Okay So That Is Not Exactly As One Would Really Say

So I suggested that you could buy this book or that course and so on-and we do as we research each area come to have differing ratifications of potentially what were former TRAUMAS-So it is not necessarily true to claim you only need one book or one course-because we do as a species have a questioning mind and it might be said that it is own continuing questioning that RESOLVES various internal conflicts and so on-I was going to write THE SINGULARITY IS HERE as a nod to Ray Kurweil of many a futuristic artificial intelligence claim-one of his books of course entitled “The Singularity Is Near”-however again how true such prepositions are depend potentially on how long you have meditated and so on. I know early on that whilst I did RUSH through multiple levels that I did have many a RECONSTRUCTION occurring within my own head-in the sense of experiencing pressure releases and all sorts of strange goings on that one could not really describe beyond perhaps wanting to see such events on a scanner of some description. So where once the brain was massively compartmentalised-the reading of assorted literature and writings combined with multiple causes has kind of led to the sort of mental ratifications described above. Where an unresolved internal conflict has turned into a mini inner flow state and the NEXT section or learning can then be brought to a conscious window of awareness and so on.

I have no idea as to how many transformations and changes I have experienced in the short few years of regular meditation though can definitely say there have been many and likewise many changes in how I perceive the World both internally and indeed externally-it is easier to take some writings or seeming criticism to HEART though I would really as longer term readers know-do not take everything as something for granted. Far too often we can simply witness as a third party some action or triggers that we personally have little or nothing to do with and we really do not perhaps want to get unnecessarily confused by assuming some conflict is our own-likewise choice as to intervention perhaps comes through your own presumed level of experience and wisdom. We all of course can go charging in to situations and scenario’s and then cause things to deteriorate further before the ship is turned and so on.

Yes seeking to maintain a certain level of SPACE between the EXTERNAL and INTERNAL can become a full-time PREOCCUPATION-though clearly we want to benefit ourselves through asking and answering our own questioning system-in order to further continued growth and personal development of skills and so on. Many books I have purchased have contained QUESTIONS and it might be suggested that whether consciously or none consciously there is a HIGH likelihood that I will have searched in order to resolve such questions-and as we all of us who use Holosync-when we reach a certain point of so-called maximum ENTROPY the system can break down and reformulate at a HIGHER LEVEL of development-that was not always presumed to be the case though the Nobel Prize winning research that I myself was guided to does demonstrate the particular theories as seemingly being correct-of course it is also said that we RESIST such STIMULUS perhaps stunting our own abilities and so on in the process-though I do think that continued meditation literally forces such events to occur whether we are intending to have such experiences or otherwise and clearly debates can be had as to NEED though in THRESHOLD stakes I personally see little REWARD for being a MARTYR in continuing to SUFFER unnecessarily-okay so we have all heard claims that seem too good to be true-though I really have to admit that whether I seek to validate or invalidate the claims of the Technologies I recommend-it really is apparent that some debates have occurred so many times over that they really are becoming GRIN & SMILE in an “I told you so” kind of fashion.

Having said that of course I cannot truly know as to the EFFECT that the Technologies have had on other folks who took them up though have to admit that much of the external WORLD about myself has become quite an enjoyable experience where once it was seemingly completely hostile. Those are of course the “Famous Last Words” that have been said a million times be the same number of peoples-though as I have continued and had to adjust to present circumstances in a more uplifting way-so too I think have others who took on the challenge of also experiencing the WORLD ANEW.

Yes step-by-step rung-by-rung the ladder of enlightenment seemingly gradually ascends towards the heavens-how long such things last for is of course debatable-despite what I have said above-WHY? Well I do think that so much is constantly in FLUX in most people’s EXTERNAL World that seeking to CONTROL such things is beyond one individuals ability-hence much of the FOCUS of the teachings being on the TRANSFORMATION of the INTERNAL WORLD-a place each and every one of us can regard as our own PLAYGROUND.

Yes you can repeat and say the same things over and over though I do find SEASONAL CYCLES to seemingly OPEN MY AWARENESS WIDER during this particular time-cycle and so on-perhaps Christmas does that for everyone though it is seemingly easier to constantly be aware and witness and so on in a constant World of having ah-ha’s and maintaining a level of personal decorum and equilibrium-where elsewhere in the CALENDAR it can seem as though I have returned to sleep in some fashion-unsure as to reason-though clearly it is possibly simply part of the UNIVERSAL FLOW EXPERIENCE or indeed some INTERNAL SYSTEM that I have yet to resolve and so on.

Perhaps my habitual hibernation style and patterning is simply over represented at particular times-much like an alcoholic with alcohol or a drug user with drugs. So knowing where my own personal issues are at and likewise becoming more attuned and present in the NOW clearly helps in identifying when and where change may perhaps be required on a personal note or simply as a time where I need to PUSH MYSELF through the so-called WALL.

Many a course and modality actually does seemingly base itself in this IDEA of overcoming wall like mental obstacles and clearly that fits well with my earlier note on how the meditation stimulus keeps the mental cogs and synaptic communications working where we may have Traditionally Closed down in some fashion (such-as burning bridges). Does that help-yes most definitely in the sense that most communication systems operate in a feedback loop of some description that requires a minimum two-way loop (too and fro). Likewise minimum bi-directional flow enables you do perhaps clear out long held mental “flotsam and jetsam” that could potentially be causing undesirable issues related to any number of POTENTIALS. I say potentials as a kind of generic that could include anything from a physical health ailment to simple mental health issues.

I spoke on the issue of agency earlier and that again was more of a generic term that could cover many a field or topic heading and so on and so forth-we do seem to find as we progress that it can in some ways be difficult to STAY GROUNDED in our experiences as to what is actually occurring. The Technologies do claim to create better health and so on and I guess it is personal choice as to BELIEF as is the ability to simply stop usage and so on. Yes I reduced usage though clearly still get a certain level of “FIX” via the continuing course materials and associated library of studies and so on.

How many ways in which these things truly enhance life and bodily function and so on really is-for myself-up to debate in the sense that the so-called ZONE seems to be a place to simply want to exist within at all times-irrespective of personal History and circumstance and all the rest of those things.

So I am going to go and grab something to eat and encourage any readers to perhaps take up blogging for themselves-simply to demonstrate your OWN STARRING role within your own body mind and Heart and personage and so on-I write quite repetitiously day after day and a thousand words is surely not a great hardship for folks with more active lives than myself.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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