What Can I Say-Your Rendition Was

So in this time of little ones giving their best RENDITION of Carols and School NATIVITY plays and adults going to church for the once-a-year RENDITION of claiming to be Christian and the CIA giving an explanation of extraordinary RENDITION where do you stand on the IDEA of RENDITION?

Yes strange how a word for ALL-SEASONS can have a multitude of meanings diverse and broad in interpretation-though clearly within the AWAKENING realms my own focus perhaps based on this IDEA that all is NOW and we are constantly seeking ways and means to bring that IDEA into some kind of context that works in a positive fashion for all who have such REALISATIONS.

Many triggers are potentially occurring within many a person at this time and just as we will see an increase in so-called Christmas Seasonal Cheer and Spirit-we will also likely see many a person having increased PARANOIA (unfortunately) very often through Historical Events within their own Hemispheres between the ears. So what might that mean for yourself?

Well clearly we live in a SENSORY input World and Universe and following the methodology of separating those out or indeed bringing the senses under ONE UMBRELLA that can be used to separate them out-we will see greater potentials of CONTAGION whereby more accusatory type thoughts and feelings and distractions will be presented.

So you are walking a street and the noise of hustle & bustle and your own footsteps and clothes brushing and so on can potentially TRIGGER positive or negative type thoughts and feelings-often of course based within your OWN PERSONAL HISTORY. So if you have reason to be insecure or think folks are attacking yourself (as many do) you could mentally interpret the World about you as bombarding yourself with mis-hearings of highly STIGMATIZED stereo-types and sonic’s and so on. Likewise if you have an uplifting and rewarding attitude or you want to replace the historic negative with more positive set of thoughts then clearly practices such-as letting go can also be UTILISED at this point-in-time to CHANGE & RELEASE such historic patterns and of course reminding yourself that in SPIRITUAL TERMS ALL IS NOW.

These things can of course sent you into mental torture chambers-though clearly I think over the longer term most people come to see the benefits of constant repetition of such practices and indeed the not taking part in nonsense and activities that could bring about undesirable karma and so on at a later point. Some folks are flexible and constantly adapting to the new realisations as they occur to themselves and others take up the “Bury Head In Sand” approach favoured by some flightless birds allegedly. I think even that has been questioned as to Scientific reasoning.

So as an example-I myself at this time of year will likely find myself to have more detractors-though responding to such matters is like a Magnetic Gravity Field that I am better not responding too. Yes turning the other cheek is not a particularly favoured TACTIC though can clearly accelerate abilities and so on over the longer term.

Yes clearly some folks in some realms and jobs and so on have a mandate to operate in particular fashion and PROTECTIVE attitudes towards to issues can be beneficial though clearly you do have to acknowledge the present way of going about Business and so on. Far too easy to fall into Historic Patterns that are unrewarding and undesirable. I think I have spoken on the issue previously whereby in some business realms it is systematically thought that this section makes no money, so we will disregard the advice or COMPONENT of the Business-even though the knock-on effect of such behaviour can return to HAUNT yourself.

So investment across the board to all-sectors of a business with TARGETTED expenditure and so on can have just as many a reward as simply those areas or sectors that generate money. I have spoken on this topic and issue previously and the issue often gets over-simplified by some folks within some quarters simply to only see the ANGLE or PERSPECTIVE that they themselves are operating from. That is where a more global awareness and attitude can pay dividends in not rushing to particular assumptions to quickly or early. Step back and take an overview and then respond with appropriate feedback or RESTRUCTURING of operations and so on.

When you know how processes are systematized and so on you are better able to look at any given question and ask-How can I improve this process or rectify issues that are currently being highlighted. Why?

Well some business’ and indeed people & personnel within some business’ have an “ALLEGED” attitude of making shit roll downhill in an “not me Gov” protection of self, type attitude and behaviours and clearly these things can take time to eliminate or change ATTITUDES (in relation too (with such generalisations)).

So Dave is talking about SYSTEMS and has of course recommended a number of courses and technologies that can all be regarded as ways and means of understanding SYSTEMS. Likewise books on such activities have also been created.

So no matter at what level you personally are within a given organisation-accountability and so on can be made to flow in multiple directions-not just those directions that people and persons of POWER HUNGRY natures desire. Yes we are clearly within the “BE WHERE THE IDES OF…”

So ebb and flow can of course be demonstrated within any given ENVIRONMENT and you could say that whilst the EARTH ROTATES creating GRAVITY. We also have what is known as a WOBBLE and the wobble is akin to ebb & flow and likewise it can be demonstrated that whilst we always show picture of EARTH in an UPRIGHT FASHION I am reminded of one of my cartoon books where the Author drew a TENNIS BALL.

The tennis ball was labelled Right View, Left View, Side View, Top View and of course the drawing was the same in each picture (the earth of course being a GLOBE or CIRCLE).

So it might be suggested that SCIENCE combined with varying DEGREES of awareness knowledge does a FLIP & REFRAME on a Societal Scale at various points & seasons through-out the year. Whilst to us we do of course always think of ourselves (In The UK) as Northern Hemisphere at this altitude and latitude and longitude-we can demonstrate that deeply embedded INSTINCTUAL kinds of awareness and learnings can be brought ON-LINE to the extent that you are able to maintain your own COMPASS and OVERVIEW of all the assorted cycles and patterns and so on.

Elsewhere I have found myself thinking about COLOUR FILTERS. We do of course have primary colours RED, BLUE, YELLOW when it comes to ART and in media realms RED, BLUE, GREEN. The Frequency is clearly an issue between the differing realms and could be the cause of many an persons confusion or indeed AILMENT.

I was thinking about Florescent colours for instance that are often yellow that reflect green in some SHADES of light and so on. So elsewhere some folks might conclude that Dave is once again BANANAS they being both of those colours. However we really are in HEALTH & WEALTH terms seeking to jump or take LEAPS of FAITH into cross-realm understandings of Frequency of Light and how we can remain within a BUBBLE of our own choosing that withstands the so-called SLINGS & ARROWS of the World about us.

So can absolutes exist or is it really seeking to constantly develop and grow and adapt in a flexible fashion to new demands as they occur within any given sector or area of life the Universe and anything.

Yes lots of glittery wrapping paper and high intensity beams of colour co-ordinations and flashing & pulsing street lights and so on-are going to be causing issues for some folks and the best remedy really is to meditate and CALM the CROSS-BRAIN communications patterns and LEARN anew with an improved understanding of TIMINGS and SYSTEMS and all the rest of such information.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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