So We Fly To Close To The Sun & We Burn

So we fly to close to the Sun and we burn and logically we can say that the NIGHT SKY is full of distant Suns that are illuminating ones logic guns.

We call the Sun a Star at Distance and a Sun close up-hence our parable story of ICHARUS flying to close to the Sun and having the wax or glue wings MELT.

Those of course regarded as ancient speculations and logic based philosophy though clearly as one progresses it can seem as though SCIENCE has taken us towards protective coating’s that isolate us from particularly harsh “SCALES & MEASURES” of survivability from danger-the winter clothes to keep us warm or the temperature controlled Astronaut suites and deep sea diving suites and so on-of course the ADVENTURE scene in all media outlets generally pays a certain level of degree and attention to what can and cannot be currently achieved.

So within some realms writers seek to stay within current knowledge of science and likewise elsewhere other writers have WORLD without OBSTACLES approach to writing fiction and fantasy-and in all honesty the further I personally have progressed and developed and so on-you really do come to see that we each CREATE our OWN reality. Why do I say this-well clearly anyone who wants to move AWAY from the worst kinds of possible SUFFERING could find that IDEALOGUES such-as “The obstacle is the way” is the best approach.

So I could of several years ago gone and bought myself “The Illusion of Life” a book about the development of Disney style crafted Animation and so on-the book is perhaps in the higher price bracket that one might expect to pay-however having purchased such a book-I can see that in many ways-many processes have once again “COME FULL CIRCLE” in the sense that the little bit extra expenditure early on could have saved myself from spending hundreds of pounds on the wider knowledge base that I seemingly find myself with.

So what is meant by the obstacle is the way?

Well clearly it could be suggested that what we FEAR most is usually within our own HEMISPHERE between the ears and as I wrote previously a number of MODALITIES that I have bought and payed for and PURCHASED have operated in using “pet annoyances” as SONIC THRESHOLD TRIGGERS. So that may simply be the squeaking CHALKBOARD or creaking door and strange echoing FOOTSTEPS and so on-whilst they may seem SCAREY in relation to many a MEDIA production-we do often find that a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT can be though to exist within the REALMS of MEDITATION.

When we experience such triggers within SAFETY-WE are then better able to identify and let go of such concerns and worries from within our own personal Histories-again these things may be regarded as being “LAYERED” and clearly I have spoken in regard to the TOP-DOWN versus BOTTOM UP approaches-and indeed as I have advanced also suggested that a RATIFICATION perhaps occurs where SYNCHRONIZATION happens and a new threshold is brought into being by a formerly out-of-sync TERROR of some description being brought into the REALM of our CONSCIOUS window of AWARENESS.

We perhaps come to laugh at ourselves and some of the STRANGE FEARS that we actually grip onto for dear life and so on. Many of course REVOLVE about GENERALISATIONS and many a person ASSUMES that a generalisation that they and a group of friends use is KNOWN to all people and persons that they come into contact with.

The best ACTION can in many ways-once Threshold and awareness and knowledge is developed is to act as though ALIEN to all about yourself in your methodology-that is not to say IGNORE all that is about yourself so much as QUESTION your OWN understanding as to what people actually MEAN.

I have of course written on this many times and clearly some folks understand such a message whilst others simply refuse to take HEED. I spoke on how I became ILL simply being around some folks and that was REAL-though in reality some self-obsessed individuals often think it is a REFERENCE to themselves when I have clearly suggested that it was in fact OTHER persons. These things are not necessarily RELATED to specific groups so much as AGENCY.

What is AGENCY?

Well clearly anyone that a person interacts with might be regarded as having some symbiotic agency relationship with other peoples and persons-and I also said that some folks could be more HARMFUL to some folks than others-clearly development of INTERNAL PROCESSES that PROTECT against many a harmful TRANSACTION is useful-some folks APPRECIATE and understand that concept of AGENCY better than others.

I previously wrote regarding DATABASE style transactions in the sense that these things in realm-realm understanding have in many ways been expressed through Computer System Models. However given that many of us have been CHRISTENED at a young age and lived our entire life with particular NAME and so on-we can often have a level of blindness to cause & effect as to particular AILMENTS.

So again the best remedy from my own perspective is raising threshold and letting go of such ailment inducing transactions and also developing greater PROTECTIVE thoughts and SYSTEMS.

Those of course might be thought of as things such-as some MEDITATIVE walk-throughs such as the imagining a protective cloud coming down and ENVELOPING your-self and then developing further outward protective boundaries of differing colours and frequencies. Repetition of these modalities really can work and seeking to EXPLAIN HOW can be somewhat troublesome.

I think the MAGNETIC FIELD and how we RADIATE with EXTERNALS is clearly something that only those interested in ADVANCED TEACHINGS are going to be interested in We do not necessarily have to know the how’s and whys as to reason of why this works as it does. Clearly we perhaps have an INHERENT REQUIREMENT to TRUST that something works-and that again comes OVERTIME.

So step by step and process by process and advancement by advancement we come to see that we really can have greater CONTROL over our own BODY as an INTEGRATED SYSTEM and likewise how that BODY of SENSORY ABILITIES works within the BROADER AND WIDER ENVIRONMENT about ourselves.

So whilst we can come to see that many a thought feeling and TRIGGER is not as delusion as once thought we can also see that we can develop a HAPPY IGNORANCE to any given bombardment of abuse or attack and so on.

Deciding what is to be regarded in what fashion is clearly another AREA for DEBATE though as suggested take any FEAR and see what occurs when you BRIDGE SENSES-IT can be suggested that many a CONNECTION within our body or brain SEPARATED as a REACTION to some perceived FEAR or injustice or sequence of events and the STIMULUS provided by Holosync and other similar modalities can keep SYNAPSES COMMUNICATING where once they may have had some tiny figure within your head playing out a burning bridges strategy and so on-far better to keep as many INTERNAL communications systems open and operational than otherwise-though clearly we all of us want that TRUST as to feedback and awareness in any sensory communique.

So Stars Burn Brightly though one does have to WONDER as to how? Are they pulling in new materials to burn? Are they simply gradually growing smaller in so many innumerable ways that are beyond our external sensory abilities & COMPREHENSIONS.

Tools have been developed for many things both INTERNAL and EXTERNAL though clearly deciding on the best SUITE of TOOLS that can further enhance one’s own abilities is a choice.

I have repeated that everyone is an actor and actress though likewise I also say EXAMINE choices presented to yourself by the external World as to what you personally relate to-far better to state positive intentions for all that you encounter than not-though many a generalization under scrutiny can be demonstrated to be outright wrong.

So raising your own vibe could be as simply as spending that little bit extra on courses and teachings and actually participating in life enhancing and empowering actions whether they are believed to be CLANDESTINED or otherwise-strange zones of awareness com to the fore at particular times of the year.

I of course grew up watching clandestine James Bond type movies and I live in a town where many a person suffers “Comparison with the garrison” though likewise the more you advance the more you can let go of feelings and thoughts that you may be carrying out some SECRET activity-hiding the Christmas Presents falls into the Clandestine Realm also-though clearly we can as we grow older simply think of things with a CHUCKLE rather than paranoia as to our activities having been SABOTAGED or THWARTED by external operatives operating under the direction of an alternate governing body that is not in alignment with how we personally desire and wish to exist and so on and so forth.

Yes I think many a Country’s Mandate has the IDEA that whilst we want to maintain the peace such things come with a PRICETAG such as developing security perimeters and techniques and practices that remain clandestine irrespective of a given population knowing what is GOOD for them.

Again we have all seen or witnessed or heard the TALE of someone dying having IGNORED the advice to not travel to a danger zone or believing that they are superhuman and not susceptible to EXTERNALS wherever they happen to find themselves about the GLOBE.

The repetition and training and WITNESSING as to all things in all sensory realms and capabilities demonstrates that no matter how advanced a bodily environment we personally think and feel we have-someone somewhere can likely demonstrate the fool hardiness of such thoughts and feelings and that is WHY the IDEA of “Beginners Mind” within any REALM whoever you may be can be the ULTIMATE STRATEGY.

The WISDOM in the Question of not knowing where you begin and end. How inter spectral are the in between sensory realms-the unknown map within the unknown territory is an unknown known or measured within current scientific research and teachings?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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