So What Other Areas Of Life Is It Difficult To Get One’s Head Around

So what other areas of life is it difficult to get one’s head around-well quite simply the further I have personally progressed and let go many an issue the more I have generally found that another very often pops up quite quickly to fill the gap.

So choice for many a person with or without meditating is clearly this one of appropriate allocation of how your time is best spent and so on. Cleary it can be demonstrated that it is all too easy to fall into unhelpful patterns of behaviour and that can come about through the use of what might be regarded as unhelpful strategies.

So it might be suggested that I have over the course of my life used unhelpful strategies-in the sense that some things work better than others and it really depends on what issues so to speak you are seeking to gain clarity upon.

So I have spoken about previously going into various “HIBERNATION” type modes where whether I was being paid weekly or monthly I would find that the simplest methodology for “SURVIVING” and keeping my head above water would be to simply shut up shop. That might seem good or bad depending upon your experience of such strategy. I actually found it to be a good strategy-the downside perhaps being-that it can seem like one of ever decreasing circles-or indeed you can find that such a strategy is applied when there is now longer any “NEED” for such a strategy.

So clearly the positives may be that you are “HONOURING” your debts and so on without getting into any further debts or likewise it might be suggested that you are being pig-headed in the sense that many a strategy seemingly recommends constantly wheeler-dealing your way out of trouble-so to speak.

The problem I personally have with that is of course that I have some level of pride that say superlatives such-as “stand on your own two feet” and likewise it can be difficult to adopt a wheeler dealing mentality when you have been overly judgmental or condescending towards others who apply that kind of strategy. This IDEA of someone who comes across as a “USER”. I think most people have heard such phrases and I am quite sure that you could carry out a six-degrees of separation and again find that you do not require six-degrees to “IDENTIFY” such folks.

Those people who are all smiles and your best mate until you have introduced them to other friends who seemingly then become the particular persons “NEW” best friends and so on. I guess these things are simply other forms of some peoples own survival strategy and when looking at the bigger picture you can potentially adopt or not a more forgiving attitude.

The problem can then become one of seemingly given yourself that mental “FRAME” of falling into and having those sorts of peoples and persons coming into your life. Is there any way to not be a so-called “SOFT-TOUCH”; well I think you can simply know where your own limits and boundaries are in doing right by yourself as opposed to doing right by others. Many things are of course down to experience and you can find yourself being given an “OUTCAST” type labelling through no fault of your own simply for maintaining your own distance from other people’s lives and so on.

So they do say of course that there is no such thing as bad publicity-I say this because the local newspaper is highlighting that a local robbery has made it onto the BBC’S CRIMEWATCH programme-they saying that such “CLASSIC” robberies are uncommon within this region.

What do I mean by classic-well apparently the old school guns and cash over the counter kind of robberies-though having said that-I think you do get people who simply travel to alternate regions and locals from where they live who go robbing and so on-when they are within the home town and region and so on they are upstanding citizens or indeed not-just thinking about how the “EAST END” glorifies people such as “THE KRAYS” and so on.

Yes strange though true-everyone loves such activities unless they are the one’s who are on the receiving end of such activities and then such people are often the loudest in the “CRY WOLF” stakes.

That is not always true of course though it is a so-called “NOTICEABLE TELL” that people who are overly preoccupied with particular topics are often either constantly pointing the finger at others (activities such-as baiting) or indeed living secret lives and so on. Yes such behaviours are often placed into what might be called the “OVERCOMPENSATING ZONE”.

The problem then comes as to “WHAT” we are over-compensating about-in the sense that it might be directly through some reason of our own or indeed via some second party requirement. So for instance I perhaps overcompensate in relation to the daughter and likewise many a person can probably say they do the same for this that or the other relative.

The best strategy over the long term can actually be to “LET-GO” of many a second or even third party strategy. That is not to say-do not respect family and friends and so on-though clearly taking on “INDIRECT” issues that you are not in true alignment with can be a quite good starting strategy.

You could pull out a pen and paper and list all those kinds of issues that society brings to your attention that when you think about it have little to do with yourself-apart from some relational type issue. Interpretation of “MOTIVE” is an exceptionally strange field of “EXPERTISE” in the sense that many of us-especially the unaware can be carrying out behaviours and so on-long after the reason for a particular behaviour has come and gone.

Likewise that takes us into the SORTING out issue-I think I have mentioned previously about the so-called “INCOMPATIBILTY” of motives in the sense that you can-as some courses ask-list your top ten values and then compare them against each other asking is this value more important than this other value and so on. Many of us it can be demonstrated place some “VALUES” higher simply because of the inferred “that is where it is supposed to be” type thinking.

You could ask a dozen people or a million people and things such-as “FAMILY” would be high on the values list-though when “push comes to shove” in the “SORTING” against other values such-as “WEALTH” or “HEALTH” many folks when being “TRUE” to themselves (these teaching are “SYSTEMS” designed without prejudice) would often select an alternate “TRUTH” that does not fit the societal “HERD” Model.

So we do see such results within “BLIND” polling and so on-hence so many “QUESTIONAIRES” and so on not asking for things such-as names and addresses and all the rest of such things. People when they believe that a poll is without PREJUDICE can fall into differing patterns again. You have the “oh I can be honest”, or indeed “let us take the piss out of this poll”. Again I am quite sure that PATTERNS appear within such data-sets and people who work in such fields are well aware of statistical “ANOMALY” and so on.

Well this is another of those-what am I thinking about at the present time-issues and I guess given what I have just said-you might liken some of these things to the “CHRISTMAS PRESENT LIST”-you have got a budget of XXX pounds and XX people to buy gifts for and you want to remain within BUDGET and so on. So yes even some “MUST-HAVE” presents when worked through in the comparison stakes it can be better to wait until the “NEW YEAR”. I have written previously how I am not all that excitable about Christmas given the “SALES” that often follow so quickly afterwards. If you have something on the list that is stretching cost then it can “sometimes” be wiser to opt for a second or third item down the list and then see what the sales give you in options a little bit later.

In a perfect World of course where money is no object I guess that anyone can want and get all the presents that they want and desire at the appropriate time-though given that statistics show that many people do not actually “KNOW” what they really want beyond being “TOLD” by the media-these things can demonstrate the “ABSURDITY” of some kinds of competing and keeping up with the neighbours and so on.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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