When In Rome Do As The Romans Do

This is of course one of those classic superlatives that we hear within Society that one does sometimes find oneself questioning-especially as to cause & effect. So if all is well within a given realm then the adoption of ideas such-as “going native” does not bring any curiosity or worries and fears to bear though clearly given many a person’s naivety at various points in life it might be suggested that IDEAS such-as going native can be hugely misleading.

In the realms of acting and so on how often do we hear of some celebrity claiming that they are being “TYPE-CAST” in particular kinds of roles when they themselves believe they are not utilising the full range and spectrum of so-called thespian learnings, techniques and abilities.

Clearly I do think that everyone can fall into the “when in Rome” like behaviours though clearly such things really do require a person having some level of reasoned judgment as to how further developments might occur. So it can be put to myself for instance that in returning to Hereford however many years ago and then gaining employment in a known or “FABLED” den of inequity that I was not going in blind-folded as to what I then experienced within that realm.

That is of course part of a double-sided coin debate in the sense that we often here of Societal CRIMINALITY and so on associated with particular Company’s or QUADRANTS and areas on a map grid or designated systemic contamination of particular sub-cultures within Society.

So you could for instance be in a “GANG” and whilst you might wear hoodie and act gangster that does not necessarily mean that you are into the FULL GRAND THEFT AUTO CRIMINALITY that can be found within many a favoured Console or Computer Game Realm or indeed TV & Movie Realm.

You can of course visit some information page about many a local City and not RECOGNISE it as your own place of living and so on-familiarity breeds contempt can be demonstrated to also work on multiple levels-we All of us becoming accustomed to respective Windows upon the World.

So what?

Well visit for instance a Hereford WIKI page and it will probably be full of talk on the delights of Wye Valley Tourism and Salmon Fishing and Chain Libraries and Mappa Mundi and famed Bull breeds and so on and so forth-so what if WORMWOOD SCRUBS or some other famed PRISON decided that it was going to have a prison outing day in your back-yard-back yard in this case being the World Environment in which you personally EXIST, can 10, 20, 30 criminals be a high enough CONCENTRATION of people to change your perspective of a particular Town or City or Region.

I know from my time at Aberystwyth Univercity for instance that they have differing yearly time-tabled Population Figures one with and including students and the other not-and the adjustment for a relatively small coastal town is quite STARK. So during Term time the population may be 20,000 whilst during closedown the population drops rapidly by anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand people-I mention that of course because that is ONE UNIVERCITY and we do live in a Country with quite a few dotted about the place. So yes some places it can be argued have widely changing population figures simply through Tourism and Lecturing Adjustments.

Does Hereford have a varying spectrum of population-well I think that any given environment or town or city and so on can be shown and demonstrated to have some baseline rate or cycle of population-though that when you develop realm-by-realm statistics probably changes for each and every sector that you specify on a given list.

So none of us have to FALL INTO LINE with the goings on and cultures that we personally do not see eye-to-eye with within any given context. That statement could of course operate in multiple ways-a criminal mastermind and overlord might also pledge allegiance to the Queen and abide by many a Country’s laws and rules only breaking them outside of their own centre of Gravity-I spoke previously on how TURF-WARS break out within just about every generation-who either see some “I want to be like that” cult like movie-or indeed have experience of pre-existing cultures in a City or Town that they live.

So what else is going on-well clearly the World can be said to have fallen to the lowest depths of depravity when we look upon the news headlines and so on. Terrorists terrorising people and Politicians inflating the importance of issues that many of us have little interest in. A Heightened time of frenzy perhaps within the importance of Christmas shopping realm of many a person’s hemispheres between the ears.

So it could also be suggested that whilst many a person is considering pushing the boat out on expenditure that manipulators and influencers are also using the Seasonal tidings for opportunity to create differing systems of going about things. How many of us as little ones were told that Santa would not be visiting this year if we were NAUGHTY naughty of course open to interpretation within one’s own life and living and so on. How many a list of NAUGHTY includes the most STUPID of things-that some parents use to control the children and so on. Yes many a debate to be had as to what constitutes what within a person’s life and it is easy to see how-and-why REBELLION occurs within so many a family given some of the rules and regulations that households seek to maintain.

The spread of any kind of behaviour and activity and cultism can of course be quite RAPID or happen with a creep and crawl though I think were we monitoring a HEART Monitor it might be suggested that things are gathering a pace at this time of year. Clearly if you are studying many of the topics that I have chosen to study you do see how WRONG CONCLUSIONS can be formulated-in the sense that 1 & 1 being equal to something does not always ring true when explored.

How many times have we seen middle-aged CELEBRITY getting caught out for doing things that they would not be suspected of-things such-as shop-lifting when they are millionaires and so on. Clearly Psychologically there must be some “OTHER” reasoning as to such behaviours. We all of course can seek to BREAK RULES or go against the grain of how we were brought up-though again I think many SWINGOMETER demonstrate that many people fall of the wagon or drop the importance of disciplines and so on at this time of year-yes regrets I’ve had a few sang Frank Sinatra and I mention him only because I saw the Aussie Prime Minister speaking on the Café Seige issue and could not take my eyes of his EARS-I mean how stupid is Dave’s brain? Slaps head with palm.

So here we have a guy speaking to the wider world on the mini-terror event within Australia and this Dave is wondering where he (Mr Abbott) fits on the WING-NUTS scalometer-Prince Charles, Gary Lineker, Bing Crosby and whoever are present day figures with ears.

Strange though true of course we all have FEATURES that we can use to enhance our self-image and or likely be fearful about. In the GUESS WHO stakes I think we really can fall into the most ridiculous of thinking’s about particular features that do not fit some STAR attribute. So instead of seeking to be an IDENTIKIT of this personality or celebrity it can often be better to yes have ROLE MODELS though likewise things of your own QUIRKS and VARIATIONS and so on from some PRESUMED MEAN in a positive light.

Having had time to rationalise what I am thinking about-we are perhaps one again in the realm of SCALES & MEASURES. Clearly we have many a device created to measure various scales and indeed many a pre-existing scale exists across multiple realms to make appropriate translation to any given new dynamic-I used to always be FASCINATED by Sand EGG TIMERS when I was younger enjoying the simple GRAVITY that they demonstrated and have within one or two of my drawings found myself interested in how SPINNING TOPS can cause CENTRALLY LOCATED materials to be pushed outwards towards the atmosphere perhaps. Yes hard to explain what I envision though it might be suggested that the EARTH rotation is the CREATOR of the ATMOSPHERE and the atmosphere exists as a result of the swept up ground based type gases and so on being carried outward from the earth. We also of course on top of that have externals also in the sense of Nearby Moon ALTERING the effect within some measured Dynamic Parameter and Likewise other heavenly bodies such-as the Sun-so we really can learn to become more attuned through the various Science’s and-or modalities that we study to become more than what we possibly believe we can be.

Yes Gravity is easiest seen within and or demonstrated by the Whirlpool of the spin of water as it goes down the drain of the bath or sink plughole and in Australia it is said to alternate in the opposite direction. Unsure as to whether such things are true though clearly when we WITNESS such things we have to go with the believe of demonstration of what is happening. Can reasoning be flawed-of course they can in the sense that many a TRIBE like CULTURE can demonstrate a closeness with Natural Environment and abilities that many of us would be amazed at-simply because we are so overly obsessed with many a thing that we do not require concerning ourselves with.

My daughter being named Rose does of course joke that she is Nosey Rosey, that being a logical rhyme that occurs for her own name and in name calling terms we can perhaps all understand that we learn such things at young ages and we also perhaps have THRESHOLD for our own name.

So in competing stakes we could all of us demonstrate lack of THRESHOLD for people who have differing criteria by which they carry out such MEASURES, yes we all like to control our own mental world and environment though clearly CONTROL FREAKERY as to the behaviour of others are subject to debate or otherwise.  Unless something is of benefit to myself I see zero value in following particular routes and strategies of enquiry. Cutting your nose of too spite your face is hardly the seasonal good blessings message that more Christian individuals would want to send out though repetition of anything can of course become second nature to many a person.

Well I have drifted and drifted on this particular writing so will leave it there for now.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 😉

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