Perkileaks How Can You Create An Illusion Of Self Importance

So I have spoken on the issue of “SECRETS” and clearly we see many a personality REVEALING something accidently or otherwise that was not supposed to appear within the PUBLIC DOMAIN. Some such instances are clearly cause for ALARM when from those in positions of IMPORTANT SECURITY and so on-though likewise others that might appear from a blogger such-as myself could simply be “NONSENSE” in the sense that they are simply the thoughts & theories of Dave S Perkins and I simply in writing and witnessing and monitoring “WRITE” in such a fashion to assume I have a readership-that may or may not be true-how can anyone KNOW WHO IS WATCHING & MONITORING WHOM?

Yes strange though the further I have advanced the more I have found myself TALKING to myself via this blog whether publically or privately and occasionally it can seem as though something of HIGH importance is released into the WRONG domain.

Given what we know as to CONSPIRACY THEORY & ESPIONAGE and so on-it is all to easy to create an ENTRAPMENT theory whereby people are given one impression that in reality does not HOLD WATER when put up to the light of ENQUIRY.

So I have asked question upon-question and seemingly whether consciously or otherwise answered myself-and the more I have USED such techniques the clearer and clearer differing INTERNAL debates become ratified as to CAUSE & EFFECT and so on.

The Life as a Dream or Illusion works up to a point though clearly “HEAD IN THE CLOUDS” speculation is not necessarily good for anyone beyond testing HYPOTHESES.

So I have been looking at my Cartoon Creation Books and seeing what cross-over learnings are TRIGGERED in relation to my overall knowledge set and so on. I can for instance seemingly pinpoint various personalities appearing at this time or that time and likewise look at WITNESSING REALMS of curiosity-though that is not the same as taking part in any curios goings on and so on.

I think in character development-we all of us like to still think that there is only one of me and that whilst I understand “Old Soul” and “Thought in a body” teachings and learnings and so on-that you still have to exist as most people exist.

I have experimented in my writings to see what is being created from within as an effect of external causation and likewise what is occurring within that is all internal causation. I think these things have to be tested and likewise I have noticed that everything in life tends to get GENERALISED when in reality we can point out slice samples and peaks and troughs and tops and bottoms to any given data. So we HEAR about speed of sound and speed of light though in reality as anyone who has studied a little knows there is quite a RANGE both conscious and non-conscious that can ACT as STIMULUS to any given person or individual.

We are perhaps coming into the time of Pantomime Season and likewise when we look to popular WEST END productions-I am sure many an ADULT prefers “THE MUSICAL” such-as Joseph and his coat of many Colours and so on. Yes strange though true-it does not matter when or where you had particular inputs or indeed gave particular outputs-any issues that ARISE can probably be put down to “that was always going to occur at some point”.

So I SPECULATE to MYSELF and then EXCUSE myself though really anything that I say can in reality be taken into account by folks and they are likely to then ADJUST or REPLAN and so on.

Today of course we have seen the AUTUMN STATEMENT being given and I have not at this point of writing seen anything about it beyond some headline mentioning STAMP DUTY. So I am going to have a brief look and then come back and repeat what most people probably already know for themselves-THE DEFICIT, THE DEFICIT OH LORDY IT’S THE DEFICIT.

Yes so I looked and decided that I know nothing of any DEFICIT and the STATEMENT is being suggested to be a maximum attempt at INFLUENCING VOTERS for the forthcoming General Election in the New Year.

Elsewhere we have seen reports that IRAN has joined in with bombing some Islamic State Militants, How true that IS-IS of course debatable in the sense that each Country has its own INTERNAL POLITICS to cope with as well as the EXTERNAL WORLD. I suggested previously that they are likely given a tougher international time than they deserve-though clearly some issues that everyone wants to CONTROL are up for debate in the sense that in seeking to do right by others you can end up never doing right by yourself.

So elsewhere we are seeing talk in the US of AIRBAGS being dangerous within automobiles and whilst great outrageous Headlines have appeared-we do of course in percentage terms find numbers of complainants to be relatively tiny-something akin to might recent Chicken outrage issue.

Yes you can say that 1 death is one to many though that perhaps an issue in that most of us have lived lives in complete RESISTANCE to many a REAL TRUTH.

So what else is really important-well clearly everyone can do as I am doing and simply write and write and witness and so on and then see what actually happens within various realms.

I was thinking that whilst I have spoken a great deal on the IDEA of transferring of KNOWLEDGE into other FORMATS that I have not given any real IDEA as to how.

Well you can of course DRAW-though I was thinking what you really need to do is to take a PICTURE of something and THEN see in how many WAYS you can describe some ITEMS without using the actual physical NAME.

I say this because I saw some briefly appearing report on some boat being raided for a DRUG SEIZURE and that of course said they (the drugs) were found in the Bananas

So you could take a PICTURE of some BANANAS and ask what type of CLUES would LEAD you to BANANAS without ever naming them.

Such workings out can of course be used across many domains and are in fact done in that manner-though the big issue for many a person is of course DISTRACTION from what they are necessarily supposed to be FOCUSSED UPON.

So I am sure that anyone can write anything and then look for local or GLOBAL FEEDBACK and then adjust to the knowledge-I am KNOWN to have done that across a WIDE & BROAD range of areas of life and clearly that is not particularly USEFUL for somone who wants to concentrate on SPORTS (for instance).

The issue is of course where the Feedback is coming from and indeed interpretation of such words-far too many people bash others over the head with insular bodily meanings rather than SPIRITUALISTIC type meanings that I personally prefer to give-likewise some debates and topics are simply not worth getting drawn into. Far too many people and persons seek to HIDE behind pre-existing lives without ever questioning the base line assumptions. I am this because I live like this and that means this that or the other. Most people’s FEARS are areas that have not been TRULY DEEPLY explored (In My Opinion) many a person “pretending” to have dealt with something via “joking” or being “patronizing” about some topics. At the end of the day-the only way is in many ways to become congruent within your OWN WAY and let go of HIDING behind wrong or misguided beliefs. We have a multitude of such beliefs and getting drawn ito some conflicts are not worthwhile when you know that people creating such conflicts are not operating from a full place of awareness as to many of the longer term teachings.

I myself have been studying these materials for several years as well as putting a great deal of effort into the courses and indeed teachings and it does often seem that only the surface has been SCRATCHED though given how many aspects exist within life it is easy to suggest that all of us have going to be talking about PERSONAL or indeed PROFESSIONAL DEFICITS sometime in the NEAR FUTURE.

What is a DEFICIT and how does it affect you yourself as opposed to others-how well are you able to accommodate the demands of environmental factors and influencers and manipulators and so on in the times ahead. How well have you set your own INTENTION for an improved life and so on.

Yes there are many intentions in life for many people that fall by the wayside though clearly given some of the learnings I have studied it is easy to believe that on a non-conscious level at least-many such a thing is going to REAR its head until INDIVIDUALS CHANGE or otherwise to being in greater alignment with TRUTH of a greater reality.

Well rambling and rambling has never been so stupid though clearly I simply am a set of cycles and patterns the same as many other people.

The only conspiracy and espionage seems to myself to be the one that everyone creates about themselves-clearly it can be demonstrated that some folks SEEK to create such AURAS about themselves-though reality will eventually catch up with them-much like it does with myself in the sense of being a simply factory worker and Walter Mitty like ILLUSIONIST when it comes to throwing words at the screen in whatever clue like manner I choose at any given point-in-time.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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