So I Have Been Seeking To Write An OATH

Yes an oath is quite popular whether you are swearing to tell the truth within a court or likewise pledging allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II or to the Mighty Allah or God or well any number of oaths have been written and sworn in-in many realms down the years and of course you do have to-to my mind-decide or ask the QUESTION-how important is this OATH to my life and so on-again I think it is far too easy to seek to COMPARTMENTALISE-when reality at least to myself has come about through the breaking down the barriers and walls of compartmentalization in favour of more GLOBAL TRUTHS. Does that mean you are NEGLECTING some oath that you have taken or simply giving a NEW interpretation to the OATH as you now have greater awareness as to where such things originate in terms of Enlightenment and Service and Dedication and Duty and so on.

Yes there are far too many oaths to go through them individually though as I suggest my own interest came about through a personal type project I have been developing and seeking to write an OATH for. So in that respect my research came about WONDERING where exactly within a SCALE OF OATHS does this EVENT FIT.

What do you mean Dave?

Well does breaking this OATH save your life? Does keeping this OATH save your life? Does fitting the OATH into a greater SCALE of HIERARCHIES OF OATHS change the way in which you see the WORLD and so on.

Yes Dave S Perkins is being BIZZARE though these things can of course help when seeking to expand ones strategies and learnings and teachings and so on. I of course have said that I have an attitude towards some issues that some people think favourably on and others think is extremist. Well sometimes you have to stick to your own guns irrespective of some of the wider implications-we all perhaps have various levels of Karma to deal with whether we believe or do not believe in Karma. When SOCIETY seemingly presents you with a choice between two or more undesirable extremes the REMEDY really can seem to be to carry out activities such as shutting-up-shop or seeking DEATH or however one is to describe such things.

So ill I get to write an oath-well my research does very often involve seeking to break a pre-existing HYPOTHESIS in one or other fashion. Far too often people become confused because of the WAY in which choices are PRESENTED. So I like the IDEA of the game of black and white and the IDEA of two coin sides being inseparable in many respects-where I perhaps DIFFER from some folks is that I can think in Hierarchical TERMS whereby debates do not become ENTANGLED.

What does that mean well-some choices are clearly MUDDLED in many ways by people INVENTING or giving justification to COMPETING in a differing standard to a pre-existing MODEL. When really in Hierarchical Terms you could say that this COIN BATTLE is a differing sub-modality on the tree to the one in which many folks think it is.

So you have vanilla ice-cream versus chocolate ice cream as one COIN SUBMODALITY on a ranking type tree, and likewise alongside that as another COIN SUBMODALITY you could have Neopolitan ice-cream versus mint ice-cream as the battle.

Yes you can have a debate as to what should be PAIRED with what as COINSIDES though generally I have come to find with Learnings that many such “workings out” have already taken place by those who have blazed a trail so to speak. I keep talking of the IDEA of SIMPLIFY and in many ways that has gone on already-though likewise in some realms it really does require knowing some of the foundations and fundamentals and so on.

So for instance-why did Dave research Animation-well quite simply I grew up with computers and so on and went to University and in many ways you might say I was HIGHLY or EXCEPTIONALLY familiar with so-called 3-Dimensional Modelling Techniques-however many of those techniques came about through building upon old fashioned Disney type 2-Dimensional Modelling and so on.

So whilst you can probably in any walk of life-research all the CURRENT knowledge and theory and that is what is generally given in many areas-to REALLY EXCEL it can take that IDEA of “GOING THE EXTRA MILE” and researching what your own teaching has been based upon.

So I have studied widely all over the shop reading Hundreds of books and in many ways I could have POTENTIALLY saved myself a great deal of time by making some of those go direct to bigger sources decisions.

What are bigger sources?

Well clearly The BRITISH MONARCHY is an Established Global Brand that has INFLUENCED many generations, likewise DISNEY is an ESTABLISHED Global Brand that has influenced many generations. Likewise when we look at closer details-we also see that the Royals have also taken influence from other Countries via Marriages and so on-and Disney has broadly taken ye olde European type tales and given them an American Global spin.

Yes there are plenty are places and peoples to study that folks can seek to ACCELERATE themselves with-though I would definitely recommend the so-called HIGHER ELITES within a NATION.

What else can be learnt-well I did like many a person grow up doing ACCENTS and joke type mimicking of peoples ACCENTUATIONS and those again are of course things that we come to take for granted. I think we have all watched an IMPRESSIONIST on the TV who we have perhaps liked and likewise I spoke of SPITTING IMAGE previously and that was of course EXAGERATED ACCENTUATIONS-so again many typical day-to-day things can be highlighted as reacquainting oneself with in terms of getting some AH-HA’s going.

In the Animation realm for instance they (Lead artist) might have drawn a Starting Point picture and an End Point picture and then other apprentice or team artists would draw what were called Inbetweens and those drawings also have to be able to stay in SYNC and so on with expected MUSIC & SOUND SCORE and so on-and because of the “Classic” Disney Model I think many a modern 3-Dimensional system did not fully come into its own until it was able to find ways in which to translate the “classic” teachings into a 3D REALM. Strange though true-we like our exaggerated facial expressions and arms waving about the place and so on.

Can Quality be done without a good story-MOST DEFINITLY and we see many examples of quality animation that lacks story appeal-likewise some STUDIO’S have worked to constantly IMPROVE upon such issues. So again swings and roundabouts though interestingly the successful companies are (IN MY OPINION) the ones that have taken notice of “classical” foundational STORY TELLING teachings. They clearly having outshone those who have not.

Yes and that does include Disney who do seem to falter-these studio’s seem to have MULTIPLE teams OPERATING and some are perhaps preferred over others-though we have to remember that in GLOBAL terms something unappealing to WESTERN AUDIENCES may have larger market share in ASIAN Cultures and sub-continental INDIA and so on.

So far to EASY to fall into a localised series of parallels and choices-yes that is a GOOD IDEA though likewise in wanting to understand and have greater Global like SYNC you can seek to remedy such things by putting yourself through work and study that you may not necessarily like or want to overindulge in.

I think I will leave this one there and possibly write something later after a trip to town.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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