I Should Of Course Throw Out A Random Bible Quote

Yes so getting into the Seasonal Spirit I should of course throw out a random Bible Page and Quote without any prior looking-so Old Testament or New Testament-I actually am A fan of the OLD TESTAMENT though clearly it can be demonstrated that most Modern World Organisations base themselves around the so-called 2nd Testament so in keeping with random I will say PSALMS 44:4 and then go and look it up.

Yes one of the favoured techniques for practicing things within the realms of photoreading is actually opening books up at random pages and seeing what trigger exist within the text that you find yourself staring at or indeed how good your recall is-making the assumption that you are seeking to compare and RECALL what you may have read at some supersonic speed without necessarily paying conscious attention to.

Clearly such Teaching Devices work and they also help build the ideas of windows into the non-conscious realms and so on. Clearly most aspects and areas of life come with their own series of practices and I have spoken previously on RITUALS. Just as many a person does not regard something they like whether a SOAP OPERA or SPORT or any given MEDIA SHOW as being a “RELIGION” it can also be demonstrated that such IGNORANCE can actually serve you in the sense of what you do believe. All to often claiming something to be other than what is it suggests a RESISTANCE to a particular realm. So if I for instance say that I do not like “X-FACTOR” it could be suggested to myself that in reality everything is an X-FACTOR. Clearly these are dependent as to what you regard as your OWN CENTERPOINTE of life and focus and so on. The further you climb in spiral fashion clockwise or anti-clockwise up some hills the more you encounter to suggest that you are better of becoming attuned to the so-called laws of Mechanics and Thermodynamics and so on than not.

Likewise in terms of degrees it can be demonstrated that many a measurement used in many a realm is being used in an inappropriate fashion. I see Tesco is once again appearing within many headlines and that strangely coincides with my employer publishing Tesco Guidelines calling upon staff within suppliers to become WHISTLEBLOWERS for any malpractice that they witness or see.

Clearly such things are up for debate given that any employee potentially has a VESTED interest in the well-being of employer and likewise given my own History of having previously worked for Tesco-you do seemingly come to see a POLARITY OF DYNAMICS that are against my own personal interest.

So where do your responsibilities TRULY begin and end in relation to many of these MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS and the way they go about operating. Some complexities are not worth paying attention or becoming involved with. Clearly WHISTLEBLOWING again has a tradition within many areas of life though clearly some are more beneficial than others.

So many a person will believe a HIGH-LEVEL whistleblower over a low-level whistleblower and clearly it can be demonstrated that what is really REQUIRED are BELL-RINGERS.

Yes that is the ANSWER-YOU can keep your whistles and start pulling the ropes that are attached to the bells in that “It’s the bells that make me deaf you know” fashion of a Quasimodo.

So where else-well believe it or not I do like TRADITIONAL CAROL SINGING and in my own life and can perhaps say that it is something that I miss in not watching or getting involved in local community type events and so on.

I have in fact been thinking quite HEAVILY in relation to Carol singing and yes I was re-writing some lyrics to some Carol Songs though clearly when it comes to Letting go and releasing and so on-then attention to seasonal detail can make all the difference. I think I did actually act as a Carol Singer in a production of Scrooge at one time and remember singing “I SAW THREE SHIPS COME SAILING IN”. Clearly in personal history terms many of us will have experienced some CHOIR type disjointedness and failure to attain unity in the chorus line and so on. So practice is the same for singers too in many ways as it is to most other Societal type dealings.

Yes whilst I am not singing in any choirs at present-clearly given my History I will be exploring such things from the point of view as suggested above of REVIEWING what happened next. So does public singing cause alarm just as public speaking may to some peoples. I think in reality many such a detail comes about through the AUDIENCE that you have.

So when you have experienced a good audience and have experienced a bad audience you generally come to your OWN CONCLUSIONS as to where and whom you prefer to find yourself among. I spoke previously on how many a person within any SOCIETAL CLASS very often seeks to exemplify the “BELONGING” within such widely accepted IDEAS. However this is the season of course where we see many a person stretching the boundaries of what they regard as they’re own Tolerance level in being more generous to other groupings.

Whether you’re a working class Del Boy selling down the market or a middle class shop keeper wanting that extra little bit for the winter we do tend to see more and more of the IDEA that everyone else’s money is as good as my own. Having said that there are one or two shops about that have a tendency to give out funny money in the change so be aware of what you get in coinage at this time of year. I seem to have been selected on a number of occasions to be the RECEIVER of fake coins. Very often not knowing until I try to use them in various machines and then colour match and look at the DETAIL more closely.

How many people produce fake coinage is of course debatable though I have seen quite a lot over the last 3 or 4 years and that suggests that someone has established a MINT of some description that is not an “AFTER EIGHT”.

Yes the police worry about attacks and the rest of us worry about “funny money”. Clearly in psychological terms we are always trading anyway though clearly it can be demonstrated that large numbers of people think themselves better at such dealings than they actually may be. The getting away with it mentality also gets heightened at this time of year (in my opinion).

So Christmas can be regarded as HIGH-STRESS time for people and persons of all ages-not just those in the intelligence community being used as SCAPEGOATS. Likewise many a remedy can be demonstrated to be containing flaws of their own-so always use the DOUBT to bolster yourself against the forces of evil who would drag you down and always maintain a questioning mind-set that begins with “beginners mind”.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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