as a windshield to your own crops and when the windshield is gone you find that your crops are less protected from the new set of ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS.

Yes even the most smallest of change to any given circumstance can change INFORMATION or DATA in many ways. We like to say-well lets create a SCIENTIFIC COMPUTER MODEL-though clearly as I have suggested from viewing one or two Pixar Movies-deciding what complements a Story or Visual Imagery and what is detrimental to the Story is difficult to necessarily ascertain. I spoke on Toy Story 3 as seemingly being “TOO PERFECT” perhaps appealing more to my (Computer Literate and Studied personage) ADULT WOW than to a child’s simple enjoyment of a STORY.

Can the debate be made simpler? Well cartoons were originally targeted at Adults though somehow later became the thing for children-so I think again these things can be tested against target audience. Some creators of modern media simply go all out to APPEAL to the child mind set whilst others seek to appeal to multiple “TARGET” groups such-as are described by many a “MARKETING” lecturers A people and B people and C people and so on.

Can we AFFORD to not appeal to this group or that group and so on.   I think irrespective of clearly some more expensive BRANDS leading the way in progress and advancement that as goods become cheaper and processes more streamlined that a wider and broader level of seepage occurs where people in group see can dynamically whizz up the success ladder in modelling or styling themselves in the fashion of an A group person and likewise how many times have we heard of the rich man becoming down at heal and starting over again and so on. I think “TRADING PLACES” was a movie example of a life swap that did not do the “BIG” spiritual type “Leap of Faith” though clearly it is easy to aspire and fall or WITNESS and CHANGE.

So the NAVIGATION is perhaps where our aspirations are at in terms of teachings and learnings and personal self-development and generally understanding that whatever life throws as us in any given realm can be REINTERPRETED to alternate points of view and DYNAMICS and so on.

Will this Dave ever rise through the success ranks into higher rating group appeal and so on-well we do of course all want improvements within our lives and many things are often regarded as EASIER for some folks than others though anyone anywhere can MOVE at any moment to a NEW city or district or area. My own UK travels and indeed travels abroad to places such-as Egypt do suggest that where-ever you go on the planet the existence of some kind of “Game of Black & White” exists as a version of the “Game of Life” though any given person’s ability to navigate such ARENA’S is dependent on one’s ability to understand what lies beneath in terms of Psychology and Desires and Motivations.

Some folks are motivated towards particular aspirations and likewise other folks are motivated away from other motivations. Clearly it can be difficult having thrust yourself into a mini “limelight” to then have any say over the external opinion and view of others-though I would hope that anyone from any realm and so on who has taken up the modularity’s can understand at least some of my own point of view.

Easy to say “ESCAPE” though clearly in “OLD SOUL” terms the planet is an exceptionally “tiny” miniscule place within the greater scheme of things as is this blog and this person’s viewpoint.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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