So What Else Can DS Perkins Write About Today

Well sometimes you can find topics that make you think ah-ha and so on and today after my admitting to having taken up an interest in cartoons in relation to the study of drawing and indeed in many ways helpful with Photo-reading and multiple LS Courses I have gotten up and popped into town and now await a parcel delivery and whilst I am waiting I turn my Microsoft Surface Pad device on and have a scan through some of the Articles that are appearing.

The top one that caught my own attention was in fact Prince Harry in relation to his Sentebale charity and whilst he was speaking in relation to the shame and stigma relating to HIV-the message was perhaps deeper in the sense of encouraging young people to speak and share worries and fears and encourage a healthy mental life approach to living and personal growth and so on with peers. The charity is working today in relation to “WORLD AIDS DAY” and is encouraging people to REVEAL A SECRET.

I of course have already revealed perhaps a massive “SECRET” in relation to Prince Harry and indeed his brother-Prince William’s mother in the sense of my own World View at that time of my own life in relation to their Mother Diana’s Death and so on.

Do I have any other secret that is helpful in revealing to the World at large-well I guess it can become frustrating in a sense that after all the events and learnings and courses and 24/7 like meditation and FLOATING I have placed myself through in recent years-that life for most folks carry’s on in some strange fashion where nothing has particularly changed-I think chop wood, carry water was the phrase that was used in a blog article.

Of course for myself I seemingly developed a persecution complex in multiple ways as to who is reading and following and taking up the modalities and who is just carrying on with the RIDICULOUS and I think when you have placed yourself in such a position you really do come to see how RIDICULOUS some claims and so on really can be.

I was going to write that I have sometimes felt as though I have had HALLUCINATIONS as to some of the goings on about myself in recent years though when you have studied and learnt and you KNOW DEEP DOWN your own HISTORY & LIFE STORY, you really can come to a SENSE that it really is OFTEN other peoples claims that are “HALLUCINATORY” that perhaps comes down to my speaking out on the issue of pigeon holing people and branding and flaming and however many a baiting is potentially framed or phrased.

So yes we all perhaps have the potential to DREAM and a DREAM can become REALITY for some people to the extent that they have to seek professional help from the medical profession and so on-all I would say is that when you KNOW your own HISTORY and you can SEPARATE the fantasy from the fiction then you can feel levels of freedom perhaps previously unknown.

Hard to comprehend for some folks of course though better to CHALLENGE some nonsense and speak out than get wringed inside and out by catching a bad dose of a PERSECUTION COMPLEX. You can of course also state after a time that given the IDEA of Generation handing down of teachings and learnings that “SOME” teachings and learnings are incompatible with how some folk’s desire or wish to live.

That is why I have often turned cheek on many a nonsense because quite simply-once you have raised Threshold and worked through courses and seen some improvements and so on-why fall back into unhealthy routines and patterns-yes some cycles and patterns and witnessing are helpful to MONITOR though that is clearly different from expressing views that can course harm or unnecessary damage to the lives thoughts and feelings of others.

So I like to be supportive of people’s rights though also have to remind myself that I too have rights to take into consideration within the greater scheme of events and so on.

So I really do not think I have any REAL deep secrets left to tell beyond perhaps saying that I will continue to untangle and work through my own issues. I can of course admit to seemingly always being “broke” FINANCIALLY though perhaps some of the teachings are about WHERE you go seeking for WEALTH-a lesson I have perhaps not fully learnt or APPROPRIATELY adjusted too. ClearlyI understand that THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY though just as one generation who took up the teachings and learnings moves on with life-a new generation shows up and whilst you seek to be helpful you know that some old dogs refuse to learn and newcomers around those old dogs will simply get sucked into assorted paranoia and so on. Thankfully whether you MEDITATE IN SECRET or publically as I do broadcasting to all and anyone who pops up to read this blog-I can happily place a step-by-step distance between myself and the greater reality that I witness and indeed some of the old dog and indeed some of the young dog nonsenses.

They do very often say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks though clearly the same (In My Opinion) can be stated for any person at any stage of life. You can say I knew he was going to say something like that-though clearly many a person of all ages who have taken up meditation technologies whether in secret or otherwise have adapted to NEW WORLD ORDER & Models and life whilst still continuing can seem that little bit easier and friendlier when you regard all as being equal at least within the greater scheme of reality as we know it.

My package has just been delivered and now I am going to continue in my Animated Research-the materials I am studying are not ones that have been TRANSFERRED or TRANSLATED to Kindle style books and given their SIZE & CONTENT I am seemingly going to be rather busy in my study of these materials. The books were not cheap and they are rather large and heavy though given my own interest I can state that I am HAPPY with having parted with the money in-order to gain the insights and learnings and teachings that the materials contain.

I may perhaps write another article later-though do not despair if I do not-I was wondering on what else I could do a write-up today though given my minimalist approach to life and so on-the only concern is perhaps where the awakenings will come from-I clearly not exciting or dynamic enough in terms of EXCITEMENT that many a person desires within life in the build-up to Christmas.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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