Cybernetic Warfare

So I have kept an eye on the news and over recent weeks have seen a gradual increase in reports of alleged cyber warfare and hacking and how the various Multi-Billion Pound Corporation “VICTIMS” are throwing our allegations left right and centre as to who is responsible.

At Governmental level of course we see many of the Traditional Players throwing allegations at each other whether it is Russia vs USA or USA vs China and likewise we have been seeing a growing list of so-called Corporate “VICTIMS” hard to believe they are victims-though of course if all the investment in NEW products is not recouped then it may trigger a lack of further future investment in new product lines-at least in theory. The so-called CYBERTHEFT industry is of course exceptionally valuable in the many ways whether for issues of National Security or issues of internal corporate governance it is often an unwinnable SECTOR of most realms where the best you can hope to achieve is to keep up with the latest protection techniques or indeed simply INSULATE the most important DATA and materials.

Insulation can simply mean having ZERO EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS to the most important so-called DATA and so on. That does not of course mean that workers WITHIN many companies and governmental departments cannot be COERCED into assisting with the LIBERATION of someone else’s Technologies and data and so on.

The word coerced is of course LOADED in the sense that such things again probably work along some kind of SCALE as to PRICE. Many Corporations likely pay people and persons within RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT type areas slightly better than your average factory floor worker-though having said that I have heard and we do see within the Movie Business that many a Corporate ENTITY is not beyond stealing or however from staff-those things are of course debatable-very often as to INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. The business may have staff signing contracts that FORBID working elsewhere or for other Company’s and all sorts of weird claims and counter-claims go on as to INTERPRETATION of a given CONTRACT.

It can of course also be suggested much like the UK-WIDE PPI scandal that some things can take years of discussion and debate prior to anything actually happening to RECTIFY particular highlighted areas and topics of debate.

So that is an interesting area of debate for people and persons interested in hacking though I generally do not think SYSTEMS and so on are as SOPHISTICATED as they once were and as I wrote previously at some point the further AWAY from the so-called machine code level any SYSTEM is using-the greater probability that an ATTACK can occur or take place.

That is a somewhat BRAVE statement to make though and I will explain WHY in a moment. So I spoke recently on Microsoft not being allowed to bundle entire suite of TOOLS and likewise many a Company has DEDICATED SYSTEMS PERFORMING particular tasks using software that has been purposefully made for purpose. So whilst all systems can have built-in systems that allow communication with other systems you are usually talking about some TRANSLATION SYSTEM much like we have to work out our POUND to DOLLAR conversion or our STONES to KILOGRAMS and so on.

However returning to the basics-many a modern integrated circuit chip carries out and performs what may have previously been written as software-and when your chips are accessible within that kind of a fashion then THEY the integrated CIRCUITS can be the devices that are being hacked and so on. You might say that SOPHISTICATED HACKING TECHNIQUES can quite simply bypass all the layer-upon-layer of software and so on and simply go directly to hacking the chips themselves. Most chips just like many games actually have so-called CHEAT like pokes and so on that were used as BUG-TESTING measures built into them.

Yes many theories about the kinds of hacking that go on can take place though I personally think that many of the reports are simply SMOKES & MIRRORS and distractions to some greater underlying truths in terms of PATTERNS & CYCLES.

Can any of these company’s genuinely claim to be victims. INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE has taken place since one man stole a burning stick from the group of cave dwellers in the next Valley. Yes in REALMS where lives could be placed in jeopardy such-as with INTELLIEGENCE communities I can see the need for HIGH SECURITY SYSTEMS though many other realms make a big fuss over all sorts of “SECRETS” that they are very often competing with competitors against who hold the very same “SECRETS” yes-I spoke on some report that LOCKHEED was working on some NEW FUSION SYSTEM and many another competitor upon hearing that will likely throw their own HAT into THE RING so to speak.

The WRATCHETING up of the friction and odds is perhaps all part of the WORLD in which we all exist-however as I have repeated some things are perhaps WORTH competing over and others are not.

So will we be seeing some great huge ELETRO MAGNETIC PULSE shutting down the electrical systems and some villainous folks storming the walls to raid the VAULTS-yes whether it was GOLDFINGER in James Bond or Some bloke with an English accent in Die Hard-some IDEAS rarely go out of fashion beyond being refashioned and reframed with a new CAST or set of actors.

The more you can TRANSFER local knowledge to the global and global to the local the more you come to see that mankind is as looney today as it has ever been. Speaking on loony how have France managed to make ARIANE ROCKETS so successful-I mean France, bloody hell. Yes strange though true whilst they speak of European Space Agency and so on CREDITWISE it does have to go to France above and beyond the other REGIONAL governments involved.

Yes every Country seemingly comes up with a PET PROJECT every few years to get the population interested in and so on and whilst such things seemingly work in the US and Russia and China and so on-we BRITISH are somewhat problematic in the sense that we do not seem to have WORTHWHILE PROJECTS to get behind. Yes I see that a High Speed rail link is useful as are a few more houses and roads though we all know all those kinds of things already. Yes what we need is a?

Yes so I started talking about HACKING and not having an IDEA that the UK population might get behind I will have to seemingly BEG, BORROW, STEAL and IDEA from ABROAD.

Well-not strictly true as we do actually have leading Scientists in many areas-unfortunately however most are part of the so called INTERNATIONAL BRAINDRAIN. Many have left UK shores for work and jobs in companies and industries that support Research and development and so on.

Yes so what IDEA can we come up with as a NATIONAL PROJECT that will have the support of a broad populace. I think that many of the Millenium Projects were of course FAILURES-so we do have some History both Success and Failure and also the issue of LONDON BIAS.

Yes it really is a toughie-Government rarely seems to lead the way-very often simply jumping on the coat-tails of someone who has made an impact in this field or that field. I see we are going to be having an AUTUMN STATEMENT and whilst such things are regular as clockwork-one really would like to see something GENUINELY APPEALING.

Yes I having overslept yesterday am seemingly struggling to sleep today hence this write-up now and of course the possibility of over sleeping again-ALARM CLOCKS are not my thing-I have had several over the years and I really am better going with REAL-LIFE cycles than some learned GMT that is not fully 100% compatible with the reality and processes within one’s own mind and head and those never-ending cellular tissues of patterns and pulsing rhythms and internal communications between the hemispheres of one’s own ears.

So full security is unlikely to ever be fully achieved in REALM any time soon-though good practice can of course be to simply ask the question as to how important in any given RATING SYSTEM is the REQUIREMENT and what factors might make the decision making easier-we often disregard little snippets of information that can make all the difference in the WORLD to some questions.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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