Taxi Satellites & Taxing Decisions On Award Winners

 Yes so having had another of my extremely quiet weekends I decide to catch up with some of the daily news reporting and included within that was a brief catch-up with the local newspaper website. Whilst I usually do a mental kind of reversal from Global to Local-they do sometimes having interesting or occasion topics that can inflate in the opposite direction so to speak in what is being said.

So the main article that I have just read is a report speaking on the issue of so-called Taxi Run-Off’s whereby people grab-a-cab and then run of without paying and apparently some companies or organisations have internal policy of dealing with such issues whilst others liaise with the local Constabulary and so on.

Do I have a point of view-well I as a pedestrian do find myself perhaps getting cabs more often than car owners-though I am sure that those who regularly Socialise and go clubbing likely often have a save something for the Taxi policy whether SHARED or otherwise.

So what issues are not mentioned? Well one issue that I have experienced can be the seeming differentiation between METERS. So for instance I can call five local taxi firms and generally find the fair to be of a tolerable EQUIVALENCE. However there are one or two vehicles that I DREAD being sent because I know immediately that I will find myself feeling robbed in some fashion.

How so? Well some vehicles for instance “allegedly” have automatically locking doors and we have all I am sure seen those kidnapping films & movies with intimidating Mafia bosses who lock doors whilst in conversation with some subordinate or person they are LEANING ON.

So yes vehicles with automatic door locks are a possible BREACH of Civil Liberties & Rights-in the sense of INTIMIDATION TACTICS used by drivers-however more often than not those vehicles tend to be “LONDON” Taxi type vehicles and strangely enough they are also often the vehicles with non-standard meters.

Yes I know that differing vehicles have differing running costs and some companies have a price with a group as opposed to some individual cost though clearly vehicles that are part of a FLEET and operating within the same rules & regulations can surely be expected to have average costs. Yes clearly it can be stated that a Company or Organisation can charge what they like though when exceptions seemingly exist you do wonder how those exceptions “GET AWAY WITH IT”.

Having said that I must say that overall I think the assorted services operating within the Region have an above average record and reputation that may or may not be found in other Cities and places around the World-so we the people of Hereford should perhaps be thankful that the Council has over the years been quite strict in the criteria for license and so on-despite claims from within the industry to the otherwise.

So that is a general opinion of an occasional Taxi User-be prepared to have to pay many a vehicle is kept on the road through the employment of timetabled drivers taking vehicles in shifts and therefore Wages and so on have to be taken into account on top of running costs.

I should also mention that I have on occasion said I have only X Pounds and agreed some distance that I can travel for that amount in advance of using a service. Clearly as a City dweller it is perhaps cheaper for myself than folks who probably get SUBSIDISED costs outside of City Limits-that another issue perhaps in that differing organisations operate on differing BOUNDARIES. For instance I know that the top of Grandstand Road use to be a differing DISTRICT council when you encircle the roundabout at that location-unsure who came up with City/District boundaries though am quite sure that many of us would be SURPRISED by where some lines have been drawn. All too easy to think you are covered by one district only to find yourself having crossed some PAPERWORK BORDER that can create issues later. I spoke on my Hereford Grandparents moving out to Lyde for a while and that was because of the District they had been living in being regarded as external to the City limit or boundary. They then eventually had to apply or carry out a SWAP in order to gain residence within the City.

Such things are perhaps even more difficult now given all the various Housing Associations that have appeared and cropped up-all with differing sets of rules and regulations and headaches. Is it any wonder that many of us simply GIVE-UP trying to get help from local community service providers when they very often set-up hoop-after-hoop to know where in making progress with your issues. I stopped a long time ago because it might be suggested that SOCIETY generally has NON-CONSCIOUS MAFIAS operating-whereby subjective beliefs & opinions & doctrines get in the way of providing a desired NEUTRALITY. Is HOUSING NEUTRAL? Does every housing application form begin with the question ARE YOU PREGNANT?

So clearly whilst I can complain about lack of neutrality and other such subjects given that most employee’s within the administration type roles & realms are female, complaints from blokes on such issues get swept under carpets.

What else well I mention the IDEA of SATELLITES at the top of the page and clearly it can perhaps be demonstrated that we are all in ORBIT to other peoples and persons that we have been or had contact with during our respective lifetimes and clearly that is where clearing out Flotsam & Jetsam & raising Threshold pays dividends in the sense that you can clear out many a nonsense behaviour or bad dose or experience that you may be clinging onto within some mental compartment. Clearly when we look to real life satelites up in orbit and space they do actually have to be able to withstand many a bombardment from other space DEBRIS and so on hence those OCCASIONAL NASA accidents whereby Heat Resistance Plating Has come lose or damaged-a seemingly minor failing (within accepted TOLERANCE parameters) resulting later in a larger CATASTROPHE.

Elsewhere I am seeing the Headline’s in relation to Sports Personality Awards and clearly we can ZONE in on particular Sports that have an almost built-in Psychological I will vote for that one attitude. Yes you may only follow Tennis or Formula 1 or Olympics or Equestrian events or bowling or darts or snooker once-a-year or every two years or every four years or indeed Rugby and Football on a weekly basis though you can all but guarantee that “FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTEMPT” is actually an ISSUE when it comes to the awards (In My Opinion) so you see headlines on regular (LOCAL UK EVENTS) at the expense of the WORLD TOURS though it is usually World Tour Individuals WHO CREEP IN and steal the top awards.

Does Dave have any clue or indicator that might show folks who will win within this realm or that realm or indeed this other realm-well I have mentioned a number of sports and some are debatable as to whether they are “sports” though clearly given the Growth of some Events and followings we can perhaps say that some sneek peek up & comings will potentially STEAL one or two prizes in some UNEXPECTED fashion.

Clearly I am ONE WRITER and you really do require following & monitoring & witnessing & so on quite regularly to really place yourself within any given zone or region though the techniques I demonstrate and suggest using are PROVEN and simply require concentration and focus and COMMITMENT.

How hard is it to TRANSFER written word into drawing or vice-versa and get those COGS going in a rewarding fashion.

Yes some may simply want to do as I did & outrun INCONGRUENT ABUSE. That meaning systems and process contagion that I personally did not relate to. Too much VARIANCE from a given and accepted SELF PERCEPTION can destabilise any person though clearly an EQUILIBRIUM can be established by those with higher threshold and likewise continue to make note of troublemakers or indeed HOTSPOT ZONES if you are in such a place and see how the TRANSFER of knowledge & learnings and Teachings or TRANCENDENCE can improve life the Universe & Everything irrespective of Starting Position.

Yes Love and Hate have often been regarded as COIN-SIDES though as one progresses you can potentially reinterpret such things as to understanding of LOVE and so on. I think Jedah Mali gave one of the best interpretations I have heard on that subject-though clearly we have to come to some decision and ideology of our own hence some of us being WORLDS APART in the meaning and wordings given.

Why latch onto this, that or the other meaning when it can be demonstrated that in order to be congruent many such IDEAS have to be let go or released. Yes Love and Taxes is potentially another model or version of the coin-sides and these are reason enough to take any two given possible combinations and see how they RELATE. I think THE TRIVIUM written by the Nun runs through many of these comparable meanings hence my recommending that particular Grammar book and so on. Yes many other books exist and I have indeed studied them though that one really was a GOOD ALL_ROUNDER and that is surely what most of us want in our Universalised Studies. So I speak on getting Solution and the best possible outcome to given events & scenario’s, though clearly my meaning is differing to those over-testosterone type individuals who are at the EXTREME ends of the CIRCLE of life & sex obsessions. Why say such things-well I have generally come to the conclusion that some communities grew out of particular kinds of obsessions and clearly in the REINFORCING of particular IDEAS people have created self-fulfilling traps for themselves whereby they either have to CHANGE or become locked-in to ever increasing delusional beliefs about what people that are about themselves actually mean. It cannot be any surprise to find that where-ever you focus and concentrate your own World View-someone somewhere is likely seeking to sabotage or twist teachings & learning to some CORRUPTED point-of-view that is differing from those of accelerated learners and meditators and so on.

Yes it is still too early to list names of award winner (secret or otherwise) within my own realm though clearly I can demonstrate a cross-section of peoples from multiple or all-sectors of societal type groupings who took up the CHALLENGE and embraced the greater awareness that such technologies brought to them. Do I want to get into WARS, most certainly not-some folks think they know things that they clearly do not and the put up or shut up still stands when it comes to some topics and ALLEGED HUMOUR.

Well enough from myself and let us see who actually wins some of the top prizes in the assorted categories for best WHATEVER.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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