Can A Collage Incorporate Luminosity

So I was wondering about Luminosity in relation to another project that I have been thinking upon and gradually working towards creating some FOCAL POINT that enables myself to get into a Higher Gear of Acceleration and I was going to write 50 Shades of Luminosity as a title though clearly knowing about projected light and radiance is differing to creating the actual physical aspects and ratio’s and so on and again such dynamics are where my research into the realms of animation and cartoon can make all the difference.

So they say a picture speaks a thousand words hence so many a Corporate Logo and Military Insignia and Royal Crest; and I have been exploring all the various options as to IDEAS such-as “Fit For Purpose” that of course being any given set “INTENTION” and as has been demonstrated over and again we can have many competing intentions though the very best way forward can be to Integrate at multiple levels those aspects and dynamics that you personally want to Incorporate into whatever any given project happens to represent.

I have found as I have progressed that some explorations are highly worthwhile and beneficial whilst others are often simply let go and getting to a point where the collage best represents purpose is clearly within my own mind going to have to have some cut of point.

What does that mean-well any of us can WORK on a given project though clearly at some future point and date a new generation can come along and change the so-called PRE-EXISTING designs and patterns and images and so on.

So where once all animation was dominated by 2D imagery-we now have computation given in 3D imagery and it can clearly be shown that no matter how many DIMENSIONS you think you can operate in “OPTICAL ILLUSIONS” can demonstrate otherwise and again where optical illusions were once demonstrated within the confines of one generations technology future generations have again enhanced such potentials and possibilities within various and assorted realms.

So it might be suggested that just as we can remove objects that cast a shadow-we can reinterpret any given environmental realm on an internal basis or indeed an external basis when we open the so-called mental and spiritual pathways and doors and gates to enable ourselves to have such Ah-ha like moments of realisations and so on.

I have had a look at the news and they are seemingly heavily focussed on particular aspects of culture that many of us have surely seen previously-a computer glitch related to Air Traffic Control and one can wonder why we call such things a glitch at this time of year and a bug at another time of year or indeed virus. We are being told that the issue is related to old software that is not fit for purpose of present day activity and so on-though clearly it can be demonstrated that growth and demand can be catered for in expansion terms across a multitude of areas of life and so on.

Most modern systems analysis allow for growth and change in any given set of dynamics. I think I have written how within Retail even “just-in-time” methods are ignored in favour of some seasonal adjustments-the continued collection of models allowing for such patterns to be recognised and catered for.

How can we incorporate such thinking into our own personal lives-well clearly we simply have to be aware of the potential for many a conflicting model and seek to navigate our own steady course through all the bombardments of choices and options presented to our good selves.

So computer glitch occurs within Air Traffic Control and meanwhile the Rivers of Blood Enoch Powell dynamic has been seized upon by the infamous Russell Brand in relation to the rise of UKIP and of course I think if you were to research such information you might find that link was made here within this blog some time ago-elsewhere we are being told that troops will be sent to IRAQ within the New Year and such co-ordinations do not occur without huge amounts of forward planning and some simple though effective reverse review of what has occurred previously.

Strange though true the more ALIGNED I have become with various teachings and learnings from differing realms and sectors the more I can see how improved Solutions can be used to help peoples and persons across multiple sectors and realms. Does that help myself and my own abilities and so on-well clearly we always look to those who have gone before and I have spoken recently on how we can see that we all have “SUCCESS” models presented to us from across the Societal Spectrum that we can seek to work alongside (or otherwise).

They do say that we seemingly have coin sides for just about every realm and so on though some folks still insist that they have some catch-all that fits all situations and scenario’s and I am unsure as to whether that is FACTUALLY TRUE.

My own belief is quite simply to take past or historic imagery and learnings and seek to understand present day dynamics based in the Historical Data as well of course as understanding best established practice in the here and now-far too often we have people who do not understand the Global or Local Dynamic and then misrepresent what I myself seek to convey to others.

Am I a VOICE typing this or a VOICE reading this?

Either way-we are in the realm of perhaps Teacher and Apprentice, Master and Pupil, Feedback and Return and so on and clearly such systems work best when you adopt the SPIRITUAL PATH. Yes we all have physical bodies and so on though it is clearly demonstrated to myself time and again that some folks are overly pre-occupied with the physical plain of existence to the detriment of all other aspects of life the universe and everything.

Elsewhere in the news we continue to see reports of Protest Marches in relation to Civil Rights and Attacks on Governmental Officials and so on. The desire to maintain order or control of the so-called populace is clearly an ongoing World-wide issue and whilst some folks can peacefully put a plan of action into place or bring greater clarity and World Order into one’s own life-we do have to acknowledge that other realms and opinions exist that do not necessarily match our own life purpose or intention.

Again I have found the Integration and re-interpretative dynamic to be the Solution of personal choice-in taking writings such-as these and then seeing how a PROFIT not PROPHET can be created that is beneficial to those who follow similar teachings and purpose and lessons and so on. The seeking to do right by those who treat you right is clearly demonstrated to myself from people within all realms though likewise some issues & nonsense that are not my own are often created by folks seeking to use catch-all’s when in reality MODERATE points-of-view are often the CENTRAL teaching and lesson that any of us can perhaps take on board when it comes to decisions as to where we will create anchors within our lives.

Anchors are clearly a TOPIC that I have not covered though clearly in the awakening and awareness and enlightenment realms an understanding of anchors can make all the difference. Again some folks will potentially have a multitude of anchors that they want to persecute and destroy from within their own bodily environmental experience and likewise others take up remedies such-as those Meditative Technologies that I recommend and promote on my website.

So what is an anchor-well generally an anchor can of course be that weight that enables a ship to maintain position within a stormy environment or rough seas and of course whilst in a Harbour. Likewise in the METAPHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL realms I think we can demonstrate that an anchor is perhaps a colour or sound or taste or touch sensation or smell that has passed via your known senses into your BRAIN in some fashion and has achieved long term status as opposed to perhaps short terms status-we of course being bombarded with so much incoming data on a day-to-day basis that recalling each and every anchor point could become overwhelming for the uninitiated-we can of course repeat that you in reality perhaps only need one of each sensory piece of data or information.

That perhaps where many a person becomes confused or brought into conflict. We can say that my new sense of smell is better than my old sense of smell though clearly-we again might be regarded as being like that computer with a glitch. I have written previously on how many a person’s TRAUMA of any sort is often the over accumulation of particular thoughts and feelings and interpretations of communications whereby perhaps a HAYWIRE like effect comes into being in your body’s attempts to deal with the CONFLICT & CONFUSION.

So I spoke on the way in which all the Societal Wide Systems are in place to enable anyone to change the way in which they see the World in a positive empowering life enhancing fashion-some will argue that to be false-though clearly in IDENTIFYING non-conscious issues you are better able to reassess the dynamic of cause & effect and so on.

I spoke on the IDEA of programming in the sense that words such-as “and” and “or” and so on are used to represent LOGIC and likewise those came about via a “PEOPLE LIKE ME” attitude among the Mathematical Wizards of various respective generations. These combinations of course came about also via a TRANSFERENCE of such knowledge and SYSTEMS from the symbolic realm such as this alphanumerical text that I am using to convey these topics with.

Likewise many a teacher encourages the exploration of pattern matching across multiple realms and it can be demonstrated that most of us have all the abilities and knowledge within us already-simply gaining ACCESS and perhaps understanding ACCENTS & ACCENTUATIONS can make all the difference.

How can I enhance my programming skills-model someone who has already developed and integrated the most sophisticated systems and knowledge sets and be open to new learnings and understandings such as the LINKING of colour to sound to touch to smell to hearing to sight to extra sensory perception and so on. Yes just about everything has been attempted within Artificial Intelligence Realms to understand how the World About us regenerates and many completed courses can be regarded as STARTING POINTS in personal growth and self-development as opposed to end-points.

So the more you study the more you often have realisations where old knowledge was misguided or misleading in how you may or may not have interpreted such information. Extremist Cry Wolfs are of course ten-a-penny and given my own courteous attitude towards most peoples I do think that isolation or navigating and circumnavigating people who simply are not at the same debating level is the way forward for those of us who prefer to live as our own bosses without some external agent insisting that they have the answer we are looking for-yes some teachers really do have good systems and teachings though clearly even they can demonstrate people who are within their realms who are in resistance to the truth of such knowledge and awareness and so on. Staying awake and energised and fit and so on can of course become a full-time pre-occupation though I do think that systems and IDEAS such-as pre-conscious programming and pre-cognition and linking and integrating the various shapes and forms and doctrines in a positive uplifting and rewarding manner is where most of us want and desire to be at.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

P.S. All writings can be taken as ideas in relation to patterns & cycles and indeed feedback & return systems and that might be said to be the same as writings mini-applications that are brought online when the appropriate lessons and learnings have occurred for such hard-wirings to occur.

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