How Much Did You Spend

So we are seeing “reports” as we have done now for several recent years as to how the American Thanksgiving weekend and tradition of a Black Friday “Super Sales” has been adopted and taken up by the United Kingdom Population whether as Retailer or indeed purchasing and buying public.

However many of us have of course been quite internet savvy for several years and have taken advantage of the sales “from a distance”. I for instance used to have a US Amazon Account and only later found myself being cast out (so to speak) in being redirected to the UK Amazon Site.

Are the differences that great? Well I actually think they are-though clearly these things can depend upon what you are shopping for. So whilst we in the UK see offers of 50% price cuts and so on-the Americans really do get into really heavy weight type cuts of 75% and 99% and so on.

The question then perhaps becomes one of STARTING PRICE.

So for instance I could say that I am A consultant and I sell my time at £2000 per day to any given group of peoples and person who are interested in my knowledge and teachings and learnings. It does not then take a genius even with the heavy “discounts” to realise that you in “PERCENTAGE” terms probably only need 1 buyer within a group of 100 to purchase you time and expertise to realise that these things can become self-creating money investments.

Yes some folks are exceptionally well geared towards sales and continuously developing new products as they themselves have expanded their own knowledge set and awareness and so on.

So what are the causes of ever expanding circles and what are the causes of ever decreasing circles-well such things are debatable in the sense that as I have PROGRESSED I have come to see that I was operating below particular Thresholds for differing groups.

What does that mean?

Well quite simply a “working man” factory employee might have over the course of a few years developed one level of Threshold. Likewise someone who is a Fireman has a differing level of Threshold and someone else who is a Hospital worker has a differing Threshold.

So we very often compartmentalise many things-such as working life Threshold and likewise some “attack & defence” type thinking strategies and so on are very often Generic across wider populations of peoples and persons. The issue can then be one of “where” you picked up particular Habits and Behaviours and so on.

Example just as every getting older generation knows of the “IN JOKE” of always getting underwear (such-as socks & pants) as Christmas presents and so on. You can also look at what “Regular As Clockwork” presents you yourself have received within your own life.

It is quite surprising how HABITUAL some presents actually are.

I have not mentioned my Aunt MONA for some time-though can say that she used to always give us a TERRY’S CHOCOLATE ORANGE and stand over us whilst we were eating them-all well and good when you are a little bit older and so on-though something of a struggle when you are young and on a Christmas Evening after a large meal and drinks and everything else.

So yes whilst you want to please peoples and persons who have given yourself presents-I think when we are younger it can be difficult to know how to create and draw boundaries without being SEIZED upon as being RUDE.

We all know that people very often like a drink or two on a Christmas visit and such things often lead to the loosening of TONGUES. As a day wears on, the sober child, among pissed up adults can potentially find themselves either taking advantage of the situation or indeed being on the receiving end of Drunken Politicking.

Yes you can see that in a pub very regularly as anyone who goes to pubs & clubs know and it is perhaps one of the reasons whilst I used to drink exceptionally heavily that I am close to tee total.

So I have once again drifted from the theme that I was developing. Though clearly it can be demonstrated that once someone has gained a level of acceptance or reputation for a given “Realm of Expertise” they can often demand and receive their own PRICE/COST/FEES and so on.

We do of course see that across many realms-hence even if you are not planning to become some super-TV guru there can be little harm in understanding the Psychology and indeed the techniques that have been created and used.

So what else can be commented upon-well we are of course seeing reports of The Pope visiting the Country of Turkey and that of course when thinking laterally perhaps matches the Turkey that many Americans will be tucking into on this their own Thanks giving weekend-not exactly sure as to how well celebrated the event is though when researched we do see that it is once again one of those Harvest type festivals-yes you can perhaps debate as to appropriate times for such Festivals though clearly one can imagine that most such Festivals fall into the beginning of planting season, end of growing season type things. Clearly at this time “In Ancient Times” people would begin relying on STORED crops to see them through the coming WINTER Season. Clearly given modern farming methods and so on-that is not necessarily true-especially as some Climates can demonstrate all-year growing seasons and so on. Though likewise we all perhaps recall the idea of crop rotation and the idea of planting differing crops within a field to revitalise the SOIL and so on.

Do they follow that practice today-well I think again Science has researched and found ways to ARTIFICALLY revitalise soil and so on through the USAGE of DESIGNER FERTILIZERS.

I should probably WRITE to myself at this point

Dear Darth Perkins

You clearly do not know WTF you are talking about, and Manure and Fertilizer has not changed very much since the dawn of time.

Yes that is probably TRUE in many ways though clearly repetition of testing and IDENTIFYING the SUPER “COMPONENTS” can make all the difference.

What might be considered a SUPER COMPONENT?

Well that again perhaps depends on what your PURPOSE is. So some Companies probably want to know & test as to why two crops can be planted in seemingly IDENTICAL FIELDS and whilst one crops grows to supersize the other perishes.

Clearly Science can be UTILIZED via a PROCESS OF ELIMINATION of components within an ENVIRONMENT.

When you remove this component and find you are no longer growing a supersize crop you can think-Oh I had better return to using that Component. Genetic Crops of course might then be the NEXT STEP within that process.

Speaking on Genetics of course we did have that strange case of Spider Silk (unsure of proper title) though Science found that spider silk was Exceptionally Strong in various tensile strengths and so on-hence they seeking to create systems of creating genetically modified goats and sheep and so on that could be MILKED , and the MILK would “contain” the spider silk substance that could then be put through further processes to create strong protective clothing and ropes and all sorts of UNNATURALLY STRONG materials-simply through someone recognising and seeking to UTILISE the inherent properties of the spider web.

So as has been suggested-we do tend to think of Scientists as being unimaginative and so on-though I think for ever dull Dave S Perkins you can find, an exciting equivalent exists in some other realm that lives by the rule of no-limits and all the other things that folks want in their lives.

Is it CLEVER for myself to be boring and dull and uninteresting and so on-well clearly no-though it does tend to cause people wanting “other than” to move on in search of those things elsewhere.

So likewise I can focus on where I want my focus and they can focus on where they themselves want to focus. I think of course given some of the Hostility to myself in recent years from some individuals & manipulators and influencers and so on that “POLLY WANNA CRACKER” is not going to go out of fashion any time soon.

Though clearly if someone is pointing at you and declaring yourself this that or the other then the question can become-why is this person not demonstrating or acting in the stereo typical manner that I would expect from such a person.

So when you think to Learn and Teach transparency and so on-you can perhaps come to see that everyone has CHOICE and even when you have been covered in other peoples FERTILIZER you do not have to accept the components or beliefs being proffered.

So even manure can be re-interpreted though clearly some things simply require following to “Logical” understanding and then taking up or dismissing. I am someone who has followed clue trails and then carried out a flip and reframe or “what if” and in doing so I can see that there is little benefit in targeting anyone for any assumed flaw.

Far better to maintain a healthy mind and use a healthy set of strategies than to BITE when baited with WRONG conclusions. What are wrong conclusions? Well a wrong conclusion is perhaps the assumption that you “fit” as some kind of jigsaw piece into this particular puzzle when you may very simply-be that piece that got thrown into the wrong box when rushing to put the puzzle away on the last occasion that you had the puzzle out.

Yes it is all too easy to assume given the History and development of “Names” that some folks match named behaviour within their name though clearly any of us can give ourselves a SECRET AVATAR like name that over rides other labels and so on that are thrown at yourself. Unsure how well that works as a Solution over the Longer Term though clearly it can ENABLE a focus whilst going through the early Levels of some modularity’s and so on.

I can of course mention that a Spiritual Code Fest is taking place this week-though on this occasion I do not presently have a free access web link to pass on-I of course already having purchased the entire course-do not want anyone to gain the knowledge and awareness completely free through listening into any given FREE FEST that they have participated in. Oh all right-if a link is made available I will seek to pass it on to any readers-though I think that generally multiple modalities and so on run CONCURRENTLY throughout the year and cycles and patterns so even if you do not get a link from myself-if you have purchased or participated in prior FEST you will eventually likely receive an email invite. The SYSTEM does seem to operate very much in peoples own interest-so whilst I receive an invite to a course I have already fully purchased and worked through-someone else could be receiving an invite to an alternate modularity-based very much in where any given person is-within the developmental growth and enlightenment realms.

Yes I buy and pay for far too much though hopefully over the longer term I have demonstrated a benefit that comes with many of the remedies provided.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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