So a Strange Day All-round Then

 Yes following on from my earlier ARTICLE and having had another successful GMT daytime sleep-I thought I would awaken to once again wonder what all the fuss is about-though on this occasion I think we can plainly see that the CIA is being used as a scapegoat.

Elsewhere we are seeing reports of a possible danger threat being made against the Police and the response has been “let’s all return to the station for a nice cup of tea”, makes a change from the Keystone cops and those favourite Donut eaters imported from the US of A, though clearly it is STRANGE in the SENSE that such threats are surely in existence throughout the entire year and indeed it could be a situation in which the horse has already bolted-the car has already been driven off the cliff-as some would say.

Elsewhere attempts to delay HS2 have failed in a court of law-so we can now PROCEED with extreme prejudice against those NIMBY types who always block PROGRESS.

We are also see “EXTREME” language being used in relation to the WEATHER and that again is something of a concern-I think I spoke previously about CONGRUENCE in news reporting where in the UNITED STATES you get high octane-high adrenaline music & headlines accompanied by a similarly high octane delivery from broadcaster. Here in the UK we can say that the broadcasters tend to seemingly be EXCESSIVELY CALM in delivery-do these things matter-well I guess that you might be TRIGGERED into a BRITISH “STIFF UPPER LIP” though of course in terms of History as has been repeated on many an occasion-we do have plenty of experience when it comes to TERRORISM and CONCENTRATION CAMPS and SLAVERY and all the other countless ways in which people and persons can said to be being abused.

I sometimes WONDER as to how we can have “TOUGH” service personnel within any FIELD of life when all law seemingly prevents the TOUGHENING PROCESS from being allowed. Yes the main issue from my own point of VIEW is actually one of ENVIROMENTAL CONVECTION.

CONVECTION being a word used in preference to more “LOADED” words such-as CONTAGION. So take a few people within any group and change the way they see the “WORLD” and in all likelihood you can gradually shift larger groups and so on VIA INHERITANCE to the NEW MODEL.

Yes I have used multiple wordings that carry similar kinds of meanings though merely to demonstrate that as much as any one person wants to CONTROL all about themselves EXTERNALLY-YOU really are often better seeking to CHANGE yourself INTERNALLY and then hopefully building enough INTEREST from those about yourself to get they themselves to change also.

Of course resistance continues within all aspects of life though clearly when you understand some of the methodologies used in some quarters you can perhaps come to see quickly how particular things have “POTENTIALLY” adversely affected yourself more than others or indeed not-we do have to remember that the UNITED KINGDOM for all the anti-establishment debates that occur within the UK is still generally regarded as a “FREE NATION” where people can express points of view in any manner they so wish as long as those views do not come into CONFLICT with PRE-EXISTING conditions and so on.

Another word I found myself thinking about that I want to “THROW-IN” is this one-“CENTRIFUGAL” however whilst I had thought about using it this morning I can no longer remember what I was going to link the word centrifugal too.

Clearly some thoughts and processes and attitudes and wordings can be demonstrated to work better with some peoples than others and whilst we can turn to many a “NATION” and find alleged Hard Hitting and damning “REPORTS” on the state of the Country of this area of life or that area of life or this other state of life-one does have to consider that many a Country can claim itself to have been a “MELTING POT” of “IDEAS” and so on hence perhaps that breakdown via entropy and reformulating at a higher level.

We are of course in “Get the Christmas Tree Out of the ATTIC/GARAGE/CELLAR” or “Buy a Christmas Tree from the Garden Centre/Market” and so on. Yes I was thinking about how some tree’s seemingly have that look of perfection when viewed in a Shop Display and how differing that can be to how tree’s look when we let our children loose on them. However again returning to the IDEA of the United Kingdom being a Wicked Witch it might also be CONSIDERED to be TREE LIKE and that of course is another ALLEGORICAL VIEW.

I do find when seeking to explain these things that many a person simply FAILS to SEPARATE IDEAS from subjective reality and that of course is where the real DANGER is. So we can STEP back from getting drawn into WARS and ARGUMENTS as to many a “CONDITIONING” and then create a NEW model that enables us to maintain that position.

So is there a differing viewpoint to be had via separating subjective and objective realities from “The Way Of The WORLD”-Well clearly it can be demonstrated with prolonged usage of meditation that you can clear on both areas-subjective and objective-however given that we all still generally have a desire to continue being alive and survive and so on then clearly you want some ways and means to “ENABLE” such a circumstance to come into being. Clearly anything that you adopt as a “STRATEGY” whether in relation to the “EXTERNAL or INTERNAL” is going to “FALL” into a “COMMUNICATION” of some description and that is where many an issue is difficult to explain or put across.

As I have repeated many a “TECHNOLOGY” has to be experienced in order to gain any benefit or result and likewise we all have choice as to what we then do with such “KNOWLEDGE” many clearly seek to simply continue without change though given the “NATURE VERSUS NURTURE” debate seemingly cancels itself out in many a circumstance we can perhaps spend time looking for more Therapeutic ways and means of existing that do not “INVOLVE” complex theories of why this group is better off than that group and other strange “ANOMALIES” that occur within so many aspects of life.

Yes I am seemingly going “HIGH-FREQUENCY” with my “SWITCHING” case though clearly I have explained that as simply a ways and means to “TRIGGER” thinking and demonstrate that whilst we have a “TRADITION” of reading from left to write as this is indeed typed that with practice you can come to simply regard all these fonts and any colours and so on as frequencies and “DATA” that can be read in “ALL-DIRECTIONS” of the “COMPASS” and yes I am more of a lower “COG” hanging on the “COAT TAILS” of those who have gone before-though likewise we all perhaps can take the opportunity to “THANK” and “APPRECIATE” those who have carried out more “WORTHY” research in such matters than simply seeking to “PART” people from their “CASH”.

So if we are lucky we can find and “LEARN” “MODALITIES” that can make a difference to our lives-if we are less fortunate we can find ourselves going round in unbeneficial circles and so on-so clearly all peoples have choice and clearly some folks who have taken particular choices can be selected as “CANDIDATES” for debate-is that person really “OPERATING” from a place of “INTEGRITY” and other inspiration type wordings or have they merely fallen into a scenario where they carry the appropriate “NAME” for some “ROLE” within an organisation. The further I myself have progressed in my own “STUDY’S” the more I have come to see that many a person unfortunately or otherwise has often fallen into some “LUCKY” situation whereby they simply are “FITTED” into some jigsaw that someone somewhere “CREATED”.

Yes some things are highly suspicious and debatable though clearly given the nature of Psychological Inheritance it can perhaps be demonstrated that most people are not as objective as many an organisation often claims for its staff and likewise subjectivity is only as good as your place on the “HILL”.

Yes I have once again drifted and I also noticed that “MARS” the planet not the chocolate company was appearing within some news headlines as being suspected of once carrying water and clearly that might also suggest an “ATMOSPHERE” however my own interest perhaps comes via the “GRAPHIC” used appearing to myself to be some kind of “BLUE LAGOON”. Unsure as to where Lagoon’s exist in real life though clearly the Tropical climbs are perhaps the most likely.

So this piece has drifted in-and-out or “IN-AND-OUT” of making sense and that is part of the “EXPERIENCIAL” experimenting that day to day life and feedback and understanding of “OPTIONS” as they present themselves at any given moment in that strange “WINDOW” known as “NOW”.


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