Do you find yourself reading again and again year after year about TAX EVASION by FRAUDULENT Celebratories bemoaning having to pay taxes in a ZERO SUM GAME. Of course you could argue heavily against the IDEA that life is a zero sum game though the further I have progressed I have found that getting to a point of understanding as to the IDEA of zero sum is and of itself somewhat HAZARDOUS.

Yes we all of course perhaps witnessed the School Play or indeed participated at one or other point in our lives and likewise those can be things that people still have playing on their mind many years after such an EXPERIENCE. I wrote previously how I first STARRED within a Nutcracker type production as a TREE and likewise a couple of years later was among the LEADS as a KING-so all long held beliefs can be brought up for inquiry or enquiry and likewise we can ask ourselves whether such things are true. Did I really fluff my lines as a tree or miss a PROMPT when I forgot my lines during this or that production.

Yes we have HIGHLY seasonal events kicking in around the GLOBE and likewise that is f course the name of a SHAKESPEARIAN Theatre. Perhaps he would turn in his grave at some of our attempts at modern interpretation of his works though clearly we when looking at some Historical Theatre Productions do have cause to WONDER as to what was going through such writers minds when coming up with this stuff.

In the news we are seeing somewhat HARSH reports of FAILED rescue attempts by United States Special Operations Forces-I personally do not think the operation a failure in the sense that the task was accomplished and all that was lacking was a SURVIVOR saying THANKYOU to the SAVIOURS for Heroic Actions and Deeds. That sounds patronizing though is not written with that meaning. The Hostages were secured and on the way to freedom when they died-so it might be suggested that they were in CAPTIVITY for far too long or other FACTORS came into play that only ON-THE-GROUND knowledge would have provided-we cannot KNOW factors such-as Physical & Mental HEALTH beyond SPECULATION based on PRIOR EXPERIENCE and whether we ADMIT to such things or otherwise we can ALL perhaps KNOW that you can take TWO INDIVIDUALS with IDENTICAL NAMES and they could be completely differing in personality and aptitude and lifestyle and all the rest of such FACTORS.

However I think I wrote something similar last year and had hoped to be later READING of a BRITISH HOSTAGE RESCUE OPERATION only for nothing to MATERIALIZE-SO clearly it might be suggested that I as everyone else can wonder and speculate as to what our forces are themselves doing though clearly given the various changes that have been occurring throughout the British Military (Army 2020) it is perhaps of little surprise. We only have so many Troops and Brigades and Platoons to rotate about the World and we are of course also seeing that Bahrain is being returned to in the Middle East-so the Command & Control people and personnel know what operations are ongoing and what can be laughed at as Dave S Perkins “WEIRD” speculation. We have of course when looking at the MUSIC CHARTS had many a CHRISTMAS time song that has been sung in RELATION to the IDEA of COMING HOME for Christmas and I am sure many a personnel stationed at some long distant OUTPOST is thinking along those lines-though clearly when on such postings you might want to feel as though you have actually had or otherwise some “ACTION”. Yes the debate as to glorification of WAR is one that has to perhaps be experienced prior to passing judgement though as I have written previously we all of us from YOUNG AGES seemingly almost naturally adopt warlike attitudes and behaviours and such things are another SEASONAL FAYRE in the sense of the IDEA of “THE RIGHTS OF PASSAGE”. Clearly we can all interpret many incoming information’s in a multitude of ways across multiple so-called REALMS. The TRAINING and DRILLING and REPETITION is surely serving a PURPOSE and whilst we can debate as to even Hierarchy of Purpose I do think that were I serving I would WANT TO PARTICIPATE in some REAL THEATRE OF WAR type operation beyond some GAMES CONSOLE or TV MOVIE and so on. Far better than sitting around on ones hands aimlessly writing materials that many a person has already acknowledged or likewise EXPRESSED DERISION in relation to.

So here I am sat comfortably on a sofa typing on my PAD and I am saying I want to ACTIVATE DANGEROUS MISSIONS & WAR OPERATIONS that could potentially mean that someone ELSE’S brother, father, sister and mother and so on is not going to be returning to the land of the WICKED WITCH any time in the near future.

Again debates to be had-whilst many a person CRITICISES the MUSIC INDUSTRY-predominantly in relation to PULLING WOMEN and impressing them with your being a REBEL and so on-in reality The Army also creates a particular AURA about it in relation to such things. Whilst I am sure many an old hand would say that when they joined up it was all about pulling the women as well as a career-you do wonder as to WHERE lines are drawn as you get older and already have a WIFE & FAMILY and so on-yes you can “with the lads” still think YOURSELF capable though most people who are married and so on-do often SUFFER CONFLICTS of INTEREST in the sense of placing HIGH VALUE in relation to OATHS taken. A pledge of Allegiance to the Royals and a Marriage Oath and so on are all values that many of us would potentially happily seek to live by-clearly I have returned to the TOPIC of OATHS because again that is an area I have been thinking about quite HEAVILY.

Perhaps an area of enquiry as to WHAT OATHS have I taken during my life and can I say in full and transparent HONESTY that I have ABIDED by aforementioned OATHS. Difficult to tell though most of us know if we have stayed true to such things-yes thinking about things such-as cheating and misbehaving is not the same as ACTIVELY carrying out such activities though clearly CHOICE is CHOICE and every INDIVIDUAL married or otherwise has to perhaps acquaint themselves with the IDEA of the INPORTANCE of maintaining VOWS & OATHS and so on.

Falling into WISHY-WASHY LA-DI-DA concepts is not necessarily where many a MODERN MAN wants to be-though as I have REPEATED on many occasions-I promote the TEACHING of returning to some childlike or childhood ACTIVITIES as a means to ACCELERATING awareness and knowledge and what might be regarded by some as SPECIAL ABILITIES.

Does a name change require that all the back catalogue of books and historical data become INVALIDATED or merely RECOGNISED as being a PRODUCT of the RESPECTIVE NOW in which a given data-set was created and-or written?

Yes strange things do be debating-though I noticed that as I wrote Do You Wish Upon A STAR that Jewish can be found to be formed within that text and Jews are often regarded as financially exceptionally wise and savvy and so on-unless you are bemoaning DEALINGS that you have had with such peoples and persons.

So STAR VALUE then perhaps our own personal SELF WORTH and how we go about REFLECTING THE STARS back at the STARS or otherwise as the case may be.

Not sure why I am repeating myself I having another DEJA-VU time period though clearly each and every year can perhaps be demonstrated as being counted in BREATHS.

Can you go round and round and never to see the cycles and patterns eternally being things that go bump in the head and the mind the hemispheres on the awareness blind-SENSORY PERCEPTIONS and living with stuffed the reports in the highlights of one mans must-sonic delusions or thoughts whizz about-how can I detail the STORY TIME life with a vision of might putting World affairs Right when everyone is clear to operate as they please and that time of choosing is wising to lose.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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