So When You Look At The Credits On A Movie

So when you look at the credits on a movie-who would your yourself want to be-this is of course a big one in the sense that we can of course aspire to be a lead actor or a bit part actor or indeed simply have a walk-on part much like Stan Lee often is seen to make appearances within a number of his CREATED SUPERHERO character movies.

Likewise I personally despite my “probable” lack of ability within such realms have often thought I would actually aspire to be a Director or Producer so to speak in giving my own interpretation of the stories and so on that I have read and-or been impressed with through out my own life time and existence and so on.

We can when we look at particular Directors and Producers and so on see that many simply set-up their own production company on a shoe string budget of begged and borrowed and stolen equipment and then proceeded to bring their respective imaginings and so on to life and as I have progressed with the various stages of learning I have perhaps come to greatly APPRECIATE just how much goes into making some very COMPLEX and DIFFICULT concepts and theories look EASY when someone has potentially spent many long hours thinking and CRAFTING over and over again a PET PROJECT to some reality of a GREATER AUDIENCE.

So I today have mentioned some Animation materials that I had ordered and these again are structural break-downs of many of the Theories and so on that have gone into what we have grown to love about various Animation Studio works.

I think in light of repetition of meditational teachings that many a repressed or childlike FOOLISHNESS can be seen within a NEW LIGHT when we work through such methodologies and principles and quite simply how particular creative technologies and designs and so on came into been as shapes and forms of ART.

So can I speak on what COMPARISON teaches myself about various courses I have taken and I think in many ways the IDEA’S of SAMPLING & SLICING is actually something that is repeatedly SEEN across most realms.

Of course we all know that “classic” film and TV and Animations were often given differing frame rates and actually many a cartoon was CREATED in COLOUR prior to the existence of colour TV and so on. So it has been clearly demonstrated by many a VISIONARY that whilst a technology may not necessarily exist within present day media realms that in producing materials that are already ready for such technologies they can seemingly place you ahead of the so-called game or competition and so on.

I am not completely sure I understand myself on what I have just typed though in note taking terms it is always handy to roll with whatever is flowing to your own mind for future reference. So yes I think I really would like to be a Director or Producer and in many ways that is perhaps what any of us can CHOOSE to become when it comes to our own respective LIVE’S and indeed I think that over the longer term of meditation you can of course gain greater and greater AH-HA type thoughts and realisations and also in many ways become HUMBLED by some of the unselfish ways that some people operate in day-to-day life.

The problem for myself is perhaps this one of having an initial IDEA and then bringing such an idea into a fully operating system of personal growth and development. That again perhaps an issue of focus in level of knowledge and awareness. So I whilst meditating studied HUGE QUANTITIES related to reading and writing and likewise I do not necessarily feel that I have progressed as I would have desired or liked-I often WONDER as to WHEN I actually set out on this course-we often see in some LITERATURE that we planned and designed our Life and World even choosing our parents and so on prior to even being conceived and that can be a difficult ETERNAL type concept to fully GRASP or get one’s head around.

Did I really choose to suffer that problem or this other problem and so on can of course send us spiralling into huge and deep spirals of muddles etc.

So I of course grew up to a certain extent around TV and Film production and likewise around music production and my OWN interest was very much focussed on COMPUTER SYSTEMS and programming and so on. You might say given what I know now to what I knew during those years that in many ways many things that I had wanted to learn and develop skills in I have actually brought to fruition-the negative for myself perhaps being one of a feeling of always “seeking” as though something is not “QUITE” right. I think the PERFECTIONISM is potentially something that became an issue for myself and I have of course spoken previously on the FACT that a cut-off point is required by many a person within many a realm in meeting given goals objectives and deadlines and so on.

So what can I know do to accelerate my progress in an appropriate direction that is life enhancing and empowering for not only myself but for those about myself also-I think in some ways I carried out some interactions purely to achieve that kind of objective-though likewise feel somewhat bound up in a series of self-imposed limitations on what can be achieved. Writing and drawing and designing are of course ways in which NEW though and processes can be developed and I wanting to be expansive have spent so much time meditating that all else in life seemingly drifted and crashed rather than being clung onto. So again my seeming poverty came about through over focus in one or two areas at the expense of all else. Too easy to go and get sucked into unwanted and undesirable wars and then realise several years later that some of those things have seemingly been “ALL FOR NOTHING”.

So yes seek to do right by those that treat you right and CONCENTRATE perhaps on getting the most out of LIFE NOW before you wind up as some deadhead factory worker having to constantly resist the urge and temptation to get drawn into ridiculous nonsenses.

I am feeling suddenly tired as I write this and am unsure as to the reason why though I think I must have had some little excitement of my own in awaiting the delivery of my books and my body clock being somewhat all over the shop I have a tendency to do some of my greatest utilisation of abilities whilst sleeping-strange though true and something I think goes unnoticed by many a person-thoug it is well documented that the body can heal and perform many a task whilst we are in very states of sleep and so on. So even some of my own seeming excessive LAZINESS could well simply be a healing or searching and seeking and CALCULATING some QUESTION that it has been set to ANSWER. Will an answer be developed and uncovered-well I think many already HAVE though clearly trying to split time between to many functions is not a task that us gentlemen are necessarily particularly well known for-again a topic for debate-though the unconscious is said to be able to have windows opened that enable any of us to PERFORM AMAZING FEATS and abilities that are allegedly not possible. I am reminded of the idea that many an advancement came about through the simple ability to imagine what would this World be like-if I could change to another perspective or angle or whatever. How can I achieve such a feat. I think it has been said many times over that more advanced peoples always seem like MAGICIANS to those who have not got the necessary TRAINING or knowledge and that is perhaps demonstrated time and again. How many THIRD WORLD cultures have issues with gun control and drugs control and wars that us more advanced Westerners take for granted.

The developed Scientific World does of course seek to bridge some gaps between Eastern and Western teachings and learnings though such events are not necessarily going to happen without some of the issues that are being brought to attention in various media.

Whilst some perhaps get hooked into solving all the World Ills via POSITION or life role-some of us perhaps want to craft a better life of our own through the simple application of what we have been taught by those who have blazed trails for us to learn and develop from.

Yes standing up to be counted is easier when you know that those about you are on the same level and page and I think the longer term issue for myself has been the issue of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs where whilst I personally was seeking to simply establish sustainable existence within the lower levels on that chart, others were seemingly wanting myself to come out fighting at the top-level. Again differing Worlds and knowledge of one’s own present life and so on can make a difference-as can knowing what you are or are not prepared to get involved in through presently limited MEANS.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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