I Could Be So Good For You

The title of course a well-known classic TV theme tune from TV series Minder and having written mentioning Del Boy on other occasions-it is only fair that I seek to level the playing field by including the other channels comedy rogue character.

Yes they do not make ‘em like they used to-I could of course say-though having not watched TV for a number of years-I cannot really know whether such a statement is true or otherwise-and also given the huge number of channels and services that are catered for across the entire media spectrum one could probably spend your entire life watching some “classic” channel that shows some of the old favourites uninterrupted by present day programmes.

Do classics become favourites for a reason-well we do of course have many a person who still loves RADIO and ask anyone who listens to some stations favourite shows and you will hear of The Archers and other long running shows that still maintain a steady audience long after other media realms have moved on.

I think one of the BIG complaints of my generation in relation to TV was quite simply that some groupings from our point of view were over-represented. You might say that a multi-culteral London bias existed within the TV realms that did not truly reflect the truth of life in backwater type Cities such-as Hereford. These days you can probably find a channel that appeals to your own tastes and so on without ever having to feel that you are being bombarded by biases that you do not relate to in some fashion or other.

These things are of course choice and again I think that a good broad representation is perhaps necessarily a good thing though whatever area you look at it does not take long for this grouping or that type of personality to barge in and ruin something.

I think I spoke previously on how enjoyable the first season or two of Big Brother type shows were though later series quickly descended into complete TRASH and the same can be said for a wide selection of shows where the candidate process becomes WATERED DOWN & OVERSATURATED. So again you might compare like for like media representations with high street representations in the sense that a first generation brand might be top of the range and then year after year in seeking to maintain market position and share some watering down of values occurs where it is decided that we could do with more people & persons from this sector involved or viewing & buying and so on.

Yes someone could start a BIG BROTHER type show now based on the original series and it would be completely unrecognisable from what is presently served up or has been in recent years. Likewise the same can be said for a multitude of shows that have GROWN or been reformatted to fit around the “STAR” presenter and so on. The same occurs within most REALMS-cars used to be considered LUXERY items and despite many a person stretching to match & meet RUNNING COSTS and so on they care still in the Higher expenditure range after Housing when it comes to personal investment and so on.

These things can clearly be debated upon as to true worth though clearly the ability to get from A to B in comfort and in reduced time can be something taken for granted. I know as a life-long pedestrian that irrespective of WEATHER I can get to work and so on-where many a CAR OBSESSIVE regards themselves of being INCAPACITATED or UNABLE to get to work if the car is broken or won’t start on a morning and so on. Probably why I would not make a good manager-I think MOBILITY EXCUSES related to cars and transport in general are OVER-USED in some quarters and indeed fall into the REALM of NONSENSE when most people still have a pair of legs to WALK or CYCLE with.

What? Oh the NEWS?

Well it is pretty BORING at present-lots about weather bombs hitting the UK and further dragging on of CIA scandal and Madeline Mccann once again and historical abuse within the Scout Movement and a Nobel award and well lots of nothing to overly become concerned with.

Having said that and yes I know I have spoken on the madeleine Issue though clearly it would be nice for the public to have some CLOSURE on that particular case-difficult given how the WATERS were so muddied after the original Portugese investigation.

Yes an environmental test could be created to see what a 3 year old awakening in the night might do-though clearly many a parent likely has their own way of dealing with such issues. Likewise given that they were abroad and so on such things become even harder to speculate upon. Would a child go looking into a street-possibly though I would have thought it more likely a child would stay put-hence the kidnapping or some other misadventure becoming more of a possibility.

I really do not know why such cases are returned to over and again-clearly it does seem as though some OTHER MOTIVATION exists in relation to that particular case-that we are possibly not being told.

Yes I can understand that one example can be used across a broad spectrum of REALMS and that is what the CHRIST, BUDHA, MOHAMMED type examples are about in the sense of a single dynamic kind of example being used to demonstrate some WIDER or BROADER reality that all of us exist within. However given most in Society’s penchant for picking & choosing how to TREAT particular peoples and persons -often falling into line- with a given pre-existing model we do have difficulty separating fact from fictions.

So I spoke on A Christmas Carol and Scrooge and he was of course visited upon by Jacob Marley and I referenced a RANDOM Psalm that guided myself into the “JACOBS LADDER” IDEA. Again such things might be regarded as within the realm of FICTIONAL DREAMS and so on.

The issue for most people is getting that CONNECTION and CONNECTIVITY going within the brain to ENABLE yourself to see the BIG PICTURE and so on. I thought early on that yes this is it and so on-though clearly as I progressed found more and more FLOW between the so-called reality plains. How high anyone can proceed is perhaps open to debate and choice of course-I think given that the idea of ALPHA and OMEGA being one and the same-that we can all perhaps see that a FOCAL point such-as that idea of a point behind the head is a way of ENGAGING A PROCESS of connection. So whilst we may not think of Meditation being an actual physical living breathing modality it can perhaps be demonstrated to be in the sense that we can CHOOSE to maintain that FOCAL POINT at any time and place as we go about our day-to-day life and so on.

In invisible EYE-IN-THE-SKY that is you looking down on you yourself kind of imagining. Yes they say you can choose to step into a memory in an associative fashion and likewise choose to step out of a memory in a dis-associative fashion and that is a basic NLP/Hypnosis type teaching-though clearly it can also be demonstrated that perhaps having a THRESHOLD to enable such activities is where one of the SECRETS lies. So if you have some Threshold you are more likely to be able to actively increase your own abilities to engage PROCESSES that are quite easy to use and learn, that you may indeed already have learned at some point.

So clearly we want to feel that we are climbing a ladder in ability and such things are enhance by how much work we put into our own efforts and likewise where FOCUS is placed. Many of us perhaps fall into the SCROOGE mentality though clearly debate can be had as to the best expenditure guidance and experience. All interactions are of course trades-although as I suggested previously name calling and such-nonsenses might be regarded as giving your power away to the EXTERNAL when most of us of course require retraining within the INTERNAL.

I will leave it there for now I was thinking about something else though it has left myself at this point-in-time so I may return to it if I can recall what it was that was vying for attention.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 😉

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