What This Blog Needs Is A Conspiracy

Yes all too often many a theory can be proffered as to who carried out particular activities that are regarded as allegedly being against “Human Rights” such strategies are of course open to debate given that if you have an agenda to cause harm to others can you really then run-a-bout saying that some rights have been breached.

Of course there have been circumstances where abuses have been identified and whilst America awaits an Intelligence Report into “Techniques & Strategies” used by the CIA following 9/11, my own view into such matters is firmly on the side of communication.

What are you talking about Dave?

Well it can be demonstrated that many a confession has been obtained down through the ages simply via the INSINUATION that a particular Technique is going to be applied and-or used. That is not to say that some Tortures and Abuses to not occur-though unless you are an ACTUAL person who can claim to have had such experiences those debates are perhaps best left alone and again where do we draw the line-so to speak.

I read an interesting book on such matters a couple of years ago that was related to some research that was being carried out as an experiment. However those taking part in the experiment-very quickly “TOOK ON” the assigned roles and the experiment had to be STOPPED. IE. Jailers within the experiment quickly took to abusing Prisoners within the experiment. The book also spoke on some real life examples of some tortures that had taken place in one or two War Zones in recent years-having said that we must not forget that when KNIOWLEDGE became available on the real life cases-action was taken against the personnel responsible-so clearly it might be suggested that no-one is actually above the law-though clearly when we can see JIHADISTS boasting and releasing VIDEO’S of Murderous Beheadings and so on then are these issues that require DEBATE?

I do not think anyone should necessarily be hung out to dry-though clearly perhaps a best practice approach might help those in the Intelligence gathering realms a little more than some of the “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” strategy that has potentially been used.

What else-well I have of course been thinking on the strange TOPIC of DELTA’S.

We are of course informed that the Delta Level of Holosync is the deepest and we also have so called river delta’s and further to that we can see STEALTH AIRCRAFT that are regarded as being DELTA WINGED and many other usages of this word Delta in society and developments.

So that of course leads myself into talking a little about the electronics in the sense that if you know what a resister does and a transformer does and a switch does and so on you can very much come to see how many of the Learning Strategy courses have been developed. Again resisters and so on are actually utilising the same sorts of colour codes-even if you do not want to read such materials you can probably do a look up on wiki to get the basic IDEA. So it might be said that we all of us can raise our own respective sympathetic vibration and tuning and so on simply through regular usage of some of those types of courses and of course it could also be argued that Holosync enables you ACCESS to materials that you already potentially have within your noggin and so on. Keeping the so-called mental pathways and highways or indeed waterways (if you prefer that terminology) open and flowing and so on.

So returning to the Delta I once again at this time of year should of course PROMOTE www.silvertoevelocity.com and the reason quite simply is because The SEAL OF SOLOMON also known as “THE STAR OF DAVID” or “The SHIELD OF DAVID” is actually 2 Delta shaped patterns that run across each other to form the SHIELD or STAR. Of course technology and so on in these modern times is far more advanced both in technical appliance and measurements-though clearly in many ways such SYSTEMS that have been handed down for Thousands of years EXIST for a REASON.

So do ISRAEL verua ARAB wars look to continue into the distant future-well I really cannot say though clearly on an individual basis and returning to the LIGHT issue-it could simply be a matter of LENSES-we have I am sure all looked about ourselves or directly into the light at some point in our lives and EXPERIENCED an IMAGE BURN of some description-yes some perhaps can think of many such an occasion though the point is that if we think of light as working through the AIR to reach our EYES then each slice could be a LENS point or magnifier or reflector and so on and again that works well with my IMAGINE YOUR IN A WORLD OF WATER theory.

So lights can be refracted in many ways though we can also in many ways seek to better CONTROL such things to our own BENEFIT.

I also found myself thinking about ANNE RICE for some strange reason. I was thinking about France and also found myself querying CATACOMBS-I seeing some ancient lice comb (do not ask) being liberated from some caves in Egypt. Early Christians of course are said to have built catacombs the World Over and some are quite well known and indeed we used many a catacomb like principle in the construction of UNDERGROUND and TUBEWAY stations and so on.


Well I of course share a birthday with Bram Stoker who created DRACULA though the vampires within the Anne Rice Novels that I recall reading a few years ago spent some time hiding out below the streets of Paris-I think it was in relation to some weird group of vampires that they joined up with at that time-they having some Backstreet Theatre that was used to lure victims to their respective dooms and so on. I cannot recall all the books and am unsure how many I read-I know that far more exist than I read-though the Paris Underground Catacombs stayed within my mind and I was thinking-well actually it could be said that our BRAINS are like lots and lots of catacombs just waiting to be interlinked or interwoven and cleared out and so on.

So yes just another kind of Theory to add to the many that already exist-though how anyone can attain a deep awakened state without assistance from some of these Technologies is currently beyond my own conscious awareness. Clearly these things have occurred and happened hence so many organisations such-as most Religions and Freemasons and Witches and all the rest.

So we all have choice though clearly (in my opinion) some of the best options REQUIRE changes that many a person refuses to face.

I will leave this article here and perhaps come up with an improved theory later though clearly many a trail blazer exists who has embarked on a more successful life journey than I can presently claim to have had.

Yes many an IDEA can be FACTORIZED and be shown to work accordingly across many realms and clearly SCALEABILTY can also be demonstrated to work so-we repeat and repeat until we get some IDEA’S into our own mind and-or head as working in an ACCEPTABLE APPROPRIATE fashion. Whom ever we may be.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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