Well You’ll Have To Buy Him One For The Navy

Yes so most interesting scan of the morning news is that the US Navy Have Developed Nemo as a reconnaissance vehicle for inspecting ship hulls and other espionage type activities whilst using oscillating fins that act as though a real fish and I thought “How cool is that!” and then I saw Bonny Young Prince George’s Christmas Photograph’s and Kaboom what could the parents of a Prince or indeed Princess get for a child who likely already has access to everything. So maybe the parents should make some enquiries of the US Navy and see if they can get a special edition produced within the remaining XX shopping days until Christmas.

Yes the young chap is clearly growing quite rapidly as it only seems like yesterday that we were viewing pictures of his Christening complete with Photographs of multiple generations of the family. I see he also has the Buckingham Palace guard on his jumper and that of course takes myself into the realms of Christopher Robin and that little rhyme that many of us can perhaps recall from childhood.

Yes I do like to mix-n-match incoming data and yes some of the easiest tactics and methodologies to locating possible traumas or times of pre-historic confusion can be to begin thinking in verse and that can be used to ENABLE LATENT memories of your own respective childhood and possibly other times of your life if you are now a parent or indeed grandparent passing or handing down such knowledge bases to anyone who will listen or not as the case maybe.

I do as I have often said write all and anything that comes up and some is published and other materials not and that is personal choice and a WAY to maintain some privacy or personal equilibrium. It does become clearer when you do course after course that some dates can GENUINELY be high-lighted as potential TRIGGER points for various peoples and persons and clearly some of these things can actively become somewhat CONTAGIOUS in behaviours or developing of animosities and so on and clearly in order to gain some SANITY it can make sense to do as I do and write on anything that comes up whether you regard is as internal or indeed external.

I do find that regular writings becomes easier though I do also find that sometimes some issues that have Historical Contagion can be best left within private writings and clearly I think I spoke on convection previously whereby everyone is trading data as they go about day-to-day life from any A to B or point-to-point and it can be wiser to acknowledge that you are never going to be truly congruent with the way others see the World than otherwise-hence raising Threshold across all-sectors of family and friends and those that you love can be the best process though likewise as I have suggested previously I usually prefer Spiritual or brotherly or sisterly interpretations on some issues, we all have our own personal BOUNDARIES and some of us seek to encompass respecting the boundaries of others about ourselves and likewise other BOAST & BRAG as to breaking such behaviours-though very often such people can be identified in many a terminology that they cannot see-blinded as they are by their own DEFENCE mechanism to the persecution of the outside World. The attack first defend later philosophy can be demonstrated to usually only work for people with the prerequisite training and skills that many of us whether we CONFESS to such things or otherwise often lack at some level. Everyone has blind-spots regarding themselves and constantly writing and witnessing and questioning to get the ah-ha’s going really is a FINE SOLUTION although I do like Learning from Trail Blazers who already have EXPERIENCE and TRAINING and have developed SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS to identifiable traits and actions.

Why do I speak on this topic AGAIN-WELL the other interesting NEWS is that Malcolm Rifkind SLAMMED his FIST on the TABLE and shouted at the Government Officials demanding an Enquiry into the actions that British Personnel may or may not have been involved within the GLOBAL RENDITION PROCEDURE carried out by the United States following the TWIN TOWERS attacks by multiple HI-JACKED CIVILIAN AIRCRAFT. Okay so that is a FALLACY as I do not know that he carried out those actions of slamming & shouting though were I a SCRIPT writer wanting to add some DRAMA to the Screenplay of MANDARINS within the corridors of POWER I would likely SPICE such details for the sake of TENSION and realism and so on.

Spice and Herbs are of course noticeable within many a RECIPE at this time of year and I recall as a youngster looking on in amazement at just how many SWARTZ Bottles could be fitted upon a rack-they do of course now have plenty of competing suppliers though they are the ones that I recall and I am unsure as to whether they SEPARATED Herbs from spices-I know for instance that in World trading development and so on-that they were usually dealt with in the same fashion and manner and of course some spices are used to sweeten recipes and herbs to give them that RAT-O-VAN & French like flavouring.

We are also seeing reports as to how our own MILITARY are becoming somewhat disgruntled as to acceptable standards of witness interview and interrogation. I think that I am probably not the best person to speak on such topics given some of my own ranting and raving behaviour on this blog and indeed support for action taken against peoples who confess and preach hate and so on towards our people and personnel overseas.

Yes Dave sometimes on here comes across as playing EVIL DAVE and EVILER DAVE though as is suggested many a topic is potentially shared by a multitude of peoples and this blog is DIRECTED towards those who have taken up the Technologies I recommend and can see the way in which information can be misunderstood or giving folks the opportunity to have an “I SEE THE LIGHT” type moment. I think things are HEATING up towards Christmas though clearly we all have our own ways and means of understanding differing data-sets and lifestyle choices and actions and we also KNOW that RESPONDING to anything written here is best done in a cross-realm “this is DATA” type thinking and strategy as opposed to “he’s having a go” who does he think he is” blah-blah, people are free to come-and-go as they please and my name at the top of the page does say this is MY OUTLET and if others want to know what my PREACHINGS may or may not be they have to come here to see them and use the technologies and so on.

Everyone is FREE through the establishment of our respective SERVICE PERSONNEL to feel that they are free to go about life as they so wish-unless that is via the promotion of HATRED or TERRORISM towards others.

Yes we can all potentially been seen in good or bad light and shades are shades for a reason hence my speaking on OPTICAL ILLUSION; wiki has a page on the topic and many a person interested in Enlightenment and seeing ALTERNATE angles and perspectives and views could do themselves know harm in checking out such easy to research information.

Am I hot & bothered well the top-down bottom-up approach that I took to Meditation does sometimes seemingly send myself into conflicting thoughts and feelings and again that is the OPPORTUNITY to ask those witness & release kinds of questions as to cause and effect.

Everyone has triggers and thoughts and feelings that can from a third party perspective seemingly be an issue-though likewise if you work through your own issues and REINFORCE BARRIERS & BOUNDARIES then you can perhaps feel more RESILIANT in your overall-approach to how you go about improving your own STAGE CRAFT & PERFORMANCE.

Yes elsewhere we are seeing reports on MEXICO HITMAN interview in relation to CARTELS and again I think such rings-of-fire need to be brought to question as to the way in which such operations have developed out-of-control within the Countries that they seemingly operate from.  MAFIA always seemingly finds ways & means to RENDER the intelligence community ineffectual against CRIME SYNDICATES and walking the line is clearly not within some peoples scope of IMAGINATION.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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