So Does Someone Have An Unhealthy Disney Fixation

So of course as we learn the various courses and adapt to the changes that such Technologies give us in enhanced abilities of varying types and degrees you do very often come to see how this situation and scenario had to have occurred in order for some present day event to have occurred and just as Dr Who jumps from one time period and location-we can very often find ourselves in terms of RESOURCES doing something very similar in the sense that most teachings and learnings really are a 6 Degrees of separation and knowledge is shared on a World-Wide Global Scale and of course some areas are seemingly highly beneficial in accepting a challenge and information from and others are seemingly to quickly dismissed-although again Given the non pre-requisite order of now-to-now and moment-to-moment and present-to-present we do come to see how some Significant Global Figures may have non-consciously steered us into some strange realisations.

I of course recently mentioned “The Illusion Of Life” and that of course is regarded as a somewhat expensive though highly regarded teaching manual on Historical Disney Animation techniques and of course when I first took an interest in Cartoons and so on-I was a pre-schooler though by the time I had been through various colleges and courses and indeed University during my lifetime I have come to see the Traditional Fair in a KNEW LIGHT.

So I have of course since returning to Hereford had my daughter visiting throughout the last 10+ years and whilst I myself through working nights and other interests generally gave up viewing and watching regular Media TV & FILM Productions-I did make an exception in building a Disney Style Collection down the course of those years for her visits when she was younger-she of course mostly now regarding herself as having OUTGROWN much of the cartoon type movies & films.

So I think that given the course of my life I have seemingly been DISNEY’D and have to admit to somehow having been Disney’d. Not only that but I think others within my working life realm have also been Disney’d.

How So?

Well I could write the sentence

Disney Pixar used to trace art on celluloid film

And that sentence can be linked to myself and a number of immediate team work colleagues-so whether some people within some quarters ADMIT to having been Disney’d or circumstance CONSPIRED through non-conscious criteria as to being cause and effect-ENLIGHTENMENT can bring about many changes in the way people IDENTIFY with the WORLD about themselves.

Clearly in turning Dave S Perkins into Disney Pixar I am making and taking a leap of IMAGINATION and clearly whilst some folks are OPEN to SEEING how so-called SOUL MUSIC and assorted SOUL Codes or links and associations are created and made-we can of course say that the BRIDGING between REALMS and areas of EXPERTISE can be accelerated simply through understanding that our own basic building blocks of life are CELLS and clearly we who have embarked on such life goals and missions whether non-consciously or otherwise perhaps seek some degree of becoming translucent in our colourings and dealings. As to how such circumstance can happen is perhaps through demonstrating some APPRECIATION to those who have made many of the changes available and possible for those of us within the lower realms of Society and so on.

So 1 cell becomes 2 cells becomes 4 cells becomes 8 cells and so on-clearly I am not personally a BIOLOGICAL or GENETIC or SPIRITUAL expert as to the best Combinations of various psychological awakening techniques though clearly it must surely be possible, and it has been suggested that the last 10 years have seen a rapid increase in Learning the very best combinations that anyone can use to change Wealth and Health and any WELLBEING issues under the SUN.

Clearly I know from my own experience that OPENING & MAINTAINING systems of awareness and knowledge and Spirituality can become a full-time preoccupation though as I recently suggested when you KNOW particular thoughts and feelings are coming to the FORE you can DECIDE on the options and choices that you personally are going to take to remedy yourself.

So I spoke on having some strange extremist feelings yesterday and Hey presto Down Under-we see some extremists taking Hostages within some Chocolate related Café-so that also perhaps demonstrates the FLIP & REFRAME I mentioned in understanding how the various MATHEMATICAL calculations have occurred.

I also mentioned NEMO and of course whilst that was a US NAVAL “TOY” we can say that the Disney Pixar film was set in the AUSTRALASIA region and the various waterways and currents that FLOW within that region.

So yes I think it is likely possible that a best combination of SENSORY INFORMATION must surely EXIST that anyone can become attuned to across or within all the sensory realms that enable positive transformation and enlightenment and freedom from long lost potentially INHERITED ailment or trapped trauma’s from long lost episodes within one’s life and so on.

Clearly one colour I have not mentioned is perhaps PLATINUM and yes a number of courses are called PLATINUM or BRONZED (usually meaning platinum) when it comes to SUN-TANS so we just keep on recalling and developing inner systems that better communicate with each other.

I think we all grow up seeking to HIDE this issue or FEAR and ANIMOSITY and so on-though REALLY I have found that everyone should LITERALLY write everything in-order to simply give yourself those freedoms from HISTORICAL TRAUMA and so on.


Well it is EXCEPTIONALLY EASY to feel guilty about having disliking’s or animosity with family and friends and yes in many realms CONFLICT is the THRESHOLD developer of choice-though I think FAILED could potentially added to some areas of life within some realms. These LESSONS really do seem to APPLY across borders & boundaries hence my saying it does not MATTER if you had some historical dispute with myself or some family member or friend-write such things down because those events happened and you in doing such things as writing them down are carrying out a form or shaping of RELEASE. Not that simply without Technology and often REPETITION also helps though clearly it serves no-one to maintain unnecessary Hostility or Guilt if you are not working or acting in accordance with how you truly want to exist and develop and so on.

So PROGRESS does not necessarily have to be via external CONFLICT given that most of us have already had or WITNESSED every kind of CONFLICT CAUSING CONFUSION possible. You can adopt the approach of whenever some TRIGGER occurs for a particular memory-take notes and forget about it-move on and so on.

Why-well my health improved when I acknowledged that I had perhaps historically suppressed thoughts and feelings that society tells us we are not supposed to have or EXPRESS and so on. We all perhaps grew up with favourite parental put-downs that caused such behaviours-though likewise most courses and realms whether SPIRITUAL or Horoscopes and Tarot and Divination and-or SCIENCE such-as Archaeology and modern 3-Dimensional modelling and animation can all be brought into the choice’s that you take within your life-though very often you are stepping up ladder rungs or stepping stones up the mountain; and as has been suggested once some level or degree of enlightenment has occurred following the routes and techniques can become almost second nature just as training for work within any given realm can become second nature.

We do all of course want to feel that some GREATER AUTO-PILOT comes on-line that we can build upon and trust though it is demonstrated that we all of us have unique issues as INDIVIDUALS that many a herd like attitude or behaviour towards does not fit or fix. Hence my suggestion to be truthful and honest in all you experience within the historical choices that come up and the options and choices NOW. Again remind yourself and ask is this a PRIMARY personal issue or a secondary or lower issue that I as a thought within this body am being over-serious about.

Understanding how grids work and how sounds work and how waves work and how spirals work and how shapes and mathematical geometrical type issues occur is not necessarily the thing that any of us want at the forefront of our personal experience-though likewise having studied or taken such things in on a non-conscious basis can eventually prove to be the cause and effect of breaking through those mental compartments and so on.

Yes so we seem to once again be returning to the realms of ENERGY and of course every area of life has some kind of related energy issue that only personal progress and learning is going to give.

Do I want to be Walt Disney?

Well clearly he is another major influence and Teacher and STORY-TELLER so clearly whilst we want to look to the external we can perhaps think that many a story already exists within our own being that simply requires re-scripting and acknowledging as being relevant to the Digital Age and so on.

Are digital bits and bytes cells? That clearly an Artificial Intelligence Debate that is being had though I think in general most research has looked at Cyborg type system of enhancing pre-existing abilities. For some in perfect health that might mean Advanced Tools to Carry out particular jobs though likewise for many others it is often simply related to HEALTH. Giving sight to the BLIND, and hearing to the DEAF and a voice to the DUMB.

Yes I saw the film as an adult and am becoming more and more convinced that I am the DUMBO as opposed to some Pinnochio-though clearly in staying with modern Pixar Movies perhaps I am a little bit of all and any type cellular learnings and teachings that I picked up during my formative years. Who knows where a process begins and ends.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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