So What is Differing In Relation To Realms

So I spoke earlier on this idea that I grew up with Computers and that might have predominantly been said to have been around games-those at least early on being where much of the Home Computer Market was focussed. In many ways the games industry grew out of the Computer market though these days of course dedicated on-line systems and consoles have taken over predominantly as the platform of choice-and yes respective market share has grown accordingly within those realms. I spoke previously on preferring the Wii to the other consoles, generally regarding them as dominated by today’s modern equivalent of spotty teenagers and so on-though of course a large percentage of individuals are actually of my own generation and the next generation down. However it must be said that the predominant favoured “INFLUENCES” within the computing and console “REALMS” were not necessarily taking much notice of the classical influences-beyond of course advertising for artists and so on-the artist very often having to relearn how to draw and so on with a computer system-that too has become a somewhat dedicated profession of its own. The early years were geared around getting as much out of the graphics and so on as was possible with this tiny bit of memory and so on. Yes sounds weird hearing about games being played in 8 colours or 64 colours and so on though clearly system were developed.

One such system was this idea that you could hold one small pattern in memory and when it was required print out 40 or 50 copies to the visual screen giving the appearance of some vast map.

Likewise this technique much like some animation models use differing graphic planes. So you might have a main background plane on one layer and then on the next layer up you might place a series of block or brick like graphic over and on top of the first layer. You could then perhaps create another layer with another series of repeated graphic and as you can IMAGINE you can effectively create a very detailed SCREEN IMAGE and MAPS with very relatively SMALL number of STORED IMAGES.

These kinds of systems are of course the same as MIXING INKS or creating a COLLAGE. So we can again see that the repetition of building up layers and blocks upon blocks is still used today. They do of course work somewhat faster and very often dedicated processors come readily equipped to cope with all the demands of the modern gamer-though likewise the textures and assorted graphics and so on still require some BASE SAMPLE from which to GENERATE particular MODELS.

So in many ways the PROCESS can be seen to be one again the SAME as many film type processes and books and most media. The issue perhaps being that many a person is ENCOURAGED to believe that these things are more complicated than they necessarily ARE when they have been SYSTEMATIZED.

So I was going to speak on the ISSUE that many a classical model really was disregarded early on within the computer realm until eventually the demand and power was available to be able to do justice to some of the established techniques. However it can be seen (In My Opinion) that the interactive gaming World due to the way in which it ORIGINALLY developed is very differing to classic popularised FILM/TV type fair. The abundance of 3D SHOOTER GAMES demonstrates this in the sense that whilst many are great to play-too someone who has become more of an OBSERVER of that REALM they are often what might be regarded as somewhat STERILE, BEREFT bereft or lacking in certain qualities that you find elsewhere.

Yes that is a generalisation and I know that some Companies do seek to COUNTER such claims or have moved on from the STERILE type productions that used to appear ten a penny-though the reality is that far more STERILE and LACKING in PERSONALITY type games and so on appear than otherwise, just as we see with TV productions. Again when doing the comparisons-and as someone who has watched little in the way of TV for some 10 years you really do WONDER what was it about this or that show that caused you to necessarily watch it. Yes again easy to say “just passing the time” TV’s can sit in the corner and bring the World to your fingertips just as interactive computers and consoles can though clearly the interaction might be regarded as REPLACING societal type interaction that previously existed (possibly).

So where once people had to perhaps put up with each other in working environments and competing in sports the sitting behind a MOBILE or sitting behind a console or computer has become the new hiding in the car type activity. Yes we can create an argument that whilst cars are tools that get you from A to B that one of the great mental investments that people seemingly place in them is this one of isolation from EXTERNALS.

So a case could be put into place whereby a “Traditional” saying such-as “An English man’s home is his castle” could be suggested to have wider and broader implications. “An English man’s car is his castle on wheels”.

Yes everywhere you look what most people seem to be doing is seeking ESCAPE. I think I have written on that though do not recall if it was private or published though clearly whilst many a person thinks they are OPERATING from one series of thought processes it can in a HUGE number of cases be demonstrated that an ALTERNATE REASON exists whether that REASON is regarded as being consciously ACTED UPON or indeed UNCONSCIOUSLY acted upon.

These things perhaps a reason why the so-called RELEASING issue is so big a BARRIER for many a person-the FEAR of what is on the other COINSIDE and likewise from my own studies I have generally found that with INTENTION and a greater awareness and knowledge of HIERARCHIES you can usually SEE that most fears and so on are completely UNFOUNDED and probably came about through not having a clear understanding of how many a SYSTEM came into being in the first place.

So yes easy to rank oneself as “SPECIAL” though clearly any word used can be ACCENTED to potentially reveal new insights and so on. How different is veils from wales and could Dave S Perkins really have been creating “Silver to Philosophy” and not as strictly as it perhaps looks and appears when visited as –YES strange how you could go swimming underwater and hear many a sound in a differing manner to how it was potentially envisioned when thought through and about.

So that perhaps potentially something for people to consider in the understanding of WAVES & VIBRATIONS and HOW SOUND ITSELF can be DOCTORED into many ACCENTS and VARIATIONS that when worked through can take you back to the most clearest and simplest of understandings.

There are most DEFINITELY words and PHRASES that exist within SOCIETAL LEARNINGS that we many of us take “for granted” that when “MANIPULATED” could actually be very different meaning to ASSUMED and taken for granted thoughts and feelings and expectations and so on.

So “manipulations” sounds LOADED though clearly I simply mean things such as “softening” sounds and “hardening” sounds and adding “echo” and “reverb” and “compression” and all sorts of acoustical ranges that CHANGE the perception.

We can of course seek to PERCEIVE things in a multitude of ways-some are BENEFICIAL whilst others are clearly not-so choice is always choice though advancement can clearly be demonstrated to work across multiple fields of endeavour and learnings and it really is never too late to learn and reinterpret things in as many ways as you possibly can.

In relation to philosophy I recall how as a small child watching my grandparents FIRE I would watch the highs and lows of the flames rising and so on much as MEDITATION teaches the staring at a CANDLE. Why do I say this well you could think philosophy is fire loads of fire or hi lo’s of fire and many other VARIATIONS that seem more obvious to a TRAINED MIND than otherwise.

So we all have many mental PROCESSES going on and with some INTENTION and TRAINING we can come to see that our body is our ENVIRONMENT and whilst we may have little say as to EXTERNALS-we can most definitely seek to improve our internal CAPACITY so to speak as to personal growth and learning and broadening IDEAS into ways and means that work for us as UNIQUE INDIVIDUALS in a WORLD that demands our attention from where we may well prefer to place it for ourselves.

How can I take my STERILE MIND and turn it into an amusement arcade of wonder and awe and SYSTEMATIZED STORY TELLING that has never been created in a pre-existing fashion or manner by anyone else that has gone before?

Well that is enough for now as I have drifted into BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH MODE.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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