Yes so of course when we go into the various CREATIVE realms and see what has gone before-coming up with new names and titles can seemingly be something akin to playing Pantomime-OH YES IT IS-OH NO IT IS NOT and It’s behind you etc.

The reason of course that I bring this subject matter up is that we are of course in the Season of “must-have” gadgets and toys and everywhere you look everyone is looking for an ANGLE as to how to part customers from cash.

So traditionally this is regarded as the Season where we see an INCREASE in FRAUDULENT type activities-companies selling goods that they are not supposed to be selling.

Returning to the Tesco Whistleblowing-EXUSE ME MR WRANGLER, MR LEVI STRAUSS, Mr NIKE et al-we have reason to believe that a WELL KNOWN HIGH STREET United Kingdom retailer is PURCHASING black market goods with your names on them and selling them below MARKET PRICE undercutting official outlets by some quite large numbers.


Yes strange though true such behaviours are clearly ALLOWABLE as long as you are not the one getting caught STEALING money from the Official suppliers-something many a large corporate retailer has been known to do. Yes we all of us like to think we can SHOP around and retailers are no different perhaps-though clearly given that we all have to EXIST within the REGIONAL MARKET SECTOR that we live in-getting and sourcing goods that were meant for alternative markets is something that we usually see a lot of at this time of year.

The globalisation of some goods is actually beneficial to people in enabling them to get goods potentially before they are officially available within a Region-though likewise sometimes come with a CATCH. The catch might simply be having to use something with a “SPECIAL ADAPTOR” for a differing electrical supply (for instance). So we all possibly have a TOLERANCE as to what we personally find acceptable. How popular have some “FAKE” goods become over the years.

Just as FILMS/MOVIES have rotten tomato ratings-we can probably have such listings for High Street Retailer brands that get replicated for the street market’s and so forth.

Yes if something seems to be good to be true in some realms then it potentially is-though given that when we go back to BASICS we can source many a good to the same factory and so on-some debates are FUTILE. There are for instance some MEGA-CORPORATIONS that are responsible for most or many a BRAND within som market sectors-I recall years ago with the home video market-that many an identical video recorder was released with a differing SELLER BRAND badge and anyone who is paying ATTENTION NOW can see the very same kind of SYSTEM being used in relation to many of the TABLET MARKET devices. Yes they all look the same to many of us and I am quite sure many have originated within the same premises from the same manufacturers and the only REAL DIFFERENCE could well be the USING UP of components.

So some Companies BOAST & BRAG as to the slimness of devices and custom chips and so on-though clearly it can be shown that most such devices-from phones and tablets and laptops and console gadgets all share many a component and as much as they WANT you to BELIEVE that they are differing-the reality is that you are placing your STATURE literally in a LABEL or NAME that is perhaps the last piece of the process prior to boxing.

Yes I have done that (Invested in brand names) also over the years-though I also know that when it comes to QUALITY-many of the so-called NAMES have gradually LET-DOWN customers in one fashion or another. We have seen such things occurring in the car market and the retail market and well across the board really-given the SIZE and RATIO of many large Business’ you are always going to find yourself being STABBED from one direction or another from DETRACTORS highlighting where you went wrong.

It could be said that High-lighting such issues is part of the FEEDBACK process-though we must also remember that Britain “USED” to be a large manufacturer and NOW WE are a nation of TERTIARY type selling services. Yes some sectors will be stronger than others though clearly ESTABLISHING any kind of MARKET NICHE can perhaps be regarded as somewhat difficult in today’s WORLD.


Well it can be shown that some companies through perseverance have survived within some market realms-though we always see some LARGER PLAYERS charging into NEW SECTORS seeking to grab some market share. All well and good when you have the FINANCE though given many a start-ups tight budgetary control it does not take much for a Business to fail or go to the wall and so on.

The issue then can perhaps come down to INTELLECTUAL COPYRIGHTS and so on-we have seen over the last few years-huge lawsuits and counter lawsuits in relation to who owns what bit of “CODE” for many a gadget and such things from such large Business’s simply demonstrates the ridiculousness of many such issues.

So will you be buying your goods from a TRUSTED retailer or stretching to bargain hunting in the land of make believe-yes no matter how big or small any of us is-we can all be made fools of and whether such things are occurring internally or externally can of course also be asked questions of.

So here we are then-the build-up to Christmas is gathering PACE and some people will be singing the praises of those about them whilst others will be rolling EYES in a “HERE WE GO” again fashion.   Do not forget the batteries.

Yes it is often STATED that particular goods and BRANDS become difficult to obtain at particular times of the year-so surely it can be worthwhile to stretch beyond “JUST IN TIME” working practice and get some longer supply lines in.

When I worked in retail and “JUST IN TIME” was being used as a STOCK SYSTEM-EXTRA goods were still purchased or brought in to take into account some SEASONAL VARIATIONS.

Yes patterns can be demonstrated for most goods and tracking such patterns has never been so easy-though clearly it is also demonstrated that loss-leading or some BREAK-OUT goods appear that often catch some larger players out in not being able to COPE with demand.

What will catch everyone by SURPRISE this year when so much emphasis is placed in KNOWN marketing brands and goods is debatable of course though returning to the title-we can of course always be asking


I will end this one here and have a think about writing on news feedback after having some tea.

Yes the build-up for many of us is all part of the FESTIVITIES though clearly how much INVESTMENT is placed in MUST-HAVE believes really is QUESTIONABLE.

I want I must have I need-BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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